Friday, December 13, 2013

Painted Upholstery with Chalk Paint and a Pearl Plaster Croc Top!

 We have had quite a few fun projects in the shop lately.
One was painting a set of 6 chairs for Kim.
They were sturdy and in nice condition but were dated 
with shiny gold jacquard fabric and a tired brown wood frame.
With the interesting top we decided to add a French motif
with a stencil to the back of each chair.
The fabric was painted in a 50/50 mix of French Linen and 
Old White Chalk Paint, and the stencil was 100% French Linen.
The wood frame was painted with Paris Grey Chalk Paint 
with both clear and dark wax for a nice antique look.
 After the fabric was painted it was waxed with 
Annie Sloan soft clear wax that was 
thinned out with mineral spirits and applied with a wax brush.
 The wood frame was buffed up to a 
nice lustre a day or so after waxing.
You can see the before fabric here.  We painted the frames
first. Then went onto the fabric.  We ended up doing three coats of
paint, each coat was applied using a wet brush (with water) so as
to lighten the weight of the paint.  That is why it needs 3 coats.
If you don't water it down, it could be too heavy for the fabric and 
you can get cracking.  We painted each coat a day apart.
Painting good solid chairs with decent upholstery is a nice option over 
needing to pay an upholsterer. Be warned that you will use quite a bit of 
paint, we used one quart per two chairs. Fabric soaks up the paint,
unlike painting wood, where Annie's paint goes a long way.
Still all in all, its a great value to repurpose your chairs using Chalk Paint.
This little chest has not sold, so when that happens, we tend to rethink it
and try something else out.  I thought about switching the hardware out,
but ended up giving it the Pearl Plaster treatment with that fabulous CROC stencil
we sell in the shop.  It is a very cool stencil! Push the Pearl Plaster through it
and you have the most amazing looking crococile top on your piece!
I think it will be finished tomorrow with the wax job in clear and dark.
To purchase Pearl Plaster or the CROC stencil CLICK HERE



  1. Oh so pretty! Love the Croc Look and the painted chairs!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I love the chairs and I've painted a few upholstery pieces with chalk paint. They turn out wonderful and you are right it sure beats the cost of hiring an upholsterer.
    Love the croc look on the chest.
    You always amaze me with your talent. I'm so glad that your shop is doing well.


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  4. Painting upholstered chairs is crazy amazing.
    They look fabulous.

  5. I love everything you do. Happy Holidays!

  6. The chairs and the chest turned out amazing. I just did a sofa that I will be posting about as soon as I have time to get my pictures in order. I was so happy with the results. In fact if I had had some chalk paint in my home the day of the tour I think I could have sold a boat load of it!

  7. Amy I love the crocodile a Royal Design Studio piece?
    The Arts by Karena

  8. Oh I see it in your shop Amy!
    The Arts by Karena

  9. That is crazy cool that you can paint the fabric like that! and i LOVE the stencil on the back! I'm sooo trying this!



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