Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My Country Home Magazine Feature

 Country Home magazine's April to July 2019 issue is featuring so many great 
country homes, and it is a big thrill to have mine included!  
The story is called "Aged to Perfection" and that is because my country house
is not an old country house, but a prefab that I "aged" with vintage decor accents.
 The photography was done by Duanne Simon, who shot all the homes
in Nora Murphy's best seller, Nora Murphy's Country House Style. 
The story in Country Home was written by Deb Engle who interviewed me 
over the phone for an hour.  She did a beautiful job capturing where my sense
of decorating comes from, and how together with my husband we did the various
DIY projects that changed our house into a "country home".
I have saved Country Home magazine issues from decades ago, as it
was one of my very favorite magazines when I was a young home maker 
and decorator.  I loved the way country decor could give my home 
personal style using older things, inherited things, and unique ways to present
decorating ideas using everyday items, like the cover above illustrates.
And here is a note of personal interest....
Covers from December 2005 and 2007                          
My pal Matthew Mead was a Style Editor for years at Country Home.
He was invited to work there by none other than country decorating icon 
Mary Emmerling!
Many of the magazines I saved had covers he created. 
  Its amazing to think of the points of connection I have with him,
and this is just one more, and it was before we had even met.
Little did I think he would take me to a party for Mary and I would close
out the night sitting on a couch with Mary and Matthew chatting away.
Another super cool thing is that Matthew Mead is working for Country Home
today for a Christmas feature for them.
Its like a freaky full circle moment over here!!
Looking at the list above of Country Home players in 2007,
 I noticed other recognizable names, including talented
Sandra Soria, who wrote my story when I landed the cover of
Romantic Country magazine in the Spring of 2017. 
 Sadly this magazine is no longer being published.  
Which brings me to suggest, if you like particular magazines, 
like Country Home, then please subscribe.
This will help keep a magazine in business, and the price for issues is so 
much less than buying off the shelf.  
The current issue should be in stores where magazines are sold any day now.
Subscribers always get their issues ahead of the stores, and that is how 
I got mine yesterday.  After texting my sister Ellen, 
she went shopping for it and said she couldn't find it anywhere....
and that is why.  So give it another week sis, and you will see it
at Lowes or Home Depot, or at your local drugstore or bookstore.
Then fill out that subscription card and get future issues delivered to your door!

Read about the night we went to Mary Emmerling's party in NYC here.


  1. Omg! Congrats, Amy. Can't wait to read the article. Enjoy your week!

  2. Hey Amy...Congratulations!!! I so remember years and years ago looking forward to the arrival of my Country Home magazine in my mailbox. Then they went away :( I so love the new publications now and will look forward to Matthew’s Christmas edition. I remember way back when looking forward to episodes of This Old House when Jean LemMon would decorate the interiors of several of their homes. I videotaped every episode and watched them over and over again....until my son taped over them to tape a soccer game. Talk about sparks flying in the house. Congrats again and looking forward to getting my copy!!

    1. Oh I don't think I ever saw those videos!! I remember Jean LemMon though, what a talent she was.

  3. Congratulations!! Country Home has always been a favorite of mine, and so have you! Love your evolving style and inspirational decorating blog.

  4. My Congratulations to you on the magazine feature in Country Home and as well as your Romantic Country feature from 2017! :D
    and it is kinda funny, that Life does appear to be rather circular.

  5. Congratulations! I will make sure to check out your article! I always had a subscription, it was my FAVORITE, but I thought it had ended!

    1. I know so many didn't realize it came back as a quarterly subscription!! Its such a great magazine! Thank you!

  6. Congratulations Amy!!! I will be watching for this to hit our newsstands soon. How is your low-carb lifestyle going? I want to let you know that, due in part to what you shared of your success in weight loss, I have now lost 24 pounds! I have another ten to go, but I am feeling soooo much better physically and mentally.

    1. Theresa that is amazing!!! I am doing well with 19 pounds at this point. So nice to read this, and thank you!


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