Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rough Luxe Style

 Rough Luxe.  
This decorating term might be getting overused lately
and for those of you who haven't heard about Rough Luxe, it simply means
combining two styles~luxury with rustic.  
Its a winning combination in home decor as it is an easy
way to have your fancy things in a room without having the formality.
We love antique mirrors and chandeliers to add a little glamour
and sparkle to a room. We are all for great reproductions as well.
The chandelier above came out of a Boston estate on Marlborough Street,
while the starburst mirrors are reproductions.  
These elements are both on the "luxe" end of Rough Luxe.
 To add a little "rough" we paired our mirrors and chandelier 
with a jute rug in a chic herringbone pattern,
underneath a linen settee with an aged wood finish and metal nail heads.  
A French gathering basket sits on the settee holding a bunch of dried lavender.
 One last accessory is the reclaimed wood beam end tables, custom made for our shop
by a Maine craftsman.  Putting it all together gives this shop vignette Rough Luxe style.
Look around your home to see what rustic elements you can mix with your fancier
pieces, and you too can be at the head of the decorating curve.
This wonderful mix of Rough Luxe style 
is taken off of one of my Pinterest boards. 
 If the table was a traditional style finished wood table, 
it would be a lovely, but standard room of nice looking pieces.
But by adding the big distressed table, 
it creates a feeling of excitement and style in a big way.
We are excited to offer these wonderful 100% premium jute rugs
 in different sizes in our store in Reading Mass and
 online in our Home Decor section at
 From 4x6, 6x9, 8x10 and runners too with value pricing from $85-$265. 
Create your Rough Luxe style starting from the ground up!
 Roll up those oriental rugs and refresh your living spaces. 
You will love the result!

Chandelier, Settee and Starbursts all found in both our
store and online as well. 
To read more about our stenciled wall click here.



  1. Oh wow, gorgeous! I love it! Your wall with the starbursts and settee and chandy all combined is exquisite. Those wood beam tables are crazy cool too! I love that big old rough table in the one photo with the incredible chandelier... I haven't even heard the term rough lux, but i think i love the look...


  2. So stunning..I love this look and always have, the jute rugs are also are amazing Amy! Always something gorgeous to love here.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I love this look! The wall medallions against that gorgeous wallpaper is so glam.
    Love everything that you do.


  4. Great post, Amy. Everything looks beautiful-the juxtaposing of rough against refined times. Love it. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Love seeing posts from you- xo Diana

  5. Good morning, Amy.
    I love this style... in fact, this is the look I am trying to achieve in our tiny cottage.
    Simply gorgeous!

  6. I love rough luxe! Glad to see it is a "new" style. Makes it easier for me in our old farmhoue with classic style and Chinese antique furniture. I feel like I'm back in style!! can't get my WP org address accepted.


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