Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pink Linen, and Wishing I never sold these things!!

The funny thing that happened to me when I began selling things, was that
I didn't seem to care about possessing things anymore.  Many wonderful antiques
and vintage items went through my hands.  I had admired many of these items from
the pages of magazines or in online images, and suddenly as I began selling old things,
these amazing old things came to me.  This pair of antique brass altar sticks was an 
amazing find, brought to me by my picker.  My picker knew the types of things I loved,
and one day she waltzed into my shop with these.  However popular I thought they might be,
they took a long time to sell, and finally they did sell to a designer in NYC area.
I do wish I had them still.  However I recently traded some of my purple transferware
to my blogging friend Cindy, of Edith and Evelyn Vintage blog.  She has a nice Etsy
shop filled with old Frenchy and Italian things.  I spotted a pair of Italian 
candlesticks, that will be soon on their way to me, as we happily traded our treasures.
She had just announced she was bitten by the Purple Transferware collecting bug,
so I offered her a grouping in exchange for a few things from her shop.
 The other thing near the top of my list, that I wished I never sold,
 was this stunning Florentine screen. Why oh why???
Florentine is a decorative style of Italian furniture and accessories.  Its very lightweight and 
has patterns burnished into the wood and highlighted with gold.  Usually the items 
may have a color with the gold, or more commonly they are offwhite and gold. 
This screen was in a pink with gold and it was GORGEOUS.
(lovely screen on left, ugly vanity seat needing a makeover on right)
It was in terrific shape and I adored it, but I did not feel the need to possess it.
I could spank myself now, as I wish I had it, and I doubt I will ever see another like it.
It too, came from my picker gal.  This piece never hit the sales floor as a woman 
who worked for me asked to buy it, and I gave her a helluva deal. 
Oh to turn back the clock.
The pattern and overall effect of the pink and gold was stunning.
This was a most interesting chair, and I probably wish I could have this one 
back as well.  But it would have had to be reupholstered and now I realize I could have 
done a decent job on it myself.  I think it would have been fun in a pink linen....
 I would put it in my bathroom and pile towels on the seat,
and place it next to the tub.
Speaking of pink linen, I just ordered a bolt of Irish Linen in Pink. 
(My source is the Online Fabric Store.)
 I had an  impulse to make some new draperies for one of the rooms
 in my stay tuned, I think its  arriving tomorrow!
Image source: Elle Decor Magazine
This dining room is by designer Suzanne Kasler, one of my favorites. 
Blush pink is all the rage, and it finally has gotten to me as well.
I feel the need for pink!
 Do you think it could have anything to do with having a
granddaughter on the way?

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