Thursday, May 21, 2015

New! Limited Edition Maison Decor Mora Clock

Hi Everybody!  
Just a quick update to those of you who have been obsessing over our 
Maison Decor Mora Clocks.  The lovely Swedish reproductions that we 
hand finish in our Boston sister store per our customers color preferences
are our Maison Decor Deluxe Mora clocks.  We have been selling  
Mora reproduction clocks for FIVE years now, and have sold hundreds of them!
We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our Mora clock family!
Its more affordable, and has some features you have been asking for,
so take a closer look at the 
 Even though its more affordable, it has some lovely upgrades including a glass enclosure around the face and a faux pendulum in the opening of the belly of the clock.  This is a fabulous reproduction Mora clock with a French Country face.  It comes in one color, Gunnar Grey, with antique gold trim. Slightly distressed around the gold trim area, the painted body finish is done to resemble an aged appearance.  Since we are not hand finishing these clocks, we can offer them to you at a significant price point reduction and ship them within 72 hours, allowing if they are in stock.  Otherwise expect a three week time frame on these clocks if you miss out on our initial offering. Don't worry however, we will restock these limited edition clocks when we sell out.
 The Limited Edition Maison Decor Mora Clock has a slender stature which makes it particularly ideal for narrow spots or hallways.  Shown here in my living room, it is as tall as our Deluxe Mora floor clock, but more narrow as it projects from the wall.  I love the color of the clock, it is an appealing gray, and most closely resembles Benjamin Moore Gettysbury Gray HC-107.
We have a limited amount of these clocks in stock. Those ordered first will get their clocks shipped out immediately! You could have your Maison Decor clock in one week!! Normally our hand finished clocks take 8 weeks.  If there is a lot of interest, we will consider adding these to our line of Mora Clocks as a regular item.  I think they are spectacular! 
Click HERE to view the clock in our online shop or to place your order.  You can also view and purchase in our sister store, Pioneer Goods Co, at 764 Tremont Street, Boston.  Owned and operated by my son, Justin Power, his shop is open both Saturdays and Sundays for shopper's convenience. 

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  1. They really ARE spectacular, Amy. I bet you will sell them all!!!! Hope you are truly enjoying being away from the retail world. It is like a whole different life, isn't it? xo Diana

    1. Yes I am finding my days filled with things I have been wanting to do for....THREE YEARS!! lol

  2. If it's your son's store, shouldn't it be called your brother store?

  3. Love it and I love the last picture, is that Your sons shop? I love the quilt and the way things are displayed! Would love to order a clock one day!


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