Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Treasures

When the rain comes it is the perfect excuse to go antiquing.
I remembered reading about an antique co-op on Dear Lillie's blog
called White Home Collections
that is located in Wilton, New Hampshire that 
Jennifer said had great finds at reasonable prices.
Not too far of a drive, Mr. Maison Decor cheerily agreed and off we went.
As we approached the big white house with pink barns I started drooling.
I am a sucker for old garden antiques and the yard outside was littered with them.
Inside the old house was an antique co-op with
 many dealers sharing 3 floors and 2 small barns.
 Look at the french enamel baby bathtub!
While I have always wanted one,
 at $199 it was not coming home with us.
I was looking for bargains.
 Antique urns were at every turn. 
This beautiful arbor caught my attention as well.
I couldn't wait to get started in the small barn. 
Before I even got inside the old house,
Mr. MD and SS (step-son) were already 
on the third floor of the house.
Hmmm....our schedules for checking things
 out were clearly on a different track.
So off they went in search of coconut cream pie and leaving me
 to my own devices for two full hours of antiquing bliss!!
I found a few things for my Etsy shop
 as well as a few things for our home.
This house, with its painted wide pine floors, 
was filled with all kinds of treasures.
It had dozens of tiny rooms filled with all kinds of vintage finds. 
This is what I brought home.
 All of my finds are laid out on top of the 
most beautiful pale blue chintz floral drapes. 
You will be seeing these drapes somewhere soon in our home.
The fabric has pinks, lilacs, and the softest of pastels on a dreamy color blue.
The drapes were hand sewn, fully lined and at $34 for the pair, 
the fabric alone would cost at least $100 more than the asking price.
Heavily glazed chintz was quite popular in the 80s, 
(and of course in Victorian times)
but I have recently become attracted to it again, 
and was bowled over by this color. 
I could even imagine taking it apart and wallpapering
 the backs of my bookcases with this fabric.
Two chandeliers!
 One french gold number that came out of an old estate in Naples Florida....
Look at the detail on this small chandy. 
Just gorgeous!
The other was a bargain black iron with wood spindle for $30.
 I plan to make this over into a shabby chic style with a few crystals.
A petite size, this would be perfect for a powder room or small space. 
A large mirror that I fell in love with had carved details.
This might get a little freshening up, but will end up in my living room.
It was $59 which I thought was a steal.
Another mirror I bought was an elegant long oval with carved rosettes in blue.
A pair of vintage scales will go to my Etsy shop.
One is in a pretty blue and is for weighing babies, the 
other is a classic white kitchen scale with a grey and white face.
A french phone~something I think is a fun prop for the house.
Being a rotary dial, it might not even work, but I am hoping it does.
It has a Faberge look to it~all gold and silver scroll work.
This item is really cool. I was told it is called a lavabo.
Basically a wall mounted portable washing station.
This was mounted outside on the barn.
An Italian Lavabo!
I know I must have seen them before but recalled 
recently seeing this pretty blue enamelware Lavabo 
My vintage example is white ceramic, 
made in Italy and it is in working condition.
Pretty to hang on the wall near your gardening area.
There are little holes for easy installation.
Mr. MD filled it with water and it works perfectly.
All in all, a happy and successful shopping trip.
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  1. Amy, what wonderful finds! I would love to shop at that place. Love everything especially the gold chandie from Naples.

  2. You are doing fantastic at finding great chandeliers, Amy! That gold one is another great piece! The drapes are beautiful - they made me think of your dining room colors right away. The mirrors would have caught my eye, too. Ah well, men and their pie - it sounds like that worked out in the long run. : )

  3. Wow, what a fun place to shop. Great finds but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those drapes!!!!!!! I would have bought them for their fabric which is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see where you put all of your treasures:) Have fun decorating.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. ohhhhh, so many pretties!!!! love them all!

  5. Oh my goodness I love all of it! I wish we had good antique stores like that around here. That lavabo is to die for, so cute. I just might have to have that white kitchen scale!~Merrilee

  6. Looks like a score to me! Love that phone. I used to have a couple of the old phones like that...hmmm don't remember what happened to them!


  7. Amy!!! GORGEOUS finds!!! Those drapes- swoon! The little chandies- swoon!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  8. Any excuse is an excuse to go antiquing. Looks like my kinda sale. Love your finds. You have a great eye. I would have been drooling too.

  9. What great finds Amy and I love the Lavabo.

    Have a wonderful day,

  10. Amy, what a fun time for sure. I wish we had a barn around here that sold things like that. Love the scales. I already have three white ones. Love the blue one.

