Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Lakehouse kitchen cabinets

Our lake house plan is finally at the finish line!
 The process of building a modular home is very different than 
building a custom home with an onsite construction crew.
With modular builds, you select almost every single thing in the house, from
the kitchen and bathroom cabinet style and color, the countertops, door styles,
trim for the baseboard and ceilings, the staircase elements, lighting and windows.
This home has been completely customized and will arrive on flat bed trailers,
then put together like giant building blocks with all of the cabinets
 and sinks and lights already installed! 
The kitchen cabinet style and color is shown above in an image
taken from Merrilat Cabinet's website.  Because we are having taller ceilings
than the "standard" ceiling height of 8', we will have most of the cabinets stacked
to ceiling height.   Below you can see my notes with the kitchen I designed 
for the lake where I added the top row of cabinets on one side of the kitchen.
Merrilat has a great kitchen cabinet design feature where you can put together your
dream kitchen.  A Swedish style plate display rack was on my list among other things.
On the opposite side of the kitchen there is a bank of cabinets that will function as a secondary
station for microwave, food storage, coffee making, trash cabinet, pots and pans cabinet 
and a bookcase for cookbooks. All the cabinets are maple in a painted white finish. 
A kitchen by East Hill Cabinetry shows some double stacked cabinets with some glass front cabinets.
Our kitchen will be open to the main room overlooking the lake similar to this, but we will have a peninsula with the sink and bar stools creating a separation while still affording the view of the lake.
A kitchen by Julie Williams Design shows white painted cabinets to the ceiling but the ceilings
are lower so no room for stacking.  My cabinets will be 42" with another 12" cabinet stacked 
to take advantage of extra storage space.  I am only having one large glass front cabinet for putting
some of my transferware on display. The others will all be solid front cabinets so I can stuff them 
with my various random collections for holiday dinners etc. I know some people have lots of
glass fronts, but I know mine need to be more for utilitarian storage than for beauty storage. 
And while I have been designing the house I also have been imagining the details of the various spaces.
 I saw a mirror at a local auction house and thought it would be perfect for the powder room bathroom. 
It has an elegant cottage look to it as if it once lived in a grand lake house. 
This antique AntebellumVictorian mirror with its painted floral crest and
 faux bois finish with gilded morning glories was just the ticket to give our new house some soul. 
Flanked  with modern golden bronze sconces, its the mix of old and new that I find super appealing.
That is why I love antiques and decorating with them. You won't see this mirror anywhere else...
Our lake house will be a blend of new and old and I can't wait to see it all 
come together and share it with you on my blog.  

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