Saturday, June 30, 2012

Clock Faces~a collection started...vacation begins

 I am officially on vacation~I guess it started at 3 am...thats when I woke up and  finally got out of bed at 4:30.  The store will be closed until July 9th, and today we are headed for a little cottage by a New Hampshire TV or internet....just the loons and a dock and a ski boat.  Some old fashioned aluminum stap-backed lounge chairs, good wine, lots of magazines and some antique hunting on the horizon....woo hoo! Before I leave the house, I wanted to share some less than great pictures taken with my iPhone at 6 am this morning...its a group of antique metal clock faces I got at an auction this month.  These might be the start of a new collection for me~well I will say truthfully, it is a new collection because I found one at Rosemary's Villabarnes Etsy shop and that is coming to my house too! 
 I planned to put them in the shop, but there is just something about them that I couldn't part with.  They are pretty little faces...I propped them up on the mantle next to the green tole tray. I love metal stuff, trays and boxes and things made from wire. Not sure exactly, but it calls my name.  I pulled out an old cigarette box that is metal painted white with gold and put it in the mix. 
 Its been awhile since I have taken photos in the house, as I am never here with my camera anymore...and I forgot some of my camera software at the shop so I will be heading back to get it just in case I can blog while up on vacation...I want to be able to load the pics into the laptop.  Otherwise its iPhone all week bear with me! 
 I am supposed to get some pics of the house and send them into a magazine too, but I just haven't had time to make it look neat and pretty...this morning I want to fit in an auction, then go to Costco and get food and supplies for our week away, as well as pull out the summer clothing and pack a bag or two or three....I also forgot I have to grab a can of Old White and clear wax for Bridget, who has a cute shabby chic shop in New one more reason to go back to the shop for last minute things.  The other thing I am super excited about and will def be blogging about is a trip (or three) to a new Swedish antiques dealer's shop..its in a huge barn and I cannot wait to get there!!!!!  You know darn well I will be on the lookout for a real live Mora clock....rules are it has to be in a good color and shape, and it has to be priced right (meaning lower than any other mora I have ever seen) you can expect a post on the that topic for sure.  
Until then~no trips to 50 Summer Street, Malden for me or for any of you!  I will be re-opening on Monday July 9th~ cause its VACATION TIME!!
This is where we will be hanging out for the next week~Happy 4th of July week!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

New things and Sold Things~a shopkeeper's life

 All of  a sudden things are selling, besides the paint~
I was sad and happy all at the same time when 
someone bought the french settee yesterday~you can also 
see a Louis Blue mora clock I am working
on for a custom order in the background...
Colin and I delivered it right down the street to someone's new apartment~
 They also bought this diminutive buffet to use as a television stand~
and another french table as well...and some toss pillows to go on the settee.
 Another guy came in the store yesterday and 
was wanting Asian inspired items...huh?
This is obviously French-ville!! But I was able to
 transform this black and gold mirror into
an Asian looking piece with a coating of Emperor's Silk, 
some rub off distressing and some clear and dark wax...
done in 30 minutes, and one happy customer!
 See the detail? It has that red lacquer look that has aged a bit over time...
You can see how it looked in its black with gold~very English traditional.
This petite french table sold today! So I am saying goodbye to
 many things~and getting ready for new ones!
Here was how my first Florence project came out~
 This is an old Tabloid table~I dreamt of a finish that felt Moroccan.
 Looking to get that verdi-gris look with tarnished and turned copper.

 Kind of like the copper clad bay windows above my shop~
 The table as it came to me~painted in a
 reddish brown paint to look like mahogany.
 I spray painted it in bright gold Rustoleum paint for the base coat~
 I used mostly Florence Chalk Paint™, 
but also a bit of Antibes~and then distressed it
back to reveal gold and the red painted wood structure beneath.
 Finished with clear and dark waxes.
Its getting lots of compliments in the store~
a fun and funky piece! Priced at $79~
 This set of original Hitchcock chairs from around the 1950s
 came in as well~each back splat has a different stenciled pattern. 
 The sturdy chairs are all with intact rush seats and
 wonderful country chairs~signed by the Hitchcock company.
 Each chair is $80~check online and you will see this is quite the deal!
The signature is found on the back of the seat~
I'll be closing up shop starting Saturday June 30 through 
Sunday July 8th and plan to be open for catch up business 
on Monday the 9th.  One more thing to share with you all~
I was stunned to see what a gorgeous piece Betsy Speert 
painted on her debut using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. 
It might be the nicest piece I have seen~so don't miss it!
 Click on the pic to link to the post.
I'll forgive her for misspelling Annie's last name...


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking down Summer Street~

 This is the view on Summer Street now~
 With the new sign hanging up and all the windows lettered~
 Its as pretty as I had hoped it would be!
 Who wouldn't want to go in this shop?
 After the window lettering went up, we needed to 
adjust the draperies as they blocked out the lettering.
Here it is with the new projecting sign, 
and you can see that the ivory
 swags block out the lettering to some degree~
 So up the ladder I went and after 
a few stabs at something different, 
Colin and I decided to take down the fabric~
Colin thought the chandeliers would look nice in each of the windows~
and I agreed...they were lost hanging in the back of the shop.
 So up they went~Colin hung them at just the right height.
 Its delicious and frenchy and very cottagey!
We are very happy at Maison Decor, the sales are doing really well, 
and it is a pleasure just walking through these doors!
 The customers love the shop, and so do we! 
I hope you will get a chance to visit someday and 
we can talk about decorating and all 
that good stuff! I never get tired of that~


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dreaming of a Pink Sofa~and the workshop I had today

 The other night I dreamt that my sofa was to be pink~
often that is when I find these dreamy ideas are the right ones.
Do you ever dream up ideas that seem to be so right
you can't believe you couldn't think of them when awake?
Well the green sofa turned into Antoinette Pink
and it certainly fits the store better~
 I was here bright and early setting up for my Drab to Fab workshop~
 Paint samples are set out so the ladies can decide
what color they want to paint their drab pieces!
 Here they are finishing up~a happy crew.
One poor lady called in sick and
will come for the July workshop instead.
 I have the workshops on Sunday when I am closed...
and I hang this sign in the door.
 Sue worked on her hubby's childhood rocker in Paris Grey~

 Debbie did a graphic transfer on a small vanity bench. 
I wished I took more in the middle of it all photos, 
but I was too busy being a teacher, and not
 a good blogger~so here are the finished pieces.
 Sues's vintage child rocker in Paris Grey~
 Jackie's jewelry box in Antoinette all shabbied up!
A mod little Antibes table decoupaged with fishies by Kate~
And Debbies vanity and bench in Coco~
If you are in my area and want to try a workshop, 
check the shop link on the blog for details.
I'll be doing a "Ladies Night at the Auction" soon!
 Would you like to go to learn how to bid at an auction,
 what to look for, when to bid and when to keep your
 paddle in your lap, and ultimately and go home with a treasure?
 Lots of fun "workshops" will be coming soon~
and they aren't all about painting.
While my workshop was great,
 my big fun of the day is happening right this very moment! 
I'll share that soon!!

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