Friday, March 27, 2020

Don't buy my greenhouse!

 Don't buy this greenhouse kit! I was excited to share with you all 
this little 6x4 greenhouse I ordered from Amazon and I blogged about it
two days ago, with the link and our progress setting up the foundation area.
Well here it sits looking all innocent, but let me say this was a very trying project.
There were a million parts with two million nuts and bolts and a poor set
of instructions.  But since we are accomplished DIYers I thought surely
we could handle this build.  However it took two days, all three of us 
on the job as it would blow over as you tried to build it.  And it wasn't even
that windy out....a few what the F's were tossed about, and since the instructions were
so bad, we had varying opinions on how to interpret them. Which meant for
heated family discussions or some of us running into the house to hide.
By nightfall it was mostly constructed, and we all agreed it was an awful project.
This morning hubby finished putting the door on and then it started.  The wind picked up.

 Around lunch time I noticed one of the panels was loose and about to go flying I ran
outside with the duct tape and reattached the panel from the inside.  Not a great start!
We aren't sure if this thing will survive at all, but I had to get a blog post up quickly to say if
you were inspired to buy the same greenhouse we did from Amazon, well DON"T!!!

I heard from a friend via Instagram that she was pleased with her greenhouse kit
from Harborfreight. I will share the link but can't attest to it myself.

To check out her greenhouse kit click here; harborfreight greenhouse
This one is 6'x8', mine is 4'x6'.  Hubs said we should have just built a wooden
one from scratch, and maybe he is if we ever end up moving to the lake,
after the Coronavirus dust settles, then maybe that is what we will do.

Stay home and stay safe!
To read part one of my greenhouse kit, click here.


  1. Such a shame it's so bad. Hope you get it to work somehow


  2. That's so disappointing! You should demand your money back. We went shopping at Texas Greenhouse Company for the real thing and were set to buy one but in the end, we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend that much. They are beautiful but quite expensive. The reviews I've read on most DIY kits discuss wind damage so I've been hesitant to get one.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and (regrets) about this type confirms my wishes for a more structured wooden one. I keep holding out for one my husband to build me a strong one someday...stay healthy!


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