Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Traditional Christmas Tree

Our family room is the one room that we all gather in every evening.
Its also the smallest room in our home. We have filled the room
with a leather furniture set to fit as many people as we can get in here.
I never thought it would have room for a Christmas tree, and yet when 
Tree Classics asked if I wanted to try one of their space saving trees, 
I was more than happy to see if I could squeeze in a tree!
I am joining Tree Classics, the artificial Christmas Tree company, along with 
a few of my design blogger friends in this sponsored post.
  Real trees come in so many choices, so don't be surprised to see just how many 
varieties of faux trees there are at Tree Classics.  My tree is the 
Kennedy Fir Slim SnapTree, which means it is a snap to set up!
The Snap Tree technology means it comes in two sections.
 The tree is pre-lit, and it couldn't be more easy to set up this tree...
I did it myself in a few minutes!
 (Check my video out at the end of the post to see how quick and easy 
the set up is on the Tree Classics Snap Trees.)  
Our slim Kennedy Fir fits in the corner of the room, and I placed it
in front of the window so it could be enjoyed from the exterior of our home.
Since I have another tree in our living room window, it looks beautiful when you
drive up to the house and see both trees in the front windows of our Colonial home.
Our family room was painted an Emerald green, so I thought it
would be nice to decorate in a totally old fashioned way, 
using the traditional Christmas colors of red and green.
Red isn't a color that is used in this house very often, but at this time
of year it feels just like the Christmases I had as a girl.
I played up the traditional look even more by wrapping packages in plaid paper, 
and adding a red velvet tree skirt.
 Most of the glass ornaments on the tree are from the big collection 
of various ornament styles found on Tree Classic's website.  
They come in heavy duty boxes with foam liners and are going
 to be great for putting them back into storage when I take down the tree. 
I selected ornaments that had old fashioned appeal,
like the ones we had on our trees growing up.
 My favorite collection is the Vintage ornament set in the
Merry and Bright Collection.
A gorgeous mercury glass reproduction set with frosted glitter accents. 
 The red and green theme carries over into the pillows that are on the sofas.
I just adore how the tree came out, and so does Sylvia! 
 Lets take a closer look at the  luscious velvet quilted tree skirt from Tree Classics.
It is the Velvet Buttoned Up Quilted Tree Skirt in red with green piping.
It feels so traditional and rich!  A great place to layer on the plaid packages too.
At night our tree is simply magical and the entire room glows from its tiny lights.
I am so thrilled we have a tree in the family room, so we can enjoy it nightly.
I confess I miss the smell of a live tree, and to handle that I light a Balsam candle 
when we are hanging out.  I have tried all kinds and brands, and haven't
been disappointed.  Some of the least expensive Balsam candles have been the best!
 The kids are the ones who seem to love a traditional red and green Christmas
the most, don't you think?  But I will say, I am more than surprised at how
warm and cozy and memory stirring it is to have a traditional tree.
If you want to see how I set up our Snap Tree, check out the 40 second video
below.  You will also see in the background, the first Snap Tree that
 I got last year from Tree Classics.  After assembling the tree,
I simply wheeled it down the hall on its rolling stand, into our family room!  

In partnership with Tree Classics, our group of Home Decor bloggers

have been provided with trees, ornaments and tree skirts to 

create trees that fulfill our own visions and traditions, offering inspiration

to our readers.  We hope you enjoy this Christmas Tree tour! 

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Colby's Sleepover and Matthew Mead's new magazine

Look how cute Colby looks posing with Sylvia!
You may know that Sylvia belongs to my son Justin and daughter in law Madison.
Well they are off on a well deserved trip, and I am the go to dog sitter.
Colby has been an over excited pup wanting to have a friend forever,
and so it took a few days for him to calm down.  
This was day makes me laugh out loud. I think Sylvia's facial
expression is the same as mine!! Colby was relentless in his pursuit and 
I think for the first day I carried her around, hoping he would relax.
He finally did, and it was sooner rather than later.
Today I was preparing a blog post for our new Christmas tree from 
Tree Classics in our family room (which I rarely photograph).
Sylvia toddled into the room right past my tripod and struck a pose.
Then Colby followed, as he usually does, and he struck a pose beside her.
It was so cute.  Goes to show animals will figure out how to be friends,
even if one is bigger and stronger and more rambunctious than the other.
When Colby was a tiny pup it was a lot easier to avoid him...
but not anymore! But maybe this ten day sleepover did the trick.
As I write they are both napping in my living room. Sweet!
I wanted to give you an alert about Matthew Mead's latest publication, 
its due on newsstands December 5th.  
Upstyled Home by Country Sampler.
Lots of quality content in here, AND no ads, as usual.
What you will find are House Tours that you haven't seen anywhere else,
including the one and only Sandra Kelly's Gustavian style home.
I went to video tape behind the scenes of Matthew shooting this home, and we have
it on our YouTube channel.  The link is on the sidebar if you want to see it, 
under Decorating Videos.  This house is totally my style, and I loved getting to see
Sandra's home in person.  If for this house alone, I would recommend buying this issue!!
Of course there is a ton of other stuff, including a house made from a barn, and it had 
gorgeous big wing chairs covered in black and white toile. Ok, HELLO.
Ideas galore and DIY crafts and upcycled projects too, which is basically my middle name.
Upcycling stuff is taking everyday things and remaking them into something else
or using them for some other purpose.  I think most of us are UPCYCLERS!
Speaking of magazines, this is one of the images you will see in Romantic Country,
spring issue 2017 which features my living room on the cover.
On the inside is a story of my home, and it is really a love story of me and Dave
and how we made our house a home.  I loved how Sandra Soria, the writer of 
my feature, pulled it together.  It is out on newsstands now, so if you are out looking
for Matthew's Upcycled Style, look for my issue too.  
By the way, that bench was how I actually met Matthew.  He was selling it,
and I ended up buying it. And then we became friends!
I will be sharing my family room Christmas Tree next week, and I 
have to tell you, it is WONDERFUL having two trees in our home!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Gilded Pink Toile Christmas Table

