Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Lakehouse kitchen cabinets

Our lake house plan is finally at the finish line!
 The process of building a modular home is very different than 
building a custom home with an onsite construction crew.
With modular builds, you select almost every single thing in the house, from
the kitchen and bathroom cabinet style and color, the countertops, door styles,
trim for the baseboard and ceilings, the staircase elements, lighting and windows.
This home has been completely customized and will arrive on flat bed trailers,
then put together like giant building blocks with all of the cabinets
 and sinks and lights already installed! 
The kitchen cabinet style and color is shown above in an image
taken from Merrilat Cabinet's website.  Because we are having taller ceilings
than the "standard" ceiling height of 8', we will have most of the cabinets stacked
to ceiling height.   Below you can see my notes with the kitchen I designed 
for the lake where I added the top row of cabinets on one side of the kitchen.
Merrilat has a great kitchen cabinet design feature where you can put together your
dream kitchen.  A Swedish style plate display rack was on my list among other things.
On the opposite side of the kitchen there is a bank of cabinets that will function as a secondary
station for microwave, food storage, coffee making, trash cabinet, pots and pans cabinet 
and a bookcase for cookbooks. All the cabinets are maple in a painted white finish. 
A kitchen by East Hill Cabinetry shows some double stacked cabinets with some glass front cabinets.
Our kitchen will be open to the main room overlooking the lake similar to this, but we will have a peninsula with the sink and bar stools creating a separation while still affording the view of the lake.
A kitchen by Julie Williams Design shows white painted cabinets to the ceiling but the ceilings
are lower so no room for stacking.  My cabinets will be 42" with another 12" cabinet stacked 
to take advantage of extra storage space.  I am only having one large glass front cabinet for putting
some of my transferware on display. The others will all be solid front cabinets so I can stuff them 
with my various random collections for holiday dinners etc. I know some people have lots of
glass fronts, but I know mine need to be more for utilitarian storage than for beauty storage. 
And while I have been designing the house I also have been imagining the details of the various spaces.
 I saw a mirror at a local auction house and thought it would be perfect for the powder room bathroom. 
It has an elegant cottage look to it as if it once lived in a grand lake house. 
This antique AntebellumVictorian mirror with its painted floral crest and
 faux bois finish with gilded morning glories was just the ticket to give our new house some soul. 
Flanked  with modern golden bronze sconces, its the mix of old and new that I find super appealing.
That is why I love antiques and decorating with them. You won't see this mirror anywhere else...
Our lake house will be a blend of new and old and I can't wait to see it all 
come together and share it with you on my blog.  

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Friday, July 24, 2020

A Castle Room and Princess Dress for Reeve's Magical Sleepover

A magical reunion with Reeve

It had been five months since my granddaughter Reeve had been to our house
 and she finally was coming back for a two night sleepover!
She always stayed in the guest room, but I had just 
put up a stone arch wall mural and I feared she would miss her old room.
I had the idea to turn the room for her into a castle room, and she would be the princess.
             It was an easy switch to just add princess type details to the bed and the room and voila!
                                               A castle room was waiting for its princess.
                            Next I searched online and found one of my favorite dresses from the 
                           Disney princess movies, Frozen's Princess Anna's coronation dress.  
            It's Scandinavian charm is so much more lovely to me than the icy blue gown that Elsa wears.
                         Sharing a screenshot of the listing on Amazon, 
where they had lots of princess dresses to choose from.
        The quality was amazing and the day Reeve arrived, so too did the package holding her dress.
                                It was time to go upstairs and show her the "Castle Room"!
                         The first thing she did was climb up into the bed with the little princess sheets.
                                I had made big pillows out of The Company Store clearance section.
                   The stone arch paper from Photowall was the perfect backdrop for a Princess bedroom.
                   Then it was off to rediscover all the things she remembered about her Grammy's house.
                                                 Like her Grammy's French Dollhouse....
The view to the city out of the window....
She wore it the entire day and even took her nap in it.
She even went next doors to show Grammy Claire, my MIL how
beautiful her new dress was!
It made a long awaited visit to her Grammy and Grampy's house
a magical experience that we will always remember.
We even had a princess photo shoot.
This coronavirus had made us miss our little one, and I know many
of you are missing your grandchildren too.  Making our reunion a
little more magical was so easy with this $20 dress and the idea that 
she had a princess room in a castle! 
We had such fun dressing up together!!

I am offering my readers a 25% discount until the end of August 2020
using the discount code amymaisondecor25
Visit Photowall to see all the amazing murals and wall treatments here.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dramatic Bedroom Mural

