Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty things on the mantle

Styling the mantle.
The fabric backing is a major player in the room.
So isn't the carved header over the mantle.
Its been difficult to find something for it until now.
An old English tin in pinks, golds and turquoise.
A vintage pink depression glass drapery holdback.
A sweet artists rendering of a cottage in Bermuda.
All put together...
but maybe I need something on the left?
All finds at the antique coop I just discovered (except the tin).
 This pretty Nippon plate in pinks and aqua won me over too.
Shell pinks and touches of blue
The finished mantle~
for now anyway.
I also want to show you  my new lamp on the fat frenchy table.
 This is vintage Italian.
 All hand painted, and look at the hand made lampshade
that is lined in pink fabric.

 A teapot lamp with a serpent spout and has
 a sea scene with an angel and figures on a brass base.
  The shade is all hand done and has crocheted rosettes.
It is pretty amazing. The colors are beautiful.
I love the soft feminine look of it.
When you turn on the lamp, it casts a soft pink glow.
They just don't make things like this anymore.
I can only wonder who used this lamp and where it has been.
There is something about old things with previous lives that I find enchanting.
They bring depth to a newer home.
Little notes of history from past lives.
I can't resist them.


  1. Love the drapery tie back so sweet!

  2. That lamp really is a one-of-a-kind beauty! I just love the "feel" of this room, xo Debra

  3. It just gets better and better in here. That lamp is unbelievable. Oh my gosh, that lampshade... Has to be up there with one of the prettiest things ever. What a treasure...!


  4. Very elegant living room Amy!
    That lamp is beautiful. My mom has the identical coffee pot that was her mom's from Italy. Love the lamp shade too!

  5. I love what you've done with the fabric behind the bookcases, it looks beautiful! I saw the tin and thought, "where have I seen this before?", in your car! That lamp is intriguing! I have a clear drapery hold back, but I never knew what it was until now! It doesn't have the hardware though. I see a few things from my shop too! xo

  6. Just when I thought this room couldn't be prettier you add that lamp! What a beauty...such a neat shade!



  7. So the lamp and lampshade, so delicate and romantic! It looks fabulous Amy.

  8. Amy- It all came together beautifully. I love the fretwork above your mantle but you're right- It would be a tad hard to "dress" around it. You did a nice job! And I still ADORE those bookshelves! xo Diana

  9. Very pretty Amy. I love the lamp and the shade is really, really pretty.


  10. Hello Amy,
    that is a wonderful matle and you decorated it really charming.
    Best rgeetings, Johanna

  11. That is a really interesting lamp and I've seen and sold a lot of lamps in my day! I've never seen one quite like it. Very cool!


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