Its all about Holiday Entertaining in today's posts (and all week long)
as part of Designthusiasm's Set + Style blog hop.
A special welcome to those who have just arrived from
my friend Courtney's ever gorgeous French Country Cottage!
But before we begin...
Can I just tell you all that I got my copy of this magazine
yesterday in my mailbox?! That is my living room on the cover!!
The COVER!! (Yes I am yelling.)
Ok, ok.... Just had to share.  I am over it. (Not)
Now back to our gorgeous table features.
Pink and Gilded and Toile for Christmas?
Yes. Yes. And Yes!
Why not use one's favorite things at Christmas?!
 Christmas means its the perfect time for fantasy and fairytale decor.
 Small twinkling trees are the perfect way to set the mood.
Layer in some of your favorite things with a bit of whimsy for good measure,
like these tiny white angel wings that I found at Joann's fabrics.
They came in pink too, and would have been so pretty....
But I wasn't sure then how I was going to use the little white wings when I bought them.
(The point being:  if you see something that captures you, buy it.
You will find a way to use it, I guarantee it.)
 Gold always elevates the mood, doesn't it?
 These striped gold and white candles 
(a knockoff of the high priced lovely Ana Candles that I have in my sconces) 
were a happy find at Marshalls~a box of six for the same price. 
Gold lusterware salad plates set atop gold rimmed dinner plates,
all vintage finds from various New England shops. 
Pink and celery green toile placemats were a set I made years ago
when I couldn't find what I wanted. They add a feminine French touch.
Repousse candlesticks in silverplate are new additions from a charming 
vintage shop in Dover, New Hampshire, called Just The Thing.
 A pair of grocery store topiaries were transplanted to some self-watering
 cache pots for a finished look. Rosy red cranberries were sprinkled about on the table,
inside the vase, and on top of the topiaries potting soil.
Grocery stores have so much goodness for decorating these days!!
And if pink isn't your thing....
think how easy it would be to change out the pink elements for red or white
if you wanted a more traditional Christmas look. 
Happy Holidays to you all, now let the parties begin!
Head on over to the wonderful blog of Sand and Sisal who is next up
on the tour.  Then check out the rest of my design blogger friends 
to see their special Christmas tables, it will certainly put you in the mood!
If you missed Monday's posts:
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Monday, November 28, 2016

If you don't have a Christmas tree....

 Its the holiday season, and for me that means decorating.
I love to change the look of our home to reflect the Christmas season.
That means garlands and ornaments and trees!
Frosted trees are a favorite and I found a cute little one at Hobby Lobby.
Just this small version of a Christmas tree added instant cheer to the room.
Even before Thanksgiving I started with one full size tree, then I added one more.
I get a lot of enjoyment out of our trees~I think they bring a room to life 
at Christmas time.  But I was thinking that maybe many of you don't have
the time, the money or the energy to put up a tree.  So the next best thing is
to take an everyday object in your room, and decorate it!
Lamps and chandeliers are great places to add swags of garland,
bits of greenery and ornaments.  
This large cherub lamp is festooned in blues and greens.
Old fashioned mercury glass style beads and tiny ornaments 
drip from the five arms of this gilded light fixture.
On the other end of the piano is a gold lantern that wears a small frosted
wreath with a few baubles and a skinny velvet ribbon.
 Sticking with my theme of blue and green and natural greens,
this lantern is decked out for the holidays. At night the candles
are turned on to add more ambience to the room.
So don't fret if you don't have a tree...
create a little magic with your everyday things.
You will be relaxing in no time...just like my little grand-dog Sylvia,
I am babysitting her all week long and I think she is fine with it.
I will be back a few more times this week with more Christmas posts
and that Perfect Rug I was telling you about a few weeks ago. 
It arrived, and it looks beautiful.  I can't wait to share!!
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