Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My ugly yard area transformed

This back area of the house has been a dumping spot from day one. 
This part of the house is not visible from the street.
 My mother in laws house is the white cape right next doors. 
My hubs has an excavator or two that 
are often in the back yard.
 All of my garden pictures are taken trying to avoid this ugly area.
I realized I don't have many pics of this area because it is ugly~
and who wants to look at ugly?
Last year I decided to grass the back area 
and add a flower bed along a granite wall.
An aircon unit, located in the back, was not attractive. 
I put a small trellis guard next to it.
An old bookcase was there to hold my garden items.
In the mean time,
 the lawn came in, and so did the roses.
You have all seen pics of this garden bed,
 but not what is directly across from it.
(Take note of that rhododendron still in a pot from a year ago...)
This is what grew under the window next to the air con unit.
 One gas can at a time...an old tire here, 
a wagon wheel there....
Until it looked like this! So depressing~
so yesterday I decided
 I would clean it all up and reclaim this area.
The ugly area, with a capitol U.
Soon it was all cleaned out by finding
 better spots for the junk that had piled up, 
and throw out the trash that grew.
I edged the bed so it was a little wider to add the plants.
Now my ugly area is a lot prettier, 
and I used only things I had around the yard.
Soooo much better!
It won't be in Better Homes and Gardens but it is a big improvement!


  1. Huge improvement...WOW! Great job Amy...love it! ~Stacy~

  2. No Way! OK, how did you get a hydrangea in full bloom growing there that quickly?!! I love the different height and texture in the plantings too.
    It looks like something from a makeover reality show! I love the lawn chair tucked in there, creating a nice little private spot all your own! and the gazing ball is a perfect touch.
    That was quite a transformation!


  3. Wow Amy it looks amazing!
    You did such a great job,it looks like it was always this way,
    Love Kristina x

  4. I think we all have spots like this that need a little TLC. You did a great job. It's a good feeling!!


  5. Great job! I love the hydrangeas. They are so much prettier than gas cans! :) You have such a pretty yard. Well done!


  6. That is so much better. Now go drink a glass of lemonade and enjoy it.

  7. It looks great! I love how much difference you made in ONE day! Way to go! LOVE it! xo Diana

  8. Oh, I feel your pain. We have ugly areas too with my hubby's car hobby garage behind the house. It used to be landscaped nicely back there, but now it looks awful. Yours looks so nice since you cleaned it up.

  9. Gorgeous - I am so excited for you...i love those pink roses up next to the rock wall....so pretty. i am working on my side yard right now & the weeds have grown bigger than me....i just keep ignoring it - so your post is great inspiration for me! xoxo

  10. Nice job, Amy! I have a spot like that on the side of our house {which is fenced in}, but I can see it and know it's there. That is where our central air units are, too, so I know how easy it is just to put things "off to the side" there and not think about them again. I used to love coming through that gate into the yard and getting the first glimpse of our landscaping. I'll have to get on that! Add it to the list! : )

  11. Loving the color of your chairs and the space you have made for your family is awesome.

  12. Now where is Dave going to stack his stuff? This looks very very nice. Of course I love the addition of the hydrangea. Now it's a pretty spot to relax. I can't believe you showed all that ugliness. ha!

  13. Big improvement is an understatement!! Looks great, love hydrangeas and love your chaise lounges! Looks fantastic Amy!

  14. Great job! Isn't it nice to reap the benefits of some hard work? It looks beautiful, I particularly love your hydrangea, I recently planted a white one and can't wait til it blooms!

  15. Amy you have some very cool relaxing spots now. Loving the Hydrangea's! Lounge chair and aqua/green chairs are so beautiful!

  16. Amy, Quite a transformation! The yard looks wonderful now.

  17. I so understand this. My studio is a horrid mess and my garage is worse. We all have areas that are like this. I dream of a day that it is all in order. But then, it would probably be time to move! lol

  18. Very nice! You have a really amazing yard. I'm currently working on my front yard... just today we dug out LOTS of turf. just LOVE watching the transformation!


  19. Great job! That big hydrangea is gorgeous there!

  20. I think everything looks so nice now! Lovely hydrangeas. Mine are brown now!

  21. hydrangea is always a smart choice to make an area look prettier. well done!!! i like the new look.

  22. Your hard work paid