Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My ugly yard area transformed

This back area of the house has been a dumping spot from day one. 
This part of the house is not visible from the street.
 My mother in laws house is the white cape right next doors. 
My hubs has an excavator or two that 
are often in the back yard.
 All of my garden pictures are taken trying to avoid this ugly area.
I realized I don't have many pics of this area because it is ugly~
and who wants to look at ugly?
Last year I decided to grass the back area 
and add a flower bed along a granite wall.
An aircon unit, located in the back, was not attractive. 
I put a small trellis guard next to it.
An old bookcase was there to hold my garden items.
In the mean time,
 the lawn came in, and so did the roses.
You have all seen pics of this garden bed,
 but not what is directly across from it.
(Take note of that rhododendron still in a pot from a year ago...)
This is what grew under the window next to the air con unit.
 One gas can at a time...an old tire here, 
a wagon wheel there....
Until it looked like this! So depressing~
so yesterday I decided
 I would clean it all up and reclaim this area.
The ugly area, with a capitol U.
Soon it was all cleaned out by finding
 better spots for the junk that had piled up, 
and throw out the trash that grew.
I edged the bed so it was a little wider to add the plants.
Now my ugly area is a lot prettier, 
and I used only things I had around the yard.
Soooo much better!
It won't be in Better Homes and Gardens but it is a big improvement!
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