Friday, July 16, 2010

Designing a new blog header~please comment!

I started blogging in May and just jumped right into it.
 After reading and becoming inspired by design blogs
 I wanted my own forum for expression. 
My header was a picture of a kitchen that captivated me.
After I got up and running I knew I wanted to come up 
with a header that was original.
 But I have so many interests~~
how could I convey them in one picture?
I put together a collage of nine pictures. 
I got feedback saying it was too big.
I trimmed it down to two rows and 
filled it with original Maison Decor pics.
I used the blogger text of Maison Decor above the grid.
This is what is currently in place.
However, I also wanted to try making a sketch for 
my header and this is what I came up with.
 I combined a few pics collage style underneath
 it and ran text through the middle.
This is a sketch of a dream house I conjured up.

Should I have only the house sketch with lettering?
What color text is best?

So now I am asking you which you prefer?
 I am not averse to switching things around 
or heading back to the drawing board!
Any suggestions or preferences?

An update: 
I decided to use a mosaic or collage of 8 pictures that will change on a monthly or seasonal basis. That way I can update with new things I have found or projects I have made or things that inspire. 
One idea I will be doing is a color scheme collage based on one color group. 
As all things in design, I  know that it will be changing!


  1. hmmm, the header you have now looks great and i love that they are pictures of your home. But I think the sketch is my favorite, you did a fabulous job on that! i think the sketch and your blog name alone would be perfect.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I personally like the current header that you are now using. It's like a beautiful prelude to what your blog is all about.. and shares the many loves of the person who is writing the blog. You sketched a really beautiful home, but I am still drawn more to the current header. It has more beautiful eye candy for one to see..

    Good Luck with whichever header you decide to use..

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I think I agree with Lynn. I like all the headers, but the current one shows off your personal style. It lets the readers, like me, know what to look forward to!
    Great I need some help with mine! ;)

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  5. While I like the photographs, I LOVE your drawings and they are so representative of you! So, I'm partial. I would try moving the text to the left of the picture and put it in white on a (pink!) background.

  6. That's a hard choice, I like them both ! So nice to find another "drapery lady" :)

  7. huummm... I cannot decide.. I like them all.. :-)

  8. Hi Amy - It's so considerate of you to be asking our opinions. And since you're asking, my personal choice is the one with the sketch with the bright pink font and the collage of things in your home. Why...because your drawings are fabulous, your collage is a collection of your fave things which represents you, and just the color combination looks appealing.

    Bon chance with whatever you pick! Can't wait to see your new header and more of your adorable sketches. Happy weekend!

  9. I like the color of what you have. I never like sketches, as they seem too bland. I think what you have is perfect.

  10. The sketch is great! I think I'm partial to the pink text...

  11. Hi Amy-
    So many decisions to make when we are bloggers. I think the colors in your photos are so inticing, but I love illustration too. I like the pink logo with the illustration and photos, but I think it is too long, readers will have to scroll down too far to get to your post. Maybe you can put the illustration over to the right of the header and 4 photos on the left of it. I think that way you will have the best of both.
    My best - Diane

  12. I like the sketch with the pink lettering and three little images beneath it! Best wishes in your decision!

  13. I like them all but like the house with the green lettering the best. I think I am the only vote for that one. Have a great weekend!

  14. I actually really like the current one with all the photographs. I think the sketch is great too so maybe you could mix the schetch in with the photos somehow. Just a thought. -c

  15. I like the scketch along with the 3 photographs best!

  16. To be honest, I think they are all nice. They are all you. So I don't think you have to pick one and that's it. No law from changing pics from time to time.. that's what I do. I do prefer however to see pics of the persons real home, than pics taken from somewhere on the internet. I did love the pic of the kitchen and I would probably still have it in my sidebar as inspiration. Not sure if that helps, I think in the end only you can decide what you really like... so have fun deciding..! Maryann

  17. hi ! i wanted to come by and thank you for visiting "cottage romance" and for your kind comment. i love your blog and i like the header you have up now AND the last sketch w/ the light pink! i can't decide their all so pretty!! i've been wanting to change my blog design too, but i don't know how!!! any help is appreciated on how you did the picture collage. thanks!

  18. I think I like the sketch with the three pics below it. I actually like them all, but I think that the one with the light pink is so light it's hard to read...that my just be my monitor settings but I have to really look at it to see Maison Decor.


  19. p/s I love the rock path in the sketch, leading up to and around the house. That's part of my dream home to!

  20. Honest opinions are best, so here goes my attempt. I love the vibrancy of the heading you have now(understated, sophisticatedly chic, without being stuffy). The Maison Decor part is simpy stated and the color of pink is perfect for the shots that you have below(because of their containing pink in them). I like your sketch and the muted colors in it. Here is the but part. I understand that you like doing the sketching, and they look terrific, but is it a tangible now? The other pics are. Maybe(and mind you, I know nothing about design, just what I like to look at) you could incorporate the sketch in the heading(details may disappear some though?) and keep the 8 pics below? Reason being, the simplicity of the heading and the fact that you invision this house for your future shows that you have vision. While the pics below show your implementation of your ideas. Just my opinion, on a side note, I love looking here, very aesthetically pleasing!

  21. I really love your sketch ( I am an artist after all) and the green lettering makes it pop! You can always switch around!

    Art by Karena

  22. This is tough, as you did a good job with all of them. So if I had to choose, I like your current one, the sketch with three pictures and the last sketch with the pink text. I'm thinking my favorite is the sketch with the three pictures. You could change out the pictures intermittently, too. Also, as far as font color, I like the bolder pink.

  23. Love, love, love the new header!! Great job!

  24. Erin, Thanks so much! I had an offer by Bridget of Rustique who I just wrote a post about. She is a graphic designer who offered to "play around" with my choices. I think she did a fabulous job incorporating everything I wanted. I'll be listing the credit info on the blog header so others can find her if they want good design at a good price!


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