Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama effect on Martha's Vineyard

The leader of the free world just happens to be staying where Mr. MD 
and I were headed to pick up my 19 year old son Colin.
 His summer job has ended and he is headed back to school.
So we booked a ferry trip and signs of Obama 
were evident as soon as we got in line.
A bomb sniffing dog checked out our truck and all the 
cars and trucks waiting to board the 2:30 boat.
Inside the ferry, we were at the head of the line with a nice waterview,
 when I spotted out in the water....something unusual.
A Coast Guard boat with a machine gun mounted on its bow.
In all my many travels, I have never seen this before.
Such a gorgeous day to travel to the island.
One of those perfect summer days..
 A pair of armed escorts travelled with us to the pretty little island.
Martha's Vineyard is about an hour and half drive from Boston, 
and then a 45 minute ferry ride.
My parents have lived here for 30 years, 
and before that dragged us 5 kids along for summer vacations.
As soon as we got to my parents house,
 we headed over to see Colin at his summer job~a garden center.
 He was on his last day and we were very happy to see him!
 It is the first summer I have spent without him, and I missed him a lot.
 He is one of those cheerful pleasant sorts,
 and his positive energy is a blessing to be around.
We posed for a photo in front of the 
new variety of hydrangea called Vanilla Strawberry !
 It is supposed to be spectacular, 
with flowers ranging from white to hot pink as time goes on.
Then I grabbed a pic with my mom...
isn't she cute and all islandy looking?
She is the current club champ for golf at Farm Neck golf club.
 So proud of you mom!
While I am sharing family photos, here is one of my mom and dad. 
They were picking out a butterfly bush and a blue rose of sharon
 for their garden and happy to get Colin's discount on his last day of employment!
 My dad is seeing what the heck this giant pink flower is...
 I think it is something right of Alice in Wonderland.
Cute little out building with an iron squirrel.
Even though I detest squirrels in my own garden, this one is cute.
 The fabulous Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea!
 I love walking around garden centers, 
and this one on the island is so great.
Le Jardin Mahoneys~oh, its French! No wonder I like it!
Drifts of impatience and begonias around large New England hunks of granite.
So that was my first hour on the vineyard~seeing my son
 and walking through the garden center.
We will be hitting Tashmoo today,
 which is a nice little "lake" that is a slice of heaven.
We have to drive through brush and back dirt roads 
and when you pop out at the beach 
there is nothing like it! Kid's author Judy Blume and
 ABC's Diane Sawyer have homes on this lake.
Diane bought her house from actress Lillian Helman and set an island record
for purchase price on island real estate. 
The double white chimneys really stand out when I sit on the opposite side
of her house on the beach. 
I hope to share its beauty with you later~
I will have my camera in hand...
and maybe I will even get to snap the President!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous day, too, Amy! Armed guard and all! : ) Great looking nursery. Hibiscus, it looks like that giant pink flower is. I had a red Hibsicus once and the flowers were the size of dinner plates. It got so big I took a picture standing next to it and I did look like I had shrunk to an Alice in Wonderland size! And I'm 5'6", so not too short. I'll bet you were glad to see your son and it's nice you got to spend some time with your parents, too.

  2. Funny? I thought this president didn't like guns? Only when they benefit him, I suppose!
    Did you ever discover the name of the ginormous flower?

  3. Enjoyed seeing the island. How lucky for you to have your parents! Thanks for introducing us to the vanilla hydrangea bush. have fun!

  4. What a beautiful family, you're all so hansome! You're so blessed to have your dear parents with you and to be able to enjoy days like this with family...very handsome son! Well, the president's all armed and having a great time at MV, while the country is in some deep problems! God bless the USA. Love your pictures, thank you for sharing. FABBY

  5. What a fun trip and you raised a good boy...Working at a nursery at 19 for the summer! What a great job and a discount to boot...summer job heaven. Mom and Dad are just the cutest.
    What a great family you have!

  6. How lucky your parents are to live on Martha's Vineyard! That would be a dream of mine! Beautiful pictures, Amy!


  7. Spent a summer on Nantucket when I was in college. Can totally imagine the fun that your sweet son had. The Garden Hybiscus is such prolific, hardy plant. Huge, abundant blooms. Thanks for the tour. Cherry Kay

  8. I've only been to Martha's Vineyard once and I loved everything about it! Have a wonderful visit. And I'm going to check out that beautiful hydrangea!

  9. this post! First your parents are adorable, and your son is too AND you look great so good looks are in your genes!! Beautiful pictures.......thanks for sharing them!
    Now onto comment but if you happen to see him would you give him a message and tell him to get his little butt back in DC and help our country get back on track and stop with his vacation as if everything is just fine and dandy! I have a problem with that and all of congress on their extended vacations...Howard Schulz of Starbucks publicly said the same message and I was thrilled to hear an outcry!
    Enjoy Amy..looks like so much fun!

  10. Such a great post Amy!
    Your entire family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Looks like a fun spot to vacation and work for the summer!
    You all must have terrific memories. I cannot believe I have never been there. Always has been on my list too!

    Enjoy your stay there, and yes, pls snap some more of Diane's beach house. It looks fantastic!

  11. What a fun trip. Your son is so cute, my goodness. And, that is a great looking garden center, i totally have my eyes on that hydrangea... the search is on for one around here! Your mom is a golf champ! Cool! Can't wait to see more pics...


  12. Awwwww....I gottta go call my parents! What nice pictures :) what a good-looking son you have :)

  13. Your son is adorable! I so wish I could stop my son from getting that old.....but he's well on his way. I'm on my way to watch my baby play football today!

  14. What an interesting day that must have been for you!
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Obama mama, security is at it's tops. Glad you got to go pick up your son. Yes, I can see by his smile that he is fun to have around. Congrats to your mama. That huge flower your dad is checking out looks like a hibiscus. I have a few in my garden and love them. I have seen that new Str. Van. hydrangea and decided that I have got to have one next year. Funny, I just recently did a post about family also. Have a safe trip!

  16. Wow...I bet it was kind of unnerving seeing that gun!!! What a beautiful family you have Amy :)

  17. Loved the pictures. I have a white flower like the pink one pictured and I Know it's a hibiscus, but not sure what kind. One person told me a swamp hibiscus. Not sure.
    They bloom all summer for me and are the size of a paper plate.
    looks like Obama likes to make waves(no pun intended) with his showy attitude and artillery boats. Sort of surprised to see that gun on the boat like that.
    enjoyed your post.


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