Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Perfect Rug

 Searching for the perfect rug?  Does "The Perfect Rug" even exist?
Buying rugs can be so frustrating that often I end up with no rug at all.
Like my dining room....I have had a naked floor in here for over three years now.
 How many times do we just pick out the best of what we see at a local retailer
 that will do the job, because we have to pull the house together for the holidays?
 That has been my situation, and when I was asked if I wanted to try 
out an online rug company to create a custom rug for my home, 
I was thrilled!  Of course I would love to get a new rug,
and if it is custom, then I can get The Perfect Rug!! 
The Perfect Rug is the name of the company
and they have an online rug shopping system that is incredibly easy.   
I checked out the types of carpet I was interested and ordered some samples. 
 Along with the rug samples, The Perfect Rug sent me some rug pad samples 
and some options for how I wanted to finish the border of the rug. Since my home
 has seagrass style carpeting in the living room I decided to focus on natural grasses 
and sisal for my dining room.  However I did include one sample of a synthetic with a 
modern pattern just to check it out and give myself more options.  
The Perfect Rug makes it easy by sending along a tip card that shows what size rugs 
can fit rooms based upon furniture layout and how to measure for the right size rug.
Included are border samples in several options, 
and on the back of the rug sample they advise the best option, 
but you can certainly pick out anything you think will look best.
Rug samples, border samples and padding samples are all included to 
make it easy to see what works best in the room. 
 I debated doing a custom runner for my stair case, 
but then figured since I am hosting Thanksgiving, 
it would be nice to get a new rug for the dining room.  
The other thing I found helpful was that The Perfect Rug rates the carpets according 
to how well they stand up to traffic.  That was a deciding factor for me~what with our dog
 and all the comings and goings through the dining room out to the
 courtyard through our newly added French Doors.  
And now, lets talk price!
The pricing is more than reasonable, which as you know, is always a consideration for my pocketbook when I am decorating.  They show a cost estimate on 
popular sizes like 5x7 and 8x10 for the carpets while you look online based
 upon the sample you are viewing.  That is super helpful.
There were gorgeous wools, sisal and natural seagrass, 
as well as a host of synthetics to choose from. 
You can select samples to view based upon color, style or material 
or all of the above and the online selector will show what there is, based upon your parameters.
My naked floors will be gone in a couple of weeks, and I will be back 
to show you which carpet I decided was the right fit for us!  
Most orders take two weeks to complete, which is simply amazing for a custom rug.  
So if you are in the same predicament, looking for the Perfect Rug, 
check out their website and order a few samples.  
Click here for your trip to The Perfect Rug.
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Note: This post is sponsored by The Perfect Rug, however all opinions and thoughts on this company are my own. 


  1. That's nice that they send samples. But I'm for antique rugs all the way!

    1. I have seen lovely antique rugs layered over larger seagrass and sisal carpets, and it always looks updated and gorgeous!

  2. What a fabulous way to order a rug! Like you, I've been living with naked floors because every time I start looking at rugs, I get totally confused by what I want! I can't wait to see your selection!

    1. I found the online system very easy to navigate and the choices were incredible. Wilton Wools to Synthetics and everything in between. I narrowed it down quickly to sisal or jute, and am going to go with the sisal!

  3. This company sounds wonderful....and the turn around time is amazing....cannot wait to see what you have ordered...I have had "bare floors" in the dining room for too many years....will have to check this out!

  4. This is interesting. I will check them out!


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