Monday, October 17, 2011

Project: Framed Tin Tile

There is a hallway that leads from the kitchen to the front door.  It is the least photographed space on the first floor.  We use it as a message center and I have a few odds and ends hanging on the wall. One of those things was a big wooden sign that said VEGETABLES.  I bought it to use as an outdoor sign for my vegetable garden at our home in New Hampshire, that we no longer have.  So here it has been, with a dark green border and dark green lettering~just being kind of dark and random.  I painted the wooden border with a light coat of white chalk paint.
 I decided to use a piece of faux tin tile that you can get at the big box improvement stores in the kitchen department.  People use it for ceilings and for backsplashes to give vintage appeal.  It is heavy duty plastic.
This material is the same stuff I used to cover the shelf above my kitchen sink window.  You can read about how I did that by clicking here.  You will see I first used a lot of tole to decorate that window shelf.
I cut it into squares to fit inside the framework of the vegetable sign. Here is the message wall~not the prettiest spot~but it is getting a little attention as the kitchen undergoes a face lift.
A special heavy duty double stick tape is sold in the same section as the panels for adhering them to surfaces.  I taped out a grid shape pattern to attach my tin squares.
Tin panel gets cut into three squares~
Tin squares attached to the tape inside the frame.  The finish is not what I want, so I am going to paint it.
 A light coat of chalk paint~
 The result is a vintage looking piece of tin framed up like artwork.  This simple project took less than 15 minutes.  You could do a series of them in smaller sizes  to include on a gallery wall, or mix in with framed white mirrors.  I have pieces of tole along this wall. My pet peeve is that red wall plate for the furnace....ugh.
There will be a few other changes before I show off this ugly duckling hallway.  For now, the tin tile artwork is more cooperative in this setting than the big green vegetable sign~don't you think?

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  1. I actually liked the vegetable sign! It picked up the green leaf colors in the tole art. But I like the tin you placed in there too. Either one looks good. That's a good idea to use tin like that. I think that hallway is very pretty. I like the floral rugs and the bench with the pillow. Your dog is ADORABLE!!

  2. Kelly, you know it probably was more that I was tired of that vegetable sign~as I do tend to get tired of things and then switch them out!

  3. Love your header it looks warm and inviting
    great job

  4. I love your hallway, Amy! What a great space to use for a message center! I wish we had a space like that. Love the transformation of the sign!

  5. Good idea, Amy. I can't believe you did it that quickly.

  6. Looks great Amy and I even like how you used it under your kitchen shelves, it gave them a nice touch! We have that same tin ceiling up in our laundry room in white. The hubby put it up for me a few years ago. Martina

  7. Looks wonderful. Such a great idea. Thanks for the tutorial. Hugs, Marty

  8. How is this for an idea? Using the two switch plates you have there, cut out holes in two small tole trays or other artwork, doesn't have to be centered, and drill holes for the screws. Paint the end of the screws to match the background of the trays. For the burner switch, use a decorative bold font that says key words like "oil burner off" and print it on sticky clear paper and adhere to the new switch plate. The building codes don't say anything about the switch plate, just that you should have a switch. For fun, you could use the same font elsewhere to state the obvious on things, like "telephone", "keys", and "doorbell". You are pretty creative - would love to see what you come up with!

  9. Love it! You are always thinking and creating. I didn't realize that it was plastic. It looks so realistic under your shelves by the kitchen windows. Hows that kitchen coming?

  10. Love the tin! I have been thinking of using it on my backsplash. I had thought of going with the metallic finish but now I really like it white.

  11. Amy-LOVE the tin-although I loved the Vegetable sign too! Any chance you could slap a light coat of paint over the red switch? It probably wouldn't violate code because it is already in an inhabited house.....just a thought. I would probably DO IT and then beg stupidity-Huh? What? You mean I SHOULDN'T have painted it? yeah...but that is just me! xo Diana

  12. The tin looks so pretty framed. I've looked at those tiles in the store and I never realized that they are plastic. They look so good. I was thinking of using them on my kitchen ceiling. I cant believe you whipped that out so fast. I have two speeds...slow and stop, I'd still be tinkering with it lol.

  13. Amy that looks soooo great ( and professional) You never cease to amaze me with your talents and vision!

  14. It is very pretty, Amy, and I hope you don't mind my saying that I think it suits better than the Vegetable sign. I hate those red switchplates. I don't know why they can't make them a prettier color or somehow make them blend into walls better.

  15. I liked the vegetable sign, myself, but if you didn't then I'm glad you were able to cover it so beautifully. That is really a great idea.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. So pretty! A really creative idea. You did a great job!

  17. Darling Amy,

    THANK YOU for coming to visit me today via Tina's blog! AND...I am a former resident of Beverly, S. Hamilton and Rockport, MASS.!!!! I have been in Minneapolis for 15 years, but I loved New England. AND..I just adore your chalk paint desk on your sidebar! I have to paint a few pieces and I think I am going to try this paint.

    DO COME AGAIN and I so enjoy your company and all the other creative friends! Anita

  18. Great way to repurpose something you've grown tired of and want to change. I love the faux ceiling tiles, they're perfect.


  19. You must have an antique tin mirror, no? I see them all the time closer to where you live, and they of course remind me of this project. I have two friends who bought them for their homes, and they look amazing. This project came out great! PS...why cant you just change the red switch plate?

  20. What a great idea! Much better than the vegetable sign. I still love your shelf in the kitchen. Love, Linda

  21. Very pretty. That was a great idea. I love your fall header by the way.


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