Thursday, October 15, 2015

French Door Awning and Bad Puppy Tales

What a pretty courtyard!  I found this image when I was googling exterior fabric awnings.
I have an opportunity to work with Matthew Mead and Sunbrella and this could be the perfect 
project for my new French doors and courtyard.  I plan to make the awning and am considering 
either a wide grey and white stripe fabric or a classic black and white stripe.   The french doors are 
officially installed, and now we have to do the interior and exterior trim work, as well as 
put in the steps to access the outdoor courtyard.  After that a fence will be coming so I can
contain the new puppy and hopefully that will make a world of difference in my quality of life!
Just to see how far we have come, it wasn't long ago that this uninteresting back side of the house
looked like this.  A good place to throw a random tire or whatever, you know?
Since it is the north side of the house there are few windows, and that makes the facade look
strange.  But since no one sees this side of the house, it isn't the biggest deal.
But it is a private area and I came up with the courtyard idea...but the problem with that
was that to access it you had to leave via the front door.  With the outdoor grill set up 
out back for summer dinners and entertaining the front door was not ideal.  At that
point the french doors came into play (meaning in my minds eye) and finally I got hubs to 
go along with the concept.  I think it will become our most often used door, as hubs drives up
to the back of the house in his truck.  I may just start doing the same as I can bring in the
groceries without climbing two flights of stairs as our house is built into the side of a ledge,
and the front is at a higher elevation than the back.
Some granite blocks were set so we could start using the door.  When completed
the granite blocks will run the length of the door.  I have a pair of lanterns to flank the
door, and they are solar so that this space will be illuminated all night long.  They still need to be
wired, and I have no idea why that is, but we will get it done.  Now imagine the awning over the door.  I have to make it just right, as the doors swing open to the outside, and I really don't
want to look at an awning from inside the dining room, but I don't want it mounted too high on
the outside of the house either.  So that is where I am at with the planning.  Of course all the trim will
be put in place and it will look wonderful.  It already is awesome just going in and out the back.
 I have to mention Colby....he is running us ragged.  He is one bundle of energy
and Mr. Mischief is his tag name.  I think we are making progress on the house
training, but on the eating and chewing and biting front, we are not as successful.
So its a constant eye, and I am finding it hard to get anything done.  Its really been 
a huge adjustment,  imagine having given birth to a newborn who can instantly run 
and has sharp teeth.  Its not cool. 
 Colby does like to lay on the lap of whoever is 
lucky enough to be in hub's recliner, which is where I am finding myself these days
because that is the room he is quarantined in for the time being. I had no idea there were 
so many shows on day time tv.  I admit I am enjoying Who wants to be a Millionaire.
Last time I saw it the show was hosted by Regis Philbin. Now it is Chris Harrison from the Bachelor!
Who knew?
I will not get sucked into the soaps (I used to watch in highschool)  
and I will try my best to avoid the Kardashians.  I have NEVER watched TV
during the day, and now I am all about the questions on the Millionaire show. 
Anyway, back to Colby.  Its all his fault.  I have to stay in the TV room now with him.
 Sometimes he can be let out into the kitchen.  Look at him looking like 
he is the perfect puppy. He is NOT!!! He just wants another treat.  As long as I 
am in the kitchen he hovers and hangs out hoping I am going to whip him up a meal
or a snack.  Now I have to make a confession...I found out that I have been underfeeding
him by about half the calories he needs!!! OMG!!! I was talking to hubs and I said he always
seems so hungry, he acts like he is starving all the time.  And he did look skinny....
so I just grabbed the computer to google the caloric intake for a pup his age and size, and I 
was in shock!! OMG! No wonder he is being a pain chewing every rock and piece of mulch in sight. Not to mention our arms, legs....the vet told me how much to feed him when he was tiny, but I 
guess I didn't increase it enough.  How would anyone know exactly how much to feed a puppy?
Compound that matter by the fact that he has been having digestive issues (diarrhea) and we 
finally have that resolved.  So to introduce his new dry puppy food has been scary business
as I don't want to slide back into the bad tummy scene.  Oh man, this puppy thing is not for 
anyone who has a life to live.  I am in over my head, but now have to go with it.
The little gate we set up to contain him in the man cave TV room is not going
to work for long.  He busted through it this morning.
So wish me luck, and if I get anything accomplished on the home front it is
truly a TRIUMPH!!
PS. Just as I hit publish, I hear a loud snap right next to me....
what was Colby doing?
He ate the trim piece off the new door sill!!! 
OMG wait til I tell his father when he gets home.
See what I mean?  This dog is relentless.
Good thing I enrolled in puppy classes last night. 

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