Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A feature in Muses

Have you heard of Muses?
It is an E mag dedicated to highlighting all kinds of artists.
Muses found my sketches through my blog
and contacted me to feature my artwork in the June issue.
Blogland leads to a lot of opportunities 
and truly is an amazing place.
You can read my feature by clicking HERE
I sent them several sketches, and the headliner
they chose was Nita's house and the sketch I drew.

Page 2
This shows a client's concept sketch and
 then a photograph how it actually turned out.

 Page 3.
The chicken coop I would like to transform.
Page 4
This was a fantasy room I sketched for my HGTV audition last June.

This is the table of contents.
They feature "The Fine Nine" each month.
All kinds of artists can be found in the pages of Muses.
Photographers, painters, jewelery makers, and sculptors.
If you are an artist and would like to be considered
you should contact Muses and get your artwork out there!
I can think of some talented bloggers who should be in Muses.
This horse painting is incredible!
 By Sally Lancaster.
You will have a world of art at your fingertips
when you read 

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