  11. That's quite a haul. Love the chandis. Love that fabric. I'm afraid that phone will not work because all phone lines have changed to digital. I used to have a vintage phone from the 40's that I loved but had to quit using it because the phone lines all got switched to digital. That mirror is fantastic. Can't wait to see it painted and in your LR. All in all looks like a good shopping trip for sure.

  12. What fabulous finds but......Oh that chintz fabric is to die for.

  13. Great finds, I think the mirror is my favorite, but the phone, the curtain, the scales, it's all good.

  14. I would have died and gone to heaven in that place! You know it has to be good the minute you see those pink barns... And that fabric is unbelievable, it would look good anywhere in your house... i love chintz. And, hmmmm... the bookcases in the living room, it might be just the thing. All your finds were amazing, but i think the curtains might be my favorite...


  15. I love that place and they get new stuff all the time. Wow, did you get some great things!

  16. You found some serious treasures!
    I would love to have those drapes!
    And of course, you can never have enough chandies!
    I am still in semi-recovery mode so thought I would visit all of my friends in blogland!
    I have missed visiting so much! I am a little shocked at how much I have missed!
    Have a blessed afternoon and stay cool!

  17. Hi Amy!
    You sure picked up some wonderful stuff. I love the chintz fabric draperies....they remind me of the colors in your home.
    The chandeliers are so pretty. Everything you bought is wonderful.


  18. What a great day of shopping. Love the lavabo. Nice work!!!

  19. I am drooling..I too am a sucker for antique garden planters and accessories! We would have fun together, so many goodies here! I love spending time in a place like this, you never know what you might find. You got some great things, Amy!! Thanks for taking us along....

  20. I believe that those curtains are Ralph Lauren fabric. Beautiful.

  21. Great find, and I think the lavabo is fantastic! :D

  22. Amy-What great finds! I love them all-the scales and epeciallly that fabric. You're right I do think it is from the 80s and I can't think of the name of the company that made it-Apple Hollow maybe? It was a heavy chintz and they had in that light blue, a deeper blue background and there was also a deep cream and a pale yellow...all gorgeous. The material was worth a lot more than the price you paid! LOVE the barns full of stuff and I love that enamel baby bath too. Too bad it was so expensive! xo Diana

  23. Wonderful treasures found! But I'm a little confused about what people are calling "antiques" these days. In purist terms, and according to the U.S. Customs Service, an antique is an item with at least 100 years of age under its belt.(info from the Web) Clearly some of your recent finds are not this old albeit they certainly are terrific "collectibles". Regardless of the term, when a person finds an item they love, it's definitely something they outta buy :-) Two other things. My husband is a Registered Piano Technician. We get a lot of inquiries about old pianos. In the "piano world terminology", pianos from 1900 to today are considered "modern pianos" because they are still constructed pretty much the same way today as back to 1900. (There are certainly pianos out there before 1900 that are true antiques and yes, they can be overhauled/reconditioned and tuned to play today! Sweet!) To an antique dealer, a piano from 1900 or so would probably be considered "antique". Also, I still have a 1970's rotary dial phone that works perfectly with the digital systems of today. In fact,it's great to know its "just a phone" with no other features like call waiting, caller ID,etc. It rings, I answer it, I talk to the person on the line :-) Ah life was sweeter then in many ways. Maybe that's why we have a love of "older things" be they antique or collectible :-)

  24. All of the treasures you found are just fabulous! I love the mirrors and the scales. The draperies are gorgeous, too and yes, they were for a very good price. Fabric is expensive!
    Glad you had such a wonderful rainy day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  25. Not related to this post, but i was browsing your sketches and they are AMAZING! I wish I could draw. You are so talented!
    xo Stacy

  26. What an amazing place!!! Those finds were awesome!! Love the curtains....so beautiful!

  27. Hi Amy, I can't believe all the fabulous treasures you found! Yes the fabric is gorgeous I am just loving these colors!!! By the way your blog header is looking quite good! XO Christie

  28. Your vintage collections are very beautiful and best idea to keep it for bargains. I like your curtains so much, really it is full of colorful.

  29. A virtual feast for the eyes!
    I am a new follower

  30. I bet that two hours flew by! So much eye candy, I can't wait to take a trip up there!

  31. Gorgeous finds Amy! I love all your treasures and the fabric is absolutely delightful! Thanks for linking this up at my party this week! :)


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