Our guest bedroom got a new look with a photo mural.  
We updated the room because our son's best friend, Kai,
 is coming to live with us while they start their college freshman year
together at our home, because of the Coronavirus situation. 
 The boys will be taking over the second floor of the house, 
which will serve as their college dorm!
I wanted the room to have a completely new look for the guys.
These murals are actually photos that are blown up and made into wallpaper strips
 to fit the exact dimension of the wall you want to cover.  I was excited to
collaborate with this Swedish company, PhotoWall, and selected a rustic brick
arch wall called "Arch Ruin" as the backdrop for our guest room
 from the thousands of images they stock. 
Look for my 25% discount code at the end
of this blog post for your own order from Photowall!
The wallpaper mural comes with a package of powdered wallpaper paste. 
Mixed up with a gallon of water in a bucket, it was ready to use in  5 minutes.
  I also ordered the $18 wallpaper tool kit so that I would be all set 
when it was time to rock and roll. 
I have hung a ton of wallpaper in my life yet this set up from PhotoWall is a little bit 
different than anything I had seen before.  The roll of wallpaper is continuous, yet has 
each strip numbered, and you cut it with scissors when you are moving on to the next strip.
Simply cut along the dotted line....
You apply the paste on the wall where the strip will go first, 
so I measured out 18" and made a small pencil mark to give 
me a rough guideline for the paste.
                     Apply the paste with the brush to the section of wall next to the strip you just hung.
                        The paste has some globs in it but they brush right out with the wallpaper brush.
This wallpaper was the easiest paper I had ever hung, 
and I was finished with the wall in just two hours. 
Now it was time to style the room....
First I decided to put the bed on the angle so
we could take in the dramatic backdrop of the wall mural.
But you remember what it use to look like?
When last used this room it had the dollhouse  as well as the pastoral murals
I had painted on the walls giving the room a feminine romantic artistic effect.
It was very pretty, but wouldn't work for a college guy.
So, before I began my wallpapering I painted 
 over the lilac stripe at the top of the room as well as the murals so 
they wouldn't show any trace of pattern through the wallpaper mural.
And two hours later I had a whole new wall of brick!!!
Everyone loves the new look! 
I was able to reuse many of the things we already had in our home, 
including lamps with burlap shades, some Ralph Lauren beige linen pillow covers
my modern office desk chair, and the grey and white checked curtains from Ballards.
Piper gives it a thumbs up too!
Use  Photowall if you want to create a dramatic new look with ease.
All my readers can get 25% off any order of Photowall products
 until the end of August 2020 by using the promo code
amymaisondecor25 for your discount. 
With everyone at home more than ever now because of the coronavirus,
this is an awesome way to improve everyday spaces in your home.
I am already planning my next mural!

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Blue Transferware, Reeve Turns Three and the Lake House

 Summer has arrived and with it comes some decorating changes.
This time as I decorate I am imagining the decor in the lake house
 we will build later this summer in New Hampshire.
Blue and white has been creeping into my palette.
It began with this blue and white checked gingham fabric on the Swedish day bed. 
Next came a few pieces of blue and white transfer ware,
including this unusual large pedestal bowl!
Powdery pale blue and white is my preference, and I have been lucky to find
some beautiful platters and bowls. The trio of botanicals framed in a country check
had been sitting in an antique shop for two years.  I've noticed them with every visit
but didn't grab them until I figured out that blue and white would be part of the lake house look.
For now I have hung them in our kitchen where I plan to hang the platters on the wall.
Custom framed for someone else a few decades ago, they will be enjoyed 
by us in our new home.  Shopping for vintage finds always makes it fun,
as you never know what awaits you on the hunt.
 My granddaughter Reeve turned three at the end of June.
She lives in Maine now on a farm, and is having an idyllic childhood.
 She helps her daddy with fixing up the house with her own tool belt...

And of course there are farm chores.  
One job is to drive her tractor to pick up vegetables gone by
for the compost heap. Look at that head of lettuce!!
 We miss her very much, with the imposed isolation that Covid19
brought to our lives and loves.  But hopefully we will have extended
visits soon, because she is going to be a big sister this month
and we are excited to meet him and share in the joy that grandchildren bring.
I stitched up some big floor pillows for her bedroom out of the cutest sheets
sold at The Company Store.  Princesses in every color standing in front of castles
and riding in fairytale coaches!
 Oh and how about these covered dishes? 
They are large, and I found out they are excellent for using in the 
courtyard at cookouts to keep the flies at bay.
I have three of these now, and they are fantastic!!
We have had a few small gatherings outdoors, and my system is that I use
a table set up next to the grill where I put all the plates and flatware, along
with the various (covered) dishes that have the food, and then grill the main
course.  Then I plate and serve my guests, all the while maintaining sanitizing.
Its been easy to keep social distances and enjoy each others company.
And those covered transferware tureens are awesome for holding the food.
 And one more darling blue and white addition, is this needlepoint pillow 
with the blue and white striped background, done in roses and a cute lab!  
I couldn't resist!

Its been a quiet summer so far,
but I am hoping to report on ground breaking for the lake house soon.
The well has been dug and installed and the final house plans are getting printed.
Next up will be the demolition and site work!
I promise to keep you posted~

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Courtyard Planters and French Daybed

Sprucing up the courtyard after the long winter has been underway for several weeks.
 A fresh coat of black paint was needed for a few scuff marks on the French doors,
and I decided to paint the iron urns, as they have been in their original rust
form ever since I got them.
 One on the left just painted, the one on the right still in ancient rust finish.
I was loving the look of the fresh black paint!
Valspar Duramax in Kettle Black was what I used for both the wooden doors and the iron urns. 
It is made for the outdoors and it was really nice to work with. (Not a sponsored post)
Look at how nice everything looked with a fresh coat of paint!
Pretty Piper and Sylvia posed for my Memorial Day flag Instagram post here.
 After trying to install a greenhouse in the courtyard and enduring an epic fail,
I was left with the wood landscape timber platform that was supposed to be the 
base for the greenhouse.  
The platform built for the briefly existing greenhouse....
Because it was chintzy and the wind took it away!!
Anyway,  instead of ripping it apart and removing all the stone,
the solution was to turn it into a destination spot~
 a raised platform for the French daybed and a pair of bistro chairs.
In the meantime the vegetable garden is underway up above in front of
the garden shed and I have to figure out how to get the water up there
in a more attractive manner.  In the meantime the new courtyard layout
is actually pretty nice, and we can have a number of people and still 
be able to practice social distancing easily!
The daybed  is decorated in a French bohemian style.
A mosaic birdhouse in pink adorns the ironwork.
We really enjoy gathering outdoors, and the weather has finally turned for 
the better.  This courtyard is really an entertaining solution right now
during this Covid 19 pandemic.  It hasn't been easy to isolate,
and we are looking forward to seeing loved ones in a safe way out here
during the summer months ahead.

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