Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Country French Winter Decorating

In the weeks before Thanksgiving I start adding what I call "Winter Decor". 
 It sets the mood for the holiday season, but stays away 
from too much of a Christmas feel.
So I like to add lights and some greenery with ribbons.
I switched out the summery white curtains for grey ruffled sheers.
And candles in the windows. Love those candles.
Old silver trays and accents look pretty with the grey and white theme.
Its simple and elegant and rustic.  
Layer silver plates and trays on top of each other.
Sprinkle faux snow or add more greenery or pinecones.
A vintage chicken wire urn gets a simple
treatment with a bunch of faux iced branches with pinecones.
Later on I will switch the centerpiece for something more Christmassy.
 In the living room there is greenery, lights and ribbon on the mantle.
Because I had my granddaughter over I pulled out a tiny tree.  
Undecorated it has a winter woodland effect. 
Later on after Thanksgiving, or close to it, I will embellish things with 
ornaments and make it more, more, more!!  I select ribbon based upon 
fabrics and colors in the room for a serene look.  My father, however,
 would be saying put on some RED ribbon!! He is a traditionalist.
 The small battery operated twinkle lights can give anything a magical feel.
A garden topiary form with grapevine that I found antiquing in Maine with my sister
was scooped up and brought home and put on my petite French desk.  Take a second look
at your garden accessories and bring them indoors and wrap them with lights! 
 There was one exception to the early Christmas, 
and its this tinsel tree with pink pearl garland
that is sitting on my gilded Florentine chest of drawers.  
Little pink velvet pumpkins nestled underneath will hang around 'til Thanksgiving. 
 Pink bottle brush stars with pearls ornament the drawers, 
all in an effort to enchant my little one.
 Reeve is now almost two and a half, and she is obsessed with all things Frozen.
Particularly Elsa!  We both love it, its the cutest movie, and now Frozen 2 is coming
out.  I love the Scandinavian clothes and set designs in the castle, its inspiring!
Hope this inspires you to get decorating your home so that when Thanksgiving is over,
you are ahead of the game and can enjoy decorating at a leisurely pace.

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