Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rich Velvet Pumpkins and Taylor's Special Anniversary

 Not long ago I made up a batch of purple velvet pumpkins to use for Thanksgiving decor.
I set the table using my home made velvet pumpkins (read how to make velvet pumpkins here).
Along with my little purple pumpkins were a few other velvet pumpkins I found at HomeGoods 
last year, in rich fall colors of olive, gold and russet.
 Each place setting would hold a small velvet pumpkin, and 
of course I chose purple to go with my transferware dishes and wine glasses.
In the center of the table was a women's paisley scarf in peacock blue and purple.
I scrunched it up here and there and plopped the parade of pumpkins down the center.
But in the end I found a lovely urn that made me rethink my bold 
colorful centerpiece....

This soft tablescape was much more appealing, and so in the end,
that is what I will go for on Thanksgiving day.
Last year I did not host, as my son Justin and his wife Madison did the honors in their Boston apartment.  It was a lot of fun having my mom (and dad) here for Thanksgiving because they usually 
head to Florida in October.  Mom was working on the gravy and it felt like the good old days.
I am happy and thankful to have both my parents for this year again, 
along with my sister and her hubs and most of my kids.   
However, this year we will have a smaller gang.... and for a very good reason.
Because its been one whole year since our Taylor got her new heart.
Taylor will be going with her family
 (and that means Justin and my daughter-in-law, and their folks)
for a very special vacation to celebrate her big anniversary!

So we will miss them around our table as we give thanks.
And how much more thankful can we all be? 
 Not much, I have to say. 

Not much.

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