Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Mirror for the Vanity

 An old mirror that once belonged to a dresser has found a home on my vanity.
I love the shape of this pretty mirror.
My friend Bridget, from the blog Rehab Boutique, also has a shabby store in NH.
She sent an email out with some of her wares and that is where I spied this mirror.
I had her measure it for me and then I tried to visualize how it would sit and look.
Pretty sure it would be just right, hubs and I drove up yesterday to get it.
Visualizing is a big part of being a decorator...
I am happy to say that I visualized correctly!
 I am considering re-doing it in a silver finish, but for now it has the shabby treatment.
I am over the moon with this new addition, and the price was right too!
Sweet and feminine and just right, don't you think?
It appears to make the alcove space wider.
An old mirror meets a new table to give this bathroom vintage appeal.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine Banners and Shabby Chic Fabric

 This heart banner was inspired by a banner I saw at Cindy's Romantic Home.
Mine are kind of the easy short cut to her version, but pretty none-the-less.
 Scrapbook paper in pastels cut out into hearts with a 
Martha Stewart scalloped edge cutter gizmo.
 Threaded with sheer gold ribbon through two holes on each side of the hearts
What a simple project for a romantic look for the holiday
By the way,
I am testing out this Shabby Chic fabric I bought for my master bedroom 
makeover project, but I think I will use it downstairs.
I love this fabric! 
It is a lightly glazed cotton chintz with clusters of pink roses and taupe leaves.
I really like it with the grey walls and blue chairs.
Not sure where this old fashioned fabric will go yet.
I had so much fun making this sweet little banner, I made some others.
One for my mantel in the living room in all the same pattern of pinks and pale reds.
These hearts are a smaller version of the one in the dining room.
It makes me smile.
One for my kitchen window in blues and soft browns. 
A simple banner that says Happy Valentine's Day!
Now go over and check out where my inspiration came from
Isn't it lovely?
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Friday, January 28, 2011

His and Hers Chandeliers in Blue

His and Hers Chandeliers
Adding a little romance to the master bathroom
Painted pale aqua blue
Soft and sweet and shabby
Ordering things online is tricky because
 you can't tell exactly how it will look in real life. 
Turns out these baby chandeliers were too shiny and bright for my taste. 
I was a bit disappointed and had to come up with a plan.
I decided they would be blue chandeliers.
I planned to use the same color as my linen panel.
While Mr. Maison Decor was hanging my chandeliers,
 I was just staring at how white and shiny they were. 
They came with a lot more crystals but I hated the gold connectors.
I like the old iron looking ones...because I like old chandeliers~
but the price was right so I was going to figure out how to get a look I could live with.
This is the image from
It looks pretty cute here! Oh well...
 The candles were very brown so I painted them ivory 
and added a metallic champagne color to the wax drips.
I removed all of the strings of crystals because the gold links 
were overpowering, and just left a few crystal drops.
The pale matte blue paint turned beast into beauty.
As for my pretty dressing table, I am on the lookout for a vanity chair.
So for now one of my dining room chairs has taken flight up here!
One question though, should the wicker chair stay or go?
It was on its way out, but now I am not so sure...
I scooped up a few yards of pale aqua linen to cover the cushions
if the chair is right but the rose print too overpowering.
What would you do with this chair?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pink Hearts, Cards and Roses

 When February comes near, my mind goes straight to Valentine's Day!
I started decorating a tad for this holiday.
Pink roses and a beautiful card with a heartfelt sentiment from my true love~
that is my desire for Valentine's Day
 This vintage valentine came from my 90 year old neighbor Evelyn's estate sale.
I got 3 tiny valentines that day and they are very special to me.
Roses, roses and more roses.. 
I pull out fabrics and linens that remind of valentine's day,
like this linen checkerboard with cabbage roses.
I threw a layer of white lace underneath to make it even more romantic.
This year I made a valentine tree out of metal chippy pink hearts
and hung them from winter white branches.
 Soft and simple and so easy.
 I save all of my romantic and special cards, and then display them 
when the time comes around again.
Every year I get to enjoy them all over again. 
 I think they look so pretty gathered together.
They remind me of our years together so far, and our loving life.
Two of my vintage valentines sit on top of the bucket holding the tree.
 Sometimes I make my cards....
but when I buy them I am attracted to glitter and mushy words.
This yellow and pink teapot feels valentiney to me!
The little blue bird card is my favorite valentine from Mr. Maison Decor~so far.
It has tiny pearls on it, and the most romantic words inside.
He is one romantic guy and tells me every day how much he loves me.
I know I am lucky...and he picks out nice cards too!
Pinks of all shades, I love them all.
Pops of pink all over the room!
Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
I'll be posting more on one of my favorite times of year.
Until next time~
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