Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moras, Workshops & Family Fun

 It's December at Maison Decor and the holidays are fast upon us! 
 We have decked our halls just a little bit and have a few nice gift ideas
 in store for our shoppers. We will be growing our home decor department
 as we settle in to our new spot.  We just launched our revamped website too and 
Justin did an amazing job on it! Many of our items are now available online so check it out!
If you ever see anything on the blog that you would like to get more information, please email me
at amymaisondecor@gmail.com as many times we add things to the online shop so we can sell it to our customers from blogland!
We have rolls of French Country silk ribbon
Burlap ribbon with rusted jingle bells
and matching Christmas stockings and 
all sorts of neat home accents.
 We have been doing our famous workshops too this month
and you can see Justin teaching our group last Saturday.
 He reported to me that they were all pretty much super stars 
when it came to mastering the various
techniques.  We have lots of different workshops each month, 
so check out schedule online
and you can register there too. 
 Colin looked so handsome last Saturday ringing up one of our new grad students! 
 Also we are excited to let everyone know
 we got the sample pots of Chalk Paint back in!!
 I will be teaching the Shimmer and Shine workshop this Thursday, 
which will employ lots of metallics and ways to add a bit of shimmer to your pieces.
Tonight we are having our family Christmas movie night!
I am rushing to put this post up so I can get home and get this party
started!!! hahah! I will get the good camera and take some group pics
to share with you on the next post.
Our custom Maison Decor Mora Clocks are flying out
 of our workshop/warehouse this month!
Many are getting them for Christmas gifts and we hope they
 will be thrilled with their special clocks.
If you are interested in getting one of our lovely clocks, check out our website.
Remember everything can be found their~
Chalk Paint, Sample Pots, Mora Clocks, Workshops,
 Furniture and Home Decor items.  



  1. Oh Amy, you are growing your shop so gracefully and from a customer's perspective it appears effortless which of course I know is not the case. I can't imagine the number of hours of labor and planning you and your family have put into this beautiful business so far.
    Sending my honey in soon to pick up a chandelier cover for a Christmas gift for my sister. Love the little brass tape measures you are offering--so darn cute and different.
    Have fun at your pajama party tonight!!

  2. Life looks awfully good over at Maison Decor!! Love it all, that ball burlap ribbon is too cute! And Christmas movie family night? HOW FUN1 Glad you are enjoying the holidays Amy.....take care!

  3. You guys look adorable in you jammies, Amy. Love that first shot. Enjoy your family fun.

  4. Everything looks so fabulous in your shop, Amy! I love the cozy, welcoming feel of it. I can't even imagine the fun that you all are having together running it! :) Hope you had a blast at your family movie night in your PJs. You guys are just the cutest!!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Oh great to have a family tradition as movie night in your cute Christmas jammies…the shop looks amazing and so happy that you have had a wonderful year and are loving what you are doing...

  6. Ooooo... love the yummy french silk ribbon. Such pretty colors. I would die and go to heaven if i could be at every one of your workshops. Those are some lucky folks who live close enough to take the workshops and shop at Maison Decor!


  7. Hey Amy, Love that burlap ribbon with the jingle bells. Never seen anything like it.

    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD


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