Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Damask Wallpaper~a ScotchBlue Painting Project

Welcome to the ScotchBlue™ Painting Party! 
A group of DIY bloggers, including myself, all completed projects with the help of ScotchBlue Painter's Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector.  We're giving you the chance to gather some inspiration and win prizes!  After seeing what I did, you can start at the beginning of the the party to see more tutorials,
 so head to Kristen's blog at: 

Here is my ScotchBlue project!
Ok, so my hallway needed a little pizazz!  I jumped at the chance to try out the new painters tape with edgelock by Scotchblue. My design plan involved stripes and a stencil.  My tools were simply a level, a pencil, a stencil, two paint colors, a paintbrush and roller and a roll of Scotchblue painters tape. First, decide how wide you want your stripes and make a light pencil mark along the wall at the top, middle and bottom using a level. Then connect the marks with the painters tape. It is really that easy. I did not get all analytical about this part, because that's not how I roll.  
I made 18" wide stripes with 10" spaces.
 Fill in the painted space with your chosen paint color (I used cream on top of the lavender walls).
Continue taping along the space.
 I painted the first stripe and stenciled my
pattern right away to make sure I liked it~why, yes I did!!
You will see more of that part later....
 The rest of the wall gets taped and painted.
 Now for the fun part, peeling off the tape!
This leaves a clean straight line with no paint bleed.
 Being thrifty, I reused the painters tape for securing the stencil pattern to the center of the stripe.
 I used the same color as the base for the stencil pattern.
 This whole hallway only took me a couple of hours.
 It gave me a dramatic effect, at little expense and effort.
Now its time to play around and glam it up!
The reason I only did one wall, was because I used
different ornate cream colored mirrors on the other side.
I added a leopard chair at the end of the hallway...
Some silk pink strie draperies and all of  a sudden
 this hallway had gone from neutral to glam in a hurry.
 The wide stripes gave me the look of wallpaper, at a bargain price.
My hallway, before.....
My hallway, after!
 Thank you Scotchblue!
Now here is how you can win your own ScotchBlue tape:
If you’d like a chance to win a sample of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector to complete your own project, comment on this post and let me know how you would use the tape in your project. For another chance to 
win, tweet @ScotchBlueBrand “I want #supersharppaintlines for my next project!”

To see the next amazing project done with
 ScotchBlue Painter's Tape head here: 
Sara @ House Bella 

FYI:  ScotchBlue Brand reached out to me to participate in the ScotchBlue Painting Party to celebrate the launch of their new ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector

My post represents my honest experience with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. I am not being paid for my answers, but I did receive ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to assist in completion.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dad Rehabs an Antique on Chappy

 My dad has been going to Chappaquidick Island almost daily all summer 
to work on my cousin Jack's antique farmhouse. 
Dad is going to be 82 next month and he can still strap on his builder's apron
and make things happen.  He is an environmental engineer,
 but his dad was a carpenter and he thats where he learned the trade.
Here is the cupola on an old outbuilding that he just repaired and installed.
 You can only get to Chappy by taking the small car ferry from Edgartown.
This ferry is basically an open air barge.
It holds about 4 cars and has picnic bench seating 
on the sides for any pedestrian travelers.
For sure, dad has had his share of  lobster dinners this summer,
but mostly he likes doing back breaking projects all summer long.
My Dad is just amazing!
 Jack's antique garage on Chappy
Great old doors in a washed out green color.
Annie Sloan has nothing on this paint job.
These are the before pictures of the old dirt floor garage 
and the tiny outbuilding on Jack's property, which was an old farm.
I was happy to see that Jack wanted it restored, 
so all new cedar shingles were ready to be applied after the buildings
were shored up for stability, and some new windows were put in. 
Dad was there to do a lot of this work,
along with a small crew.

A nice drive through garage!
Dad takes a rare break...
The floor inside the garage.

Project completed!
 Still retains the charm of an antique property, 
and the shingles will age to a silvery grey.
The inside of the garage has room for everything you need around here~
bikes, life jackets, and a wheelbarrow.
This darling little building looks so cute now!
It used to look like this..forlorn and neglected.
Time had taken its toll on this little building.
I love old properties, don't you? There is a romance to them...
and I am happy to see my Dad helping my cousin save such a special place.
These buildings will last another hundred years now. 
Great job Dad! But please stop climbing up on roofs.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Shabby Chic Style Maven

Can you imagine being able to say you worked with Rachel Ashwell
back in the days when her company exploded on the scene?
Shayna can~she lives in this beautiful old house now in Nashville,
and I will be sharing it with you, as well as 
a little bit about her interesting experience working at Shabby Chic.
While we look at Shayna's lovely home lets listen to her story:
I had a modeling career in fashion that took me to NYC to work years ago. My studio where I lived was in Soho & of course Rachel's store was located near there too. I always passed by her store front & was an admirer of her romantic, clean, comfortable chic style. I thought to myself.. "One day I would like this look for my home... it is very me"! I already was a flea market hunter from a young age as I loved the soul/look of old pieces & was always on the look out for unique pieces to collect for my "one day" house. Rachel's furniture was very costly at the time (still is).. so I waited & saved!
Eventually I moved to San Francisco & bought my first apartment with my husband in Lower Pacific Heights (where the SF store was located). Again, her store was in close proximity to my apartment. "This was definitely meant to be!!".. 
One day I passed the window & took a double take! I thought.. "Wow... I love that fabric & I love that sofa it is on"!.. Quickly I ran into the store to inquire about it.... Pricey, but beautiful & so comfy with all the feather & down pillows.. not to mention.. velvet covered from Holland!!!
I had to find a way to have it along with all the beautiful slip covered chairs, chandeliers & bits & bobs... I remember saying to myself.. "How can we afford all this after buying an apartment in the city"??.. I am a driven person though!..So, I marched in the store and asked if they needed part time help. It just so happens they did!! 
 I worked there for three years spending most , if not ALL of my pay checks on many amazing pieces. I also had the amazing opportunity to work & learn from some very talented pickers, designers & clients. My job was all about designing other peoples interiors with the furniture, linens, odd vintage pieces & style I loved.
It was so much fun & created my love for Rachel's style. Through the years, I of course have changed my style a bit.. throwing in more color.. even victorian black & adding different types of flea market finds.

I think variety is interesting when you are decorating an interior. Rachel's sense of style has definitely left its mark on me though!! 
I can see the Shabby Chic influences in Shayna's decor,
 and love how she decorated her home.
Shayna has lovingly restored this antique home with her husband and son.  
She lives in Nashville now and rents this house out for location shoots! 
She also is the creator of a custom handmade jewelry company.  
 I met her through her Etsy shop as she happened to
 be selling some old chandelier crystals.  
We got to talking....
and that is how I came to find out about her interesting story. 
You can visit her website at

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