Sunday, January 23, 2011

Master Bedroom Reveal

My master bedroom: After 
My master bedroom: Before
All of the furniture is the same. 
The changes were:
The bedding was changed out in favor of 
white, pink and blue. 
A touch of floral was thrown in the mix.
The draperies were changed to aqua silk panels 
and the original rod was finally cut to the correct size.
 The walls were painted from beige to a medium aqua blue. 
The lamps were switched out.
The oriental carpet was removed in favor of some
Martha Stewart area rugs in textured aqua.
A window seat was added to the awkward alcove.

RL blue floral sheets, Raymond Waites floral duvet.
Shabby Chic pillow from Target
This room has slanted ceilings due to the roof line.
The mirror to the ladies dresser will not fit anywhere in the room.
A tri-fold antique mirror is the solution. 
A pair of petite tole lamps I picked up on Martha's Vineyard
 found their home on this dresser.
The little dormer window seat sits right in the middle of this wall.
To the left is a built in bookcase that has a line of hooks to hold
clothes so they don't end up on the bedposts or door knobs!
Bedrooms have to serve us in real life too.
Did you know that Mr. Maison Decor is a cowboy at heart?
Next to his leather chair is a built-in bookshelf that stores his cowboy hat boxes.
Stetson, Stetson, Stetson....
I bought him the brown vintage Stetson Hatbox on Ebay when we were engaged.
Even our engagement photo that was taken at my parent's home
 on Martha's Vineyard is luckily color coordinated to our room. 
Hub's pants are called "Nantucket Red". 
Pink by any other name...
My bedside table has a few precious things and my book of the hour.
Still reading about Barbra's home decorating.
She loves this color too.
This room feels completely different now!
By adding color and pattern it is a room that is welcoming.
The blahness that was there before is gone.
Old room
New room.
It is truly amazing how one room can feel so differently with such minor changes.
When I decided to decorate this room I found an inspiration photo.
I referred to it and took the color palette and the floral patterns.
I was not going to change the furniture, even though I tend towards light finishes.
The inspiration room was very girly, and I want our bedroom to suit us both.
Remember this inspiration picture?
I find inspiration in some images.
 I don't plan to copy the  image, I just use it to inspire 
me to find a similar effect using my own things 
and then editing what I have, and adding what I think is needed.
The large rose print on this bed I found on Ebay and purchased several yards.
I decided I didn't want a big floral in the room,
instead going for a calmer and less feminine look.
Yes, I introduced some pink, 
but overall my room is a bit softer with shades of blues and whites 
balanced out by the dark furniture and wall mirror.
If the pink coverlet is removed the room becomes less feminine.
However, I love pink!
Lets look at the wall color in stages:
Before: Pretty window seat with beige walls.
During: look at the difference a wall color makes.
I had to take a picture of the two wall colors while I was painting.
After:  the power of paint is truly amazing!
New lamps would be preferable, but I worked with what i had.
If this bed is dressed in all white linens it would be gorgeous too!
Now, this room has more options, and we love it.
Even Tobey likes it!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I am excited that I am first to comment on your absolutely gorgeous bedroom makeover. I cannot believe how adding the soft colors and the details has made such a difference. The changes have made the room so soft and romantic looking.
    I have watched you create this room from start to finish and you have done an outstanding job.
    What I like the most is that the room is lovely and comfortable, not too overdone but just perfect.

    Pleasant dreams in your new boudoir!


  2. It looks wonderful. I love the pretty touches of floral. You did a great job. Hugs, Marty

  3. Very pretty and bright. It has been a treat to watch all the projects you have completed along the way!

  4. Amy, Great job on your bedroom! I may have to use your photo for the inspiration picture for mine! I just posted my master update, then saw yours. I haven't decorated yet, just repainted because we are in middle of other remodeling. I love your wall color and the window seat is a doll. You have a knack with tabletops too. Looks great. I have been searching ebay too for bedding ideas.
    After my crown molding was painted, I loved it with the creamy white walls I previously had, but my husband had seen my paint chip for the Tea Stain green and wanted me to go through with it for more contrast. Sometimes we do have to compromise, but still happy with outcome. Haven't chosen an accent color...working on ideas... Thanks for sharing your so-very-nice changes. Inspiring as usual! Carrell

  5. Great job Amy!!! I love the new look. It looks so cozy. My favorite thing is that sweet little pillow on your bed. I'm wondering how your hubby likes the more feminine look though? I can just hear my husband now if I were to change our room to a more fiminine design. Before my husband moved into my condo I had pink walls in my master bedroom and a really feminine quilt. The paint had to go before he moved in. I was getting tired of it by that point anyway so I wasn't too upset.

    Anyway, your bedroom looks amazing and I know you must be proud. Hope you are doing well. xo, Cristi

  6. This room is so you. I love it. Paint always amazes me. Your color palette is perfect. Looks like a really comfy room complete with your cowboy's chair! I'm really loving that dresser without the mirror. And you might know the little shabby pillow is my favorite.

  7. Hi Amy,
    You have been busy! I love all the projects you have done.You are right a change in paint and accessories can really perk up a room.
    The window seat adds that little extra touch.

    I look forward to your next project!!!


  8. Love all the new colors, Amy. Much calmer looking.

  9. Really soft and pretty. And I love that little pillow! Nicely done, Amy.

  10. Looks dreamy! Congrats on a job well done!

  11. I love what you have done with your master. The pretty blues really stand out and you have made it feminine without a lot of floral. And you know how much I love your window seat. Nicely done, Amy! :-)


  12. It's really beautiful, Amy! You did a wonderful job interpreting your inspiration photo in your own way. Yes. The power of paint is amazing. I love every detail that you carefully added from the practical hooks for hanging things, the vanity nook, floral bedding, and even those Nantucket red pants. :) *sound of me clapping*

  13. Hi Amy,
    Your bedroom is gorgeous. What an amazing difference the paint has made. I love blue walls and wood furniture together. All the details in your room are lovely.

    Letters from the Shore

  14. Amy, this looks absolutely amazing. I really like that color of blue, what color is it? If you don't mind me asking :) My daughter and I can't seem to agree on a color for our bathroom and I think this might suit both of us.
    You did a great job with mixing the dark furnitiure, dainty florals with a touch of pink and the leather chair to come up with a good mix. I know my husband is not keen on to many girly things, but he liked this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Amy, the room is fantastic. The window seat skirt, the shade, the paint color, which helps the furniture look like a million bucks btw! My bedroom has 2 walls similar to your old color that I started and stopped when I realized I didn't like it (still like that X yrs later?).

    Love that the bedding looks soft and washable... the new rug is lovely -

    Stay warm, as we reach 8 below tonight!


  16. I love the blue walls!!! Love the bedding you went with. Yes, I think better than the roses. It must be so nice to retire in this serene room now. Just Gorgeous!!! (said with a Barbra Streisand accent)

  17. Hi Amy, I love the aqua on the walls and the color of the drapes. The window seat is wonderful. Your room has turned out beautiful!

  18. Hi Amy, you did a nice job making it comfortable for a man and a lady great combo. it turned out beautiful.

  19. Beautiful AMY!!!

    What a room to enjoy!

    Sweet Dreams!

  20. Really pretty Amy! Your reaveal is beautiful! Those chintz bedding are really sweet & love the colors you brought in. the bench seat looks like a perfect little nook for a book! xoxo

  21. Just gorgeous! I love what you did and the fact that your furniture is still dark. I'm working with dark furniture too. :)

  22. This is very lovely- You picked a beautiful wall color and bedding. This room reminds me of my bedroom, we also have dormers, a window seat and blue walls. I have not shown it on my blog yet- still need to put it all together...Enjoy your new room!

  23. I see you decided not to go with white walls, I think you made a great choice, LOVE the color! Much softer, but not too feminine for your hubby!

  24. It is so adorable and did such a nice job. Love the colors you chose -

  25. WOW! what a difference that wall color made... holy moly!, that's dramatic. It totally lets the light into the room. Absolutely wonderful makeover, as usual!


  26. You did a fabulous job! I love your color pallette... the wall color is divine. Everything looks beautiful, but I think your window seat area is particularly special.

  27. Hi there Amy~ What a gorgeous and sweet bedroom you have now! I love the wall color - perfect and fabrics all together are so pretty but not over the top girly~ it is really beautiful! You did a great job! :)
    Thanks for the email about my post this morning too!

  28. Amy,
    I love everything you do! Your home is beautiful!


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