Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Perfect Linens for our Master Bedroom

 Perfect Linens. 
 It's really what makes or breaks a bedroom for the most part.  A beautiful bed is so inviting, and its also wonderful to climb into at the end of a long day, slipping in between those nice cool sheets!  So when I got the offer to review some sheets by the Perfect Linens company I was more than happy to take them for a test drive.  It's been awhile since I photographed my master bedroom, so this was also the perfect opportunity to show it again.  Its airy and romantic and it has that European vibe I love. 
 Like much of the rest of my home, my bedroom is done in soft colors. I tend to favor blues and greens as many of you know.  So I selected a sheet set called Second Skin, that had a pretty embroidered edge in green, called Fern.  It has the traditional touch that I love and it mixed in beautifully with the soft colors of the bedroom.  The Second Skin sheets are soft and supple, cool to the skin, yet light and cozy too.  They feel amazing! 
 And did you know, Perfect Linens is a company that sells only sheets.  No other home decor stuff or linens, just SHEETS! They are laser focused about selling the most comfortable and best quality sheets that last and don't end up becoming pilly, scratchy or stiff etc.  Because we all know that sheets can be a major disappointment.  I know that Justin and Madison (my son and daughter in law) received new bedding for their wedding, and after only two laundry cycles, the sheets were all pilly. YUCK.  That's not very romantic, and those sheets went right in the trash.  Perfect Linens has curated only the best of the best in sheets, so this will never happen when you get their Perfect Sheets! 
 My point is, we don't get to test out sheets, we buy them and then are stuck with them, hoping for the best.  It might have looked fabulous with that fancy "Hotel Sheets" label, or the "Egyptian Cotton" label or the high thread count, but it turned out to be a bummer.   Perfect Linens does all the testing and washes every sheet set ten times!  They advise on how to launder their special sheets so you have the perfect sleep experience each time they go back on the bed. The best part is that you take them out slightly damp and dress the bed, simply smooth it with your hands and it eliminates any wrinkles.
The other great thing about this sheet set, is that at this point in my life, I find I wake up feeling hot and have to pull back the sheets...well these sheets feel cool on my skin but I'm still cozy.   
I love my new sheets from PerfectLinens.  They are as elegant as they are soft and silky to the touch,
100% Egyptian cotton with a 400 thread count, made in Portugal (the place where amazing linens are produced) and they have been tested by the company to stand up over time.  

If you are interested in getting your own sheets, I am happy to offer all of my readers a $35 discount code for any sheet purchases at Perfect Linens. 
Simply Enter MaisonDecor35 in the coupon code promo when you purchase. 
Click HERE to visit PerfectLinens for your perfect night sleep! 
 Sweet Dreams! 

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  1. Gosh, I sure hope the person that gave the sheets to Justin as a wedding gift doesn't read this! Maybe they couldn't afford anything better, and would feel horrible knowing they threw them in the trash after 2 washes!

    1. No worries Tracy, they were from my mom as a shower gift actually. She's cool. Not her fault of course! She also gave them a beautiful coverlet that is doing just fine. Just goes to show you that you can't tell good sheets from bad sometimes.

  2. Gorgeous sheets, Amy! Love the fern embroidery on them. You are so right....there is nothing better than slipping into a freshly made bed with crisp, cool sheets. Ahhhhhh......! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. beautiful design! Funny you and I were on the same wavelength. I wrote this week on finding the perfect towels! thanks for the discount! Xo. Leslie Sinclair

  4. I am now going right over to their site and check this out!
    I am all about the sheets, and that's no sheet!

  5. Perfect timing! I have been on a mission to replace my 10+ year old sheets, which I love, but are getting worn. I have been everywhere I can think of online and department stores. I want Percale for their crispness, NOT Sateen, which to me, stretches out too fast. I don't want a sheet set (it used to be so much easier to find separates) because I find that on my queen bed the flat sheets are too skimpy on the side, so I want a queen fitted and a king flat. Lastly, I don't want a fitted sheet that "fits up to 18" deep pocket" NO!! I just returned a pricey Hotel set to Macy's because the fitted sheet was so baggy it was ridiculous! And my mattress is by no means thin! You see my problem? So, I'm going right now to Perfect Linens with a hope and a prayer...Best, Beth C.

  6. Looks good-I have the same sheets with the green embroidery form them and LOVE them too!

  7. I really like the wide boarder on the top sheet. When I make my bed, I like to fold the top sheet over my bed cover. This would make a pretty bed.
    Great post, Amy!


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