Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden Wish List and Progress

Do you have a garden wish list?
  • rose arbor for climbing roses
  • garden house 
  • screen view of less attractive areas
  • contain hubs tools and such
These are some of the things on my list this year. 
I will be happy if I get one or two.
 I am determined to get a climbing structure for climbing roses. 
Never had one, always wanted one,
and when I found these pink salvage pillars I decided
 I would create an archway between the pillars
using some iron that will span the two pillars in an arched shape.
This is the spot where the archway will be built.
A white climber, White Dawn, will climb over these pillars
 and bring me much happiness!!
If it works out how I think it will, that is.
White against the pink pillars will be nice. 
I tend to plant flowers that are pink and purple,
 so the pillars will look at home in the landscape.
My garden looks a lot better in person...
or maybe it was just that we have had a lot of rain and it 
stole most of the blossoms off of the garden roses.
 My purple rose bush is right after the iron bed.
Planted against the iron bed are morning glories, and some sweet peas. 
 I paired the vintage turquoise chairs at the table with the balinese umbrella.
My furniture outside gets moved as much as the inside stuff!
The tall black iron chairs are over in the back now with the chaise.
Look what I was painting yesterday and today...
a big honking orange tool trunk that my beloved brought home
 for tool storage against the back of the house here! 
(shown here after painting the bottom)
No way could it stay day-glo orange, 
so he reluctantly agreed to let me paint it
 so it would blend in with the house. 
Now all of his things can get tucked inside this
 grey box and maybe we both can be happy.
I also painted the white rocker black,
and picked up a small iron umbrella table at Costco 
to steady the wind blowing the new black umbrella on the upper porch.
It is quite a welcoming spot.
My hydrangeas have just exploded!
 These will last me all summer long with cuttings.
A fair amount of weeding was done 
 on the charming but pain in the neck gravel walk.
I let it get away from me already...
My reward? 
A chilled glass of white wine and some reading 
about lovely garden structures at this book I got at Lowes.
PS~Don't forget to watch 
Million Dollar Decorators tonight!
Did you know that decorating diva Mary McDonald even read my post
and thanked me and then retweeted it on twitter!! 
That was very cool~
I will be watching her every move!


  1. Congrats on the MM tweet and blog read! WOW! You have a really nice yard and it looks like it's coming along great...cheers!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. Ingenious that you painted the tool box. Love the turquoise chairs mixed in at the black table. Great spot for the roses on the archway. I'm so jealous of your hydrangeas. Mine is not producing hardly any flowers this year. Obviously, I need to do something to it. But I don't know what....

  3. Perfectly imperfect Amy, love the gardens and there burried treasures. Congrats on all the attention you are getting, you so deserve it.

    Thank you for stopping by to see what I have created.

  4. Ooh Amy, maybe you will be invited to be on the show!
    Yes, I have a garden wish list. One is to have a pergola above our lower patio. I would also love to have a meandering walkway that leads to a little hidden garden with a bench and fountain. I can go on and on.

    Your backyard and garden looks lovely.


  5. Whoa, look at your hydrangeas! What in the world did you do to make them have that many blooms! And... the pink pillars are perfect there, that's exactly where they should end up. I love the chairs painted black too... and,leave it to a guy to bring in a really really big orange tool monster, and put it in the pretty color coordinated garden. You gotta love em to death, but when they bring in big ugly things, well, it just has to be "handled"... so funny...


  6. Everything is looking good. I have been searching for a New Dawn climbing rose all year and can't find one anywhere. I need to get our little area out front cleaned up and my fountain running again. Love your black chairs and the pink pillars are..welll....marvelous, dahlink! Like them much better in the garden than in your house! xo Diana

  7. Hi Amy....your yard is looking goood! LOVE that umbrella, and the vintage chairs look great with it! Your hydrangeas are doing so well...mine are not....

  8. Amy,

    My wish would be to have a larger terrace (I have a condominium)

    Your setting is gorgeous and I love your hydrangeas!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway from the Shabby Apple on my site! Come and enter!

  9. Does the list ever end for our gardens?!? your landscaping is beautiful & you have so many pretty nooks there. i adore that umbrella! so cute! xoox, tracie
    ps - you will share at Cottage Flora Thursdays this week, right?

  10. Great idea on the arbor! Your yard is very welcoming!~Hugs, Patti

  11. Most of my flowers are pink and purple with a bit of yellow and white. The arbor is going to look amazing. I started to crack up when you had to paint your husband tool trunk. He's a good sport. Is he from Sweden or Swedish-American? I just noticed that on your blog the other day. My parents are from Sweden and my sister was born there too. My brother and I were born in Hollywood, CA.

  12. hi Amy, You have a beautiful yard. I love your hydrangeas!

  13. Your garden is so lovely. I can' t wait to see your archway when it is finished!

  14. Lookin' good Amy! The pillars will look so beautiful with those white climbing roses!

  15. i love the parisian umbrella...i love how it makes the chairs pop!!

    your yard is beautiful......

    hugs, cindy


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