Friday, August 26, 2011

MV~an Island Visit

 We had one day to do as we pleased, 
and top on my list was spending time at Tashmoo.
Originally, Tashmoo was a contained lake, fed from a natural spring. 
Like so many of the lakes on this island, it tore open in big storms
 and connected to the ocean for a period of time.
In the 1800s, a big storm again tore an opening through the bordering sandbank
 and opened the lake up to the ocean, in a big way. 
  The opening proved profitable for shellfish and fish, 
plus it created another protected port for recreational and commercial fishing boats. 
With that observation, the Vineyard Haven town,
 decided to keep the lake open to the sea.
 Our family loves the quiet secluded nature of Tashmoo. 
Many times you can be the only people on the beach, 
which is amazing on this island which is a tourist destination.
 Mr. MD, Colin and Scott are going to take a swim in a deep swimming hole. 
 While they were swimming, I was happily taking pictures.
 I then remembered that my blog friend Nita wanted a shell collection,
 but living in Oklahoma City, that is hard to come by. 
However, this New England beach is mostly tiny rocks, 
with few shells to be found, other than
the quohaugs and clam shells and some 
common variety of a shell that seemed to be the only shell there.
I wanted to try and get some shells for Nita.
Happy to say, I searched the beach with Scott
 and we came up with a pretty good assortment.
We found some scallop shells and a horseshoe crab skeleton, 
and a bunch of other shells too.
So these will be off to Nita in Oklahoma City as soon as I get back. 
Hey Nita, I am even sending you some Martha's Vineyard dried seaweed~
 Original little sea shacks still dot the edge of Tashmoo,
 but each year that we return we see more construction 
of families fixing up these shacks to cottages or large homes.
 The guys enjoyed their swim. 
We were going to pack up and head out~
wait till you see how you have to get to this beach...
and it is the reason it remains so secluded.
Oh, before we leave, here is Diane Sawyer's pad...
she bought it in 1995 for 5.3 million, setting a record.
She has 17.5 acres on her compound, 
and it is set right at the entrance of the ocean to Tashmoo lake, 
so she has views on both sides of the house. 
 We were traveling in the old jeep we borrowed from my Dad...
the old 4 wheelers are perfect for this trip.
The first part of the  road is all sandy dirt.
Then you drive over a mile through the forest with 
deep gullies and ancient trees lining the path.
All part of the Tashmoo adventure!
I have been coming here since I was a kid, and it is still so fun
driving through these woods.
 Its me again, in my beach hat and 
goofy clip-on sunglasses taking pics of everything we do.
Before you know it, you are out in civilization again.
 Picture perfect American homes dot this island everywhere...
This house was in Vineyard haven on the ride home.
Note: after I posted I got a note from a reader, Kat,
 who informed me that this house belongs to 
Susan Branch, an illustrator, author, and blogger!
You can see her blog here.
Lots of stone walls with smaller stones can be found here too. 
They are very charming...
and look what is gathered under this porch bush.
Chickens and a Rooster, just hanging out.
 Not an uncommon sight when driving along the cute streets here.
We were headed in search of an ice cream cone at famous Mad Martha's.
 Then we took a stroll and walked around enjoying the last days of summer.
 We walked around the harbour at Oak Bluffs.
Mr. MD is a policeman, and I couldn't resist asking him to pose.
(He really wants to be a cowboy though)
 We strolled through the little gingerbread cottage neighborhood,
 located right in the middle of town.
 Many of these cottages are for rent by the week.
Most are  heavily ornamented with frosting like trim, 
called gingerbread, and then painted in fun colors.
 A great looking screen door in periwinkle blue.
 Loved this porch with the pretty purple hydrangea fabric on the rockers.
A sweetly painted gothic window. 
These cottages were all built by Methodist settlers back in the 1800s, 
and 300 cottages remain today. It is a popular destination on the island.
 Well the hubs and I had a grand time on our quickie trip to Martha's Vineyard.
And this was as close to Obama as we got.
Hurricane Irene is now headed up the east coast, so we
all got on the ferry and have departed the island...
Wishing everyone safe times ahead on the East coast during the storm.

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