Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Potpourri

We have been busy lately unloading tractor trailers that have delivered
home furnishing and accents to us from our trip to the Atlanta Market.  
Lots of moving stuff around and creating new vignettes in the shop.
Same thing happens when we sell a large piece of furniture.  The area
gets a makeover.  I find that very fun, and what has been really more fun
than me doing it, is watching Justin do it!  
He is just a natural at display.
(and yes his eyes are really that blue!)
This photo above Justin's pic is the after photo when he finished 
incorporating all the new goodies and the photo below is a recent before.
Both are nice, but then we got more product delivered, and he was the 
guy who put it all together.  Its just like doing your own house,
when you want to freshen it up  occasionally with new accessories,
but here at the shop, we have to reinvent things all the time.
See how there is less stuff here?
More stuff looks good in a shop, not so much in a home.
Justin whipped up our antique gilt frame chalk board with some chalk art.
The chalk boards have drawn a lot of interest, 
and I think its because they are the real deal.
We plan to offer these oversized antique chalkboard frames so if you are interested
let us know and we will put you on a list as we will be getting these oversized frames
from various sources (the big ones are hard to find).
 You can have first dibs on refusal or right to purchase when we get
these fabulous pieces in the shop.
With all the snow recently it has given me time to take on another
paint project.  This is a drop front french desk that I fell in love
with despite its need for a little TLC before painting.
Normally I don't pick pieces that need fixing up, but this one
was calling my name~so I added a little wood filler to repair some surface
issues to the drop front section of the desk.
 Its gonna be a custom job all right!  Lots of ideas in my head, 
and I decided to go for a rustic look based on a desk image 
I saw online. After painting a base coat of 
Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, 
I did a coat of Artisan Enhancements Easy Crackle.  
This would create texture and work to 
create the old world finish I had in mind.
We sell both Chalk Paint and Artisan products online and in our shop
if you are looking for them.
You can see the Easy Crackle drying up 
after I applied it with a stippling motion over the paint. 
I didn't put it everywhere, just a bit here and there.
 After it dried I did another coat of Graphite, followed by some washing with a 50/50 mix 
of French Linen and Old White. That is when the Easy Crackle texture started to appear
and I was well on the way to that glorious rustic Gustavian finish I was trying to achieve.
Next would be the interior....
source unknown
This is the inspiration photo that made me want to make it nice and rustic.
Its still beautiful but its rustic painted finish makes it stand out in a nice way.
This was the desk I recently finished for a client in not such a rustic way.
It has the antique look achieved with dark waxing, but it is more polished
looking than the French desk I am currently working on.  Now sorry to leave you
hanging, but I will be back with the finished result soon.
I posted a during photo on Facebook and was contacted by someone
who may be interested in purchasing it and they would like to 
select their own color for the interior.  So if the sale goes through,
the interior will be as much a surprise to me as it will be to you!
I hope you all had a nice Valentines weekend.
It was also my birthday weekend, as it falls the day after Valentines Day.
My hubby took me out for dinner on V-day and we had a bit of fun
dressing up in our cowboy stuff on this cold and blustery night.
I am lucky to have found this guy~he is truly the best partner for me
and I try to never take him for granted.  We will be marking our tenth
year together this April!  That coupled with a mid milestone birthday for me
has me trying to make the most out of every day.  Not sure why that is~
a big birthday or a big event just makes you more aware of what is 
special I think.  I spent part of my birthday at an auction, which is
one of my very favorite things to do! 
Check out this Empire table!
 It would be wonderful in a hallway or a living room as
a library kind of piece.  Piled up with books and magazines, 
a basket to catch the daily mail, and then put a cool lamp on top!
  Wow! I can see it in my minds eye!
 It has a drawer that blends in with the
 top molding so you can hide papers inside.
 It is solid as a rock with great chunky lines.
 You will see a few other neat pieces of 
furniture coming into the shop as well as a big french piece I bought for 
our house!  I will have to paint it and do a big reveal~so stay tuned!
I am also trying to do a bit of a living room makeover, but 
am not finding the time to get as many changes as I would like.
Some new pillows and some art prints have been added,
as well as a new sisal carpet, which I really love.
However our room is a bit too small, and it is giving me a challenge on
the floor plan.  So just like anyone, decorating can be fun but 
it also can be frustrating.  Thinking  now I might need to purchase a pair
of matching arm chairs to sit across from the sofa.  But all of this
decorating dilemma will be addressed in upcoming posts, so you can 
chime in on what you think works and doesn't.
I love getting free advice!

For paint and home decorative accessories,
Annie Sloan workshops and more click on our link below.



  1. Hi Amy!!!
    Love it all--the large sunburst mirror is gorgeous.
    Prior to our move we had an entire empire dining room set and it was incredible. Unfortunately it just wouldn't work in our new house. Your empire table is great and will make some new owner very happy!
    Happy V day and Birthday! Can't believe your fur coat has a hood!!!! L.O.V.E. (check out my chandy in my most recent post-pretty sure you will love it)

  2. Amy!
    We share the same birthday!
    It has been such a treat watching your business evolve over the past couple years!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    How hard was it to kiss each other wearing those hats? LOL!
    The shop looks fantastic!



  4. Loved the big update on all that is going on. that desk is going to be gorgeous. I adore that empire table, can't wait to see it redone. I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day and Birthday. I ended up unloading a truck and building furniture on V Day. I was pretty tired when done and just came home. Disappointing as I like to do something for myself on that day. But there is always next year!

  5. I am so happy to see a post from you and know that you are doing so well, Amy. Happy, Happy Birthday to you.
    I read your whole post and should have commented as I read-lol So much to read here. LOVE your handsome son-he has those blue eyes that my dad had...and now I have two grandsons with those same eyes.

    Your shop is looking marvelous and I love that desk you are working on. I have one in the garage that is waiting for me to tackle it. As to the one you showed with the less than rustic finish- what is the color inside? That blue? I LOVE it!!!

    You two look so cute all dressed up for your night out. I am glad that you have someone that completes your life-that loves and supports you. What a blessing that is....but I can see that you already know that.

    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  6. I always enjoy seeing the new products in your shop! Happy (belated) birthday too. Y'all look so cute all dressed up for dinner. Looking forward to seeing the changes you're making to your living room.

  7. Oh Happy Birthday two look so cute in your cowboy attire!...Love your inspiration piece!..

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  9. Absolutely L O V E your blog and Style!! Was wondering where the featured prints are from? If you can share I'd appreciate it.


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