Saturday, May 18, 2019

Spraying my Patio Furniture Pink

Think PINK!
Pink Patio Furniture!
 Pink is really "in" right now for home decor.
It turned out to be very charming and whimsical in pink.
This set is a vintage wire furniture set called Peacock style and 
it is from the 1970s.  It was in its original white ( with now rust)
finish when hubs found it for me, and it was time to freshen it up.
 Not the easiest thing to paint, but that didn't stop me.
And hubs helped by scraping the table down, as that was covered in flaking
and peeling paint. 
I used cans of Rustoleum Candy Pink, a new color.
It took about two cans per chair, and at least two cans for the table.
 I laid a plastic drop cloth over the rock wall in the yard and on the ground and 
painted the chairs front and back and upside down. This paint takes a while to dry,
and being impatient, I just grabbed the tacky/wet chairs and turned their position to 
keep on painting and get the job finished. I did one coat the first day, and then the second 
day I painted them again to get any spots I missed and a second coat over most of it,
with pretty good results. 
 However, even though I shook the paint can for the recommended time it would spray
out various shades of pink.  At first I was freaked but then though, hey this is pretty cool!
It has an ombre look overall, in a subtle way that is appealing to me.
A tremendous amount of the paint goes right through all the wire
design and onto the drop cloth. There is no way around that...
 One thing you must do is to buy this handle by Rustoleum.
It attaches to the spray nozzle of the can and then you 
can spray for hours without any hand cramping or finger paralysis. 
 This is pretty much completed....
now on to making pink Sunbrella cushions for 
my Martha Stewart outdoor wicker set.  Yup. You heard me right.
One last thing....while I was at Lowes buying the paint
I saw Country Home magazine on the rack! This is the issue
that features my home, so don't miss it!!

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Curbside Find: A set of Louis XVI French Chairs

 In a bizarre and fortunate twist of fate, there is an update to the story of how I found this
one French chair in front of someone's house waiting for the trash truck. I scooped it up and felt 
very lucky indeed.  Fast forward almost one year to the day, I was driving by the same house
and what astonishing sight to my eyes did appear??
 Four more of the chairs that matched the original curbside treasure I hauled away!
How could this be? It was truly amazing, and even though I was driving my mother in law's 
small Ford Fusion, and not my pickup truck, I lurched to the curb and jumped out.
It was tricky to stuff all four chairs into such a small car, and I was glad I didn't have the baby or any
dogs with me, as they all just barely fit.  Now they are safely ensconced in a storage trailer waiting
to be reupholstered and restored for our lake house (that has not been built yet, haha).
 So the pondering began....what did I want the chairs to look like, and what did I think 
the lake house decor would look like?  The general idea in my mind is to have it be more cottage
style than French style, so the right fabric and finish on the frame would be critical to the look.
For over a year I have been admiring the fabrics designed by Paula Arndt, of LilyOake on Spoonflower.  Paula has created a bunch of designs fit for an updated Swedish cottage look which could work perfectly.
One of my favorites is this small check in a color called faded blueberry.
I brought in a chair and taped the sample to the back. Maybe I will have a coordinating fabric
on the front of the chair with the check on the seat and the back.  Lots to think about,
and it is one of the most pleasant parts of decorating....the pondering.

To give you an idea of how it could look, take a peek at 
Ballard Designs, with a similar French chair in a painted finish
with a gingham or checked fabric.  

But gasp, look at the price!  It would cost $2296 for five chairs
finished in this fabric and finish.  Right now the base chair is on 
sale for $399, still a fortune compared to FREE on the curb and the 
cost of a yard and a half of fabric per chair.

You could pay that for a set of 6 real antique French chairs on first dibs!

These were a few of my very favorite fabrics.  I have learned over the years 
as a window treatment designer and interior decorator that checks and stripes will
always stay in favor with a homeowner over a floral or patterned fabric.
And I plan to have these chairs for a very long time....
Even so I love the Lily of the Valley pattern, as that is a flower I adore, and 
one rarely seen in fabrics and wallpaper.

So the solution is easy....put that darling pattern on a ballroom chair and 
I can have my cake and eat it too!! 

Read about the day I found the first French chair here.

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