Monday, March 26, 2018

My Painted Toile Piano

Some of my most creative ideas come out of the blue like a thunderbolt,
like the random idea to paint my white piano with a toile pattern.
After watching some amazing makeovers using a stamp product line created by
Iron Orchid Designs, I was interested in trying it out, but wasn't sure where.
After repairing a leak in the ceiling and repainting the wall, I just thought to myself
I would use up more of the wall paint on the piano with the stamps from IOD.
 Stamping is a way to create a one of a kind personalized decor effect on
walls, furniture or fabrics.  I watched several of the videos from the IOD website
and found myself becoming so inspired to create something using a stamping method.
After purchasing two packages of different patterned stamps for IOD retailers (see below for links)
I created a toile pattern that fit the shape of the piano, kind of winging it as I went along.
 Because the paint is the color of the walls, the overall pattern is restful, instead
of busy.  I couldn't be happier with the result, and it only took me one day!
Mr. Maison Decor is away on a trip, wait til he gets back....
I actually don't think he will notice for a few weeks.  Then he will say
in a surprised voice, " When did you paint the piano!??"  
Our living room had been in disarray since the leaking ceiling, and tonight
he will get back and check the wall and ceiling that I finished up after his repairs.
And there will sit the Toile Piano, unnoticed.
But for me, she is a SUPERSTAR, and I am in LOVE with her!!
My son took a brief 15 second video of me applying one of the stamps
to the border of the piano.  Click the big arrow to watch.
Here is a photo showing the top a little bit better.
Is there a toile piano in your future?

Check out Iron Orchid Designs HERE
Retailers where I purchased my stamps:
Kathie Lee Jordan Designs (Canada) HERE
 Collette's Cottage (USA) HERE
Wall Paint used for Stamps: Ben Moore Woodlawn Blue
White Piano:  Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint

I used a combination of stamps from the Laurel package 
and the Pastoral Toile package, along with a large stamping block.
Due to the curved shape of the piano, I applied many of the stamps feehand,
and some of the prints were a bit muddy and not as clear.  But it didn't
effect the overall feeling, and after the paint dried, I sanded the entire paint job
with 220 grit paper to soften the overall look.  

 photo signature_zpsxi5q1w6r.png


  1. We have an old piano that belonged to the previous owners. It's in bad shape, but beautiful, with old candelabras attached to the front and few remaining ivory keys. Nobody wanted to bother to move it down the narrow stairs nor to hire a special crane to get it out a window. So it sits. This could be a fun experiment, and there's nothing to lose.

  2. Wow Amy! One of the best diy’s I’ve seen in a long time. Beautiful!!!

  3. That looks amazing, Amy!! What a truly special touch.

  4. What a smart, charming idea for a piano. Looks great. Should even sound better when played. LOL

  5. Amy, this is gorgeous and fits your beautiful home so well!

  6. Hi Amy, I just came across your blog post and wanted to say that it looks incredible! The only thing I wonder is if painting the wood, would effect the sound of the piano.


  7. GREAT job, Amy. It is just plain fun! A big job, I know- but so worth it in the end. xo Diana

  8. Hey have done it again!! Your toile piano is fabulous and wasn't it just like you to think of doing that.
    The Empty Nest

  9. Oh my goodness...the piano is amazing!! it . . you most creative person, you! .... Do I hear French music?
    Please keep us informed on how long it takes your hubby to notice the piano!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! If I walked in your room it would be the first thing I noticed. My hubby would never notice!


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