Thursday, March 31, 2011

Josephine's French Cottage

I was recently servicing a blind at a client's home~Josephine is her name.
Wallpaper has been on my brain lately as you may know
and look what was in Josephine's kitchen.
 Decoupaged wallpaper on her fridge!
I quickly asked if I could take a picture of it thinking
I shall use this idea somewhere, someday.
 A pair of sub-zeros with french wallpaper cut out into a custom design.
Josephine had a talented young designer, Anthony Catalfano,
 do this way back in 1993! 
Anthony has gone onto huge success and Josephine felt lucky to have his talents
working on her home when he first started out.
He designed pretty window treatments 
for her in a sunny yellow and blue color scheme.
Josephine offered to give me a tour of her home
as she saw how much I was enjoying this.
  I was most happy to accept.
However I only had my iPhone to capture these images,
so fair warning that photo quality is inconsistent.
The cabinets seem to be a yellow lacquer finish.
Wallpaper in a blue and white trellis found on the fridge
continues along the soffit area.
 I adored this cute white iron chandelier.
She used to keep cookies in here when her grandkids were little.
 This is the back entry with the pretty Stark rugs. 
It connects to the kitchen, garage, laundry area and powder room.
 A pretty painted Anthony.
 Cottage floral wallpaper on the walls and the ceiling! 
A matching window valance too.
 This is a very old dish that belonged to Jospehine's mother. 
It caught my eye right away~isn't it sweet?
 Happy colors and a sweet floral envelopes the space.
This is the laundry area. 
More wallpaper, and look up at the ceiling!
It has a ribbon detail along the perimeter.
Another pretty valance with a pencil pleat header.
 These two stunning blue and white platters hang on the wall in the back hall.
In my house they would be center stage!
 The blue and white platters tie in with the blue and white
 porcelain motif of the fabric.
 Next Josephine took me into the living room.
 She has the most amazing cabinet in a lime washed pine,
 all decorated with carvings~so french!
I wish I had a better picture of this cabinet.

 The detail on the cabinet was incredible.
Josephine has great taste I have to say.
This cabinet is filled with the things she collects and loves,
 and she told me about many of them.
 I was taken with the color of that aqua vase.
Her son-in-law glued it back together as it had broken.
That is what I would have tried to do, it is so beautiful.
 I collect tiny limoges boxes too so it was fun to look through her collection.
Two darling hearts, one says YOU and the other says ME. 
Her living room is soft peach and blue. 
The walls and trim paint job have a hand finished technique that my
camera doesn't show. This room just glows.
A peachy tufted pouf! 
Petite fireside sitting area for a petite lady.
 French touches are everywhere you look.
 These gilded french chairs were one of my favorites.
 Josephine had the most glorious fabrics on her upholstery and draperies.
Even the alabaster lamps wore shades with exquisite details.
Notice the petite trim in just the right colors.
She was told this lamp was made by Tiffany.
 It is very old and is only about 10" tall and it is exquisite.
 The graceful foyer has the most modern looking 
wallpaper in a peach and white geometric
with a pearlized touch in the design. 
Can you believe this is 17 years old?
 Everything was catching my eye..including this lovely wall sconce.
This gilded sconce with a cherub blowing his horn
 was selected by her husband I believe she said.
 Josephine has jauntily hung a tassel off the scrolled arm~
I love it!
 A camel stool with the most beautiful colored paisley fabric sits by the front door.
 A foyer console table and mirror in ivory and gold greets guests as they come in.
Just as I was about to leave, she invited me to view her private quarters! 
Yes~I would love to see more!
Most of these pictures have interior lights on, so it is hard to see the true colors.
This bedroom is fit for a queen, come look at some details.
You are lucky to be able to look in here, 
as I am the only visitor she has ever invited into her private space!
I loved everything I saw.
Her bedding was all custom made in pink moire with a scalloped tasseled edge.
And ruffled pillow shams~you know I love ruffles.
 Yes, she has a gorgeous french bed.
 I am just dying over this bed, I love it!!!
 Gorgeous pink draperies with the floral wallpaper in pinks and blues.
Am I saying gorgeous too much....?
What would the room be without a classic french armoire?
 A walk-in dressing room in ribbons and bows!
Custom cabinetry for all a ladie's needs. 
 A hallway niche with an antique dressing table. 
I cannot believe my!
Isn't this carved dressing table a masterpiece? 
Josephine says this table is quite old. I believe it!
Her little pouf stool is covered with an antique piece of lace~so french!
That, my friends, is the end of this French Cottage Tour. 
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did~
even though 4 decades on the time clock separate me and Josephine,
I swear we could have been twins!
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wallpaper Giveaway

I am totally, insanely in love with this damask wallpaper.
 Wall paper is back in a big way.
 So, I am having a giveaway celebrating my 600 followers mark!
Do you remember how I found this lovely wallpaper on eBay?
One double roll was all it took to transform my cabinet.
My china cabinet with wallpapered interior.
This was all done with one double roll of wallpaper for less than $30!
I had so much fun I quickly found another wallpaper project.
 I purchased some faux tin ceiling wallpaper and did my laundry room over.
My readers went over to D.Marie's and bought out
 the entire stock of this wallpaper after seeing how this turned out.
Both the tin and the french classical papers came from 
I sent them a link to my blog to show off my projects and they loved what they saw.
I asked if they would like to sponsor a giveaway on my blog~
and the answer was yes!
The people behind the company:
Betsy, the owner, and Shannyn, her part time employee run this 
neat company out in Washington near the Cascade Mountains.
Betsy's wallpaper warehouse is nestled in the foothills
 of the mountains on her gorgeous property. 
She bought this company when her girlfriend decided to sell.
Betsy thought it sounded like fun, and took over the now blossoming company.
Betsy has a horse and two dogs, along with a  hubs, and two grown kids.
She is an accomplished quilter who now devotes her time to running this business.
Shannyn came on board to help Betsy out.
 She is a young mom of 4 kids
who loves color and pattern and helping people decorate....
when she is not at the helm of family life which involves
 taking her 3 sons to baseball games and junior rodeo events,
 and doing mother-daughter things to balance 
out the heavy testosterone ratio in the family!
I loved finding out who is really behind the scenes of this company.
These two women are like so many of us in blogland,
balancing business and family life.
The ceiling BEFORE
The ceiling AFTER
It only took one double roll of wallpaper at the cost of $27
to give my laundry room a million dollar look.
What inspiring things can you do with wallpaper?
The giveaway is a $40 credit to buy any wallpaper you want at 
Go over and take a look around and see what strikes your fancy.
For three chances to win:
Leave a comment here on what wallpaper project you plan on doing.
Leave another comment here if you follow this blog.
Post this giveaway on your sidebar for another entry to win.

The giveaway will be announced on April 5th!

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