Thursday, September 30, 2010

Living a Happy Life

Funky Junk Donna asked us to post "all about me" stories...
not sure if this is ALL about me, 
but here is what I think shaped the person I am today:
I am the oldest sister, one of five kids 
and grew up happily  in the 60s and 70s...
I grew up traveling the world at age 5
 and living overseas because of my dad's job.
Our parents did a great job raising their kids.
We first moved to Brazil.
Our belongings were shipped via freight toys were finally here!
I've also been to the Coliseum in Rome....
and I've been to Tibet...
I lived in Pakistan for 2 years...
where we had elephant rides instead
 of pony rides at our birthday parties
 I also lived in Thailand for 3 years....
and sported a Mia Farrow hair cut. Ugh.
I visited the walled city of Jerusalem...
love those "60's" clothes.
and rode in rickshaws around Cambodian ruins...
I vacationed on the idyllic coast of Thailand.... 
 then finally went home to live in the States 
but toured Europe along the way (Copenhagen)...
Back in the good ol' USA in 1970!
Went to college and studied English and Art..
then married at age 21 
and fulfilled my dream of becoming a mom.
After 20 years my marriage had ended 
and I was embracing turning 40.
 Quite certain I had the happiest years of my life
 ahead of me, I lived my life,
 not waiting, just living.
An independent mother of 3 who was capable of starting over, 
not afraid of making mistakes, 
making a life for myself and my growing sons,
and still believing in the full happiness that was yet to come.
And so it was to be...
In 2007 I married Dave, Mr. Maison Decor. 
This partnership has brought out the best in me. 
I can't say enough about being with someone who "gets you", 
who is kind and generous and secure in themselves 
so that they can be a full and loving partner. 
 I also cannot stress enough that if you have the belief 
that you are going to find yourself in a better place, 
just go forward and believe in that. 
It will happen.
The thing that defines me most is my ability to embrace change.
 Moving around a lot as a young person
 gave me that ability and it is the thing I value most. 
It negates the fear that hinder most of us.
Problem solving, counselling, mothering, leading, partnering 
and home making are my other assets. 
My job doesn't enter the equation when I define myself, 
so I haven't put that into this essay.
 Although true to admit
 I am good at what I do and 
that I get pleasure from my job as a designer.
 I consider myself lucky to have been able to trust myself
 to go in the direction that gave me the biggest payoff~
living a happy life. 

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you ready for fall?

Its officially fall. 
The summer is over and the wreaths will
 be changed out for starters.
I always start my decorating with my front door, do you?
I layered two wreaths together, the first one is a twig wreath that
 hung here in the summer with a floral wreath ring layered on top. 
I kept the twig wreath and then added a faux bittersweet wreath
A length of sheer rust and orange plaid 
wired ribbon was knotted into a bow.
 A few fall leaves with gold glitter were
 tucked in between the wreath's branches.

I like the wildness of the twig wreath
 with the branches sticking out in a spiral.
I popped a few fall colored leaf sprays
 with berries into the black urns.
I prefer a few touches of fall color~
I don't go overboard with decorating for fall. 
I hate to see summer go I guess....
From my door I still spy the roses and zinnias in my garden,
 and the hydrangeas blooming profusely.
So summer comes inside with me....
I'm not quite ready for fall. 
The garden will tell me when it really is fall, 
but in the meantime I'll get my wreath up...
and try to embrace fall.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Divine Cream and Beige

A recent visit to Martha's Vineyard found me here~
let me share my favorite things...
this high backed sofa done in stenciled motif with mirror cloth pillows
 companion wing chair
An industrial zinc topped side table
a farmhouse bench with linen cushion
a greige chest of drawers
a pair of spooled leg bar stools
burlap and nailhead trim detail
stenciled coffee themed lamp shade 
 drool worthy teardrop chandelier
my favorite item in the shop~
  this French tufted bed in beige linen
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Friday, September 24, 2010

RUE Magazine Party and Design Stars!

 I was invited to RUE!!
 This blurry shot of the Empire State building was taken 
by me as I hobbled along on 3" high heeled booties to the 
exciting premier launch party of RUE magazine
 at the New York Design Center! 
The streets were blocked from a United Nations convey
 and all the secret service buzzing by in Escalades.
 We had to exit the cab and hoof it to the party 
over one mile in those damn heels.
Caitlin Flemming, Anne Sage, 
Alaina Kaczmarski, Crystal Gentilello.
  This picture is from Alaina's blog and shows all the 
RUE girls together.
The first person I saw was lovely Alaina, one of Rue's editors. 
 I apologized for being late and blamed the bloody stumps that used to be my feet.
 She sent me and hubs over to the champagne station!
The first person I met there I thought I knew
 because he looked so familiar.
Then it hit me, it was Michael Moeller, the Design Star finalist!
Michael was so charming and handsome IRL. 
We talked about his friendships
 with the other design star contestants
and his famous glass room design concept.
 Later he told me and Mr. Maison Decor 
where to get a steak after the party! 
Thanks Michael~it was great.
Are you kidding me?
 I went over to say hi to Tamara Stephenson from NestNestNest 
and suddenly noticed who was right behind us....EDDIE ROSS!
The stars were out in force for RUE!
I got to talk to Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar
 about design stuff!
And about junking at Salvation Army! 
Pinch me again! They are junkers too.
I told him all about my Lillian August sofa
 that I grabbed for $300. 
They confirmed I got a huge deal. 
I promised to take them with me when they come to Bean town.
Offer still stands guys!
We talked about blogging too~it was very inspiring.
 I told them about @dunesandduchess 
and their fabulous candelabras. 
Those candelabras seem so "Eddie"....

This is from his latest blog post...
isn't this just a brilliant use of color, 
fabric and accessories to tell a story?
I could picture the black candelabra on the desk. Yes?
Tamara and I shared a few moments. 
She brought her hubs and I brought mine so they 
would have someone to hang out with at the "designer event".

 I do look a bit disheveled especially next to Tamara...
hello people!?? 
I just walked over a mile in heels.
I don't have any practice doing that...and 
so much for wearing the right outfit--what was I thinking?
A turtleneck to a glamour event! LOL
That's a true Bostonian for you!
Wow! "Hi Dan"! 
Dan Faires was on Design Star too!
I loved him because he was so good helping
 everyone out with his use of tools. 
I told him I was good at using tools too 
so we would have been the perfect team.
Dan agreed. 
His beautiful wife may have thought otherwise.
Rhoda from Southern Hospitality snapped this picture 
of Mr. MD and Dan listening intently to my design opinions!
Dan was really nice ~and maybe I wasn't under dressed after all.
Jonathan Legate was one of the design bloggers at the party. 
I loved his lapel flower. The room was abuzz of design chat.
You can see Emily in the background cutting through the room.
I already had my chance to gab with Emily, 
and she was in demand!
When you're a celebrity everyone wants a piece of you!
This party was all about celebrating RUE.
The collage is from the blog Decor8.
Look at the gorgeous images.
The brainchild of bloggers, this online magazine is terrific..
and not to be missed.
This party was a real taste of design life in New York!!
Designers everywhere you looked, 
beautiful surroundings at the Design Center,
 lots of champagne,
 and swollen feet.

Thanks for the invitation RUE and special thanks to Alaina~
you were incredibly welcoming and sweet and we
wish you all the success with RUE.

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