Friday, January 19, 2018

Purple Transferware Lamps

Hello hello hello!  
Happy to be back in blog land after a nice respite. A happy holiday season is in the books for 2017.  Unlike many bloggers, I try to blog only when feeling inspired about something I want to write about it.  Bleak weather is certainly uninspiring, and many of us in New England have learned the art of hunkering down for a few months.  Hibernation? Yes, it feels like that, especially in January after the Christmas tree and the twinkling lights are all packed away.  With a stretch of winter ahead of us, I tend to get into cooking, and reading, and more quiet pursuits that don't involve leaving my nest.  Decorating takes a back seat to everything, but recently I got a tip from a friend about a pair of lamps that were up for auction on an online site. Purple transferware lamps to be exact.  While my collection of purple transferware has bordered on an obsession, I have come to a place where I only want to collect the rarer and more special pieces of transferware.  
A pair of lamps in purple transferware?  I had never seen such a thing,
and so I was definitely interested. Bidding  on the Everything But the House website 
was a first for me.  As you can see, I prevailed and the pair of lamps arrived well
packed and in fabulous condition.  They are a pattern match to some of the transferware I 
own, a pattern called Tonquin, by Royal Staffordshire designed by the artist Clarice Cliff.
They set on reticulated brass bases with brass finials.  A pair of lampshades were 
purchased at the local big box store in a silvery grey, to complement my home.
Not sure where they will end up going, but for now I have them in the 
living room on either end table next to the sofa.  Winter is also a good time
to think of what to do for the spring and summer, and its also a good time to
get indoor projects done.  Of course I am babysitting my darling little Reeve several
days a week, so that helps the winter fly by as well.  But as far as projects go,
my darling dog Piper decided to dig her claws into the arm of the sofa slipcover
and so a new slipcover is in order.  Winter is a good time to get a sizable sewing 
project finished before the good weather beckons.
Of course my dogs have dog beds and kennels, but when my back is 
turned they think its great fun to race in circles around the big trunk
coffee table, up onto the sofa, then spring off onto the carpet and round 
again they go.   Hence a torn slipcover.  I made it twelve years ago, and it
has stood the test of time and many launderings....but it couldn't withstand 
a girl dog named Piper. 

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