Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Pretty French desk!

Before I get to the latest french furniture acquisition, I want to 
give you a heads up on a terrific holiday tour, Style and Set, that I am in
along with a host of other design bloggers all this week.
My table will be shared on Thursday, and each day there are five 
or so tables being featured by the talented bloggers.
So if you are looking for ideas, or just love beautiful interiors and
tablescapes, don't miss this one! Link at end of post.
 Now to my exciting find....
It started off when I met a fellow blogger from North Carolina,
Shirley from Housepitality Designs.  Shirley and I have been blogging friends
for five years now, and she was in town with her hubby on a conference so we
met for a day of brunch and antique shopping! No perfect camera shots here,
just off the cuff shots taken by my hubs and myself. 
By the way, on her New England trip,
she happened to stay at the Charlotte Inn on Martha's Vineyard,
the prettiest and most elegant Inn in New England! 
( A personal fave!)
Check out her blog post about the Inn at the end of this post.
"Shirley, lets go antique shopping!" 
And into the fab Sowa Vintage Market we went.
 The first vendor had racks of great old coats 
and we went through them one by one while we chatted.
I am still thinking about that fun faux leopard coat that I didn't try on.  
I don't usually look at the clothes, 
but there were so many good vintage clothing vendors at Sowa.  
 At almost the last stall, I spotted this French Provincial writing desk
 with rush chair.  It was covered in large (ugly) statuary.
 I pointed it out to Shirley, and she started inspecting it.
The drawers were all lined in decorative paper and were tongue and groove and solid wood.
 Ok, lets get these things off the desk top to take a better look.  
The writing surface extends so that it is comfortable to sit and write. 
 The seat was solid and in great shape. 
 Pretty carvings on the front of the chair were just another reason to love it even more. 
And how about the wire cabinets and the tiny drawers in the desk caddy?
Where oh where could I find a place to put this in my house?
I walked away....but then I walked back.  We measured the desk.
I knew I could find a spot.  We left without it, me clutching a card with the 
measurements.  Shirley's husband found a vintage architectural desk lamp.
We had a ton of fun shopping and blabbing and connecting in real life 
from our respective blog world vantage points.  Its not often I meet my
blog friends in real life, but when I do, its like I have known them a long time!

Oh. And so I went home....
and measured.....
and called the vendor up.....
He is delivering the desk to me this week!!!
And then I will show you all where I will put it.
Even though I am not really sure yet.
(My mottto: Buy what you love when you see it!!)

Here is the fab holiday entertaining tour I am involved with this week,
starting with the oh so pretty table of organizer, Lory, of Designthusiasm.
Link up to check out the first few blogs, and I will be back on Thursday
with my home, right here!! 

Read about Shirley's stay at The Charlotte Inn here

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  1. That is so true, Amy. I still am 'haunted' by pieces that I saw years ago and passed up---still wishing I had them today. Life is so short- grab what you love when you can if you can...xo Diana

  2. Yes!! But what you lol and you will always find a ace for it. Loved our time together And my hubs loved it too!! We are blessed with good guys!! And I was a bad blogger for not taking pictures!! Your friend with the fried bangs wishing they will quickly grow!! Ha! xoxo's

    1. I just read this comment that I made via my iPhone!....now goes to show you that you should always proof read your comments!...ha...meant to say that you should "buy what you love and you will always find a place for it" and you did!

  3. Amy, I would have bought it too! I've got to get in there one of these days, i haven't been in since Stephanie moved locations. I used to go in a lot when my daughter lived on the next block in the South End.

  4. Adorable desk. Glad you got it!
    That chandelier in the first photo is just amazing. I am on a chandelier hunt, so I have even more admiration, knowing how hard they are to find--that big.

  5. Amy, I'm delighted to find out that you are in the Boston area! I'm always happy to find fellow New England bloggers. It seems that we are rarer than others! My son lives in the neighborhood of Sowa in the Troy building. We call him William of Troy. That apartment building is amazing and if you ever have the opportunity to go to the roof and explore it you should do so. As a designer you would especially appreciate it! Now that I know about the vintage shop I will head over there while I am visiting him, so thank you for telling us about it! I LOVE the desk you found and can't wait to see what you do...I'm guessing you will paint it and make it even more fabulous. My daughter is also in South Boston and works for a large international architect and design firm in Boston. I'm so excited to have found you and I'm looking forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you better. Linda

  6. I'm so glad y'all got to meet and shop. I always say if you love it buy it, too. You will find a spot for it later.


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