Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boston Store Info

 Maison Decor Boston
524 Harrison Avenue
Friday-Sunday 11-4
Closed Mon Tues Wed Thurs
On street parking, no meters 
on our side of the street.
Rustic~Vintage~French~Furnishings~Home Decor
Home of Annie Sloan™ Products
We stock all you need to get started painting~

Follow Justin's blog BRUSH AND PAIL
for the latest on whats happening in the store!
Or pick up where you left off with more supplies
and options for furniture and walls.
Whether you need to grab some paint,
or take home that perfect vintage sideboard,
dresser, or cabinet
We also offer custom paint services
for your own furniture pieces,
just call for a quote!
Come in and check out our latest offerings
as stock turns over quickly~
you can also see most of our 
furniture inventory online at
We offer custom painted furniture services
and hold monthly paint workshops.
 workshop schedule here
You will learn how to use the paint and wax~

What to expect when you visit our shop~
Examples and samples of what you can do
with furniture and paint, 
fantastic vintage furniture,
unique vintage home accessories,
one of a kind pieces, funky and fresh items~
And get awesome deals on great pieces.
We might have a Boston address, 
but we don't have those high Boston prices!
Check our online store
to see current furniture listings
and a partial listing of our home dec accessories.
We are so proud to bring Annie Sloan's
wonderful Chalk Paint™ to town~
 Come see how wonderful furniture can be
when given the Annie Sloan™ treatment!
Maison Decor in 
DESIGN New England Nov/Dec 

Maison Decor opening listed 


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Progression of Boston

 The raw space that I have been working with Colin and Justin~
making it into our little rustic French shop.
 We painted the end wall using Chalk Paint™ in a few different colors~
then started on the kitchen cabs.
Justin thought they should be Graphite and I agreed~
they would look great with the stencil on the sink skirt.
iphone pic quality~anyhow the black is very cool in here,
we put two Hitchcock chairs up on the display shelf~

 Hung up some of the sheer drapery panels...

Then I had to get back to running Maison Decor Malden,
and so Justin has been going in to Boston and setting up displays
while Colin runs in the loads...and it has been so wonderful to see him
come up with beautiful wall and table displays.
His creative talent is really blowing my mind....
wait til you see what he propsed today!
So keep reading...
Looking from the back to the front of the store at our first moments inside.
The big double doors and the window display area~
Justin decided to paint the double doors with 
traditional chalkboard paint by Rustoleum!
He painted all the green metal utility lights Graphite Chalk Paint
and then added King Gold gilding wax to them~
I still haven't seen it in person,
so I am just like YOU, watching it on my monitor and 
it is very exciting to see him create a space like this for us!

And on the doors he used our new Marker Ink pens and free handed 
this French script font he looked up on his iPhone!
Added a fleur de lis, and then the neat line with the french word for paint
How cool is that? So cool, said momma bear....
I ordered these on Amazon...I don't think they are in any local stores yet.
They are so neat and cool to write with on the board~
so crisp and sharp!
And on the other side of the double doors is Florence with gilding wax!
We just love how these doors came out!
The front looked like this two weeks ago....
To this~
Justin painted the beadboard under the window today~
it leads the eye up to the doors.
We have plenty left to do outside, but for now Florence
will guide our customers to us on Saturday!
so Good night Maison Decor Boston~until tomorrow....

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bustling in Boston~Maison Decor updates

 Its been a very hectic week with the big push to get the 
shop ready for its opening this Saturday!
Yesterday the front doors got finished with a coat of
 Florence Chalk Paint® and some gilding~
Before we got to the front doors we were busy working all weekend
on the interior~Justin is painting the cabinets in Graphite Chalk Paint®.
I had the burlap stenciled and ready to make into a sink skirt to hide 
the open area under the butcher block countertop~
we had draperies to hang on the window near the sink area too.
Mr. Maison Decor brought in some furniture for us and took a look around~
 Justin and Colin got to painting the front doors~
I couldn't stand them a minute longer!
 We started working up wall displays too~
 Colin snapped my pic~pay back for all the ones I have been taking of him!!
 Popped a little vignette in the window~
Its tremendously exciting because there is such brand recognition around 
here in the city! People are barging in
 through the doors and we aren't even open!
Brothers were painting back to back~
The finished result~I love this look!
524 Harrison Avenue Boston
 Tons more to do~Betsy Speert is giving me a huge cabinet
 to stock all the paint cans in, and we
will get that this week...then she said she would come 
over and work her magic!! Yippee~I am stressed out
 and losing weight, but we are almost at the finish line....
oh and I still have to finish my business plan, but that 
should be done today.  And to all my Mora clock customers, 
they are on schedule, so do not worry about delays in your orders.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fancy and Rustic finish Chalk Paint® project

 Its official~I really do love Chalk Paint®. 
The more I use it, the more things I seem to be able to 
do with it, and it turns me on!! 
This french desk is the perfect example~
Here is the photo my picker sent me~I loved it!
(not the wooden knobs though of course)
 Colin painted it in two coats of Old Ochre Chalk Paint~
Then I painted the drawers in Versailles.
Old Ochre is a great color, like a bone white. 
 Then Colin crackled the top surface~
we teach you the correct way to do this in our Intro classes.
He kept the mood light (as is his custom and style)
 Then I did a wash of Versailles across the top of the desk.
 At this stage it looked like this~
We wanted a rustic yet fancy finish~so the crackled is the rustic part
as is the Dark wax which is next. 
We planned to add a wash of Versailles in the leg detail area too.
Colin added a coat of dark wax on top of the desk top
 over the clear wax to bring out the crackled details.
 Brush it on and around and then rub it off...done.
 Now for the last step~!!!
 I applied King Gold Gilding Wax along the edges for a luxe look.
 Boy, does it deliver!!
We hit the edges of the hardware too.
 This desk is so elegant now...I just have to get some
 hardware for the center draw and it will be finished.
So that's the latest on this project~
I actually have two others that I am holding the lid on
 and will share later as we have our pants on fire running into
 Boston and getting the store all set up!
Its SUPER exciting and NERVE wracking! 
I plan to have a big margarita tonight!! 
Have a great weekend everybody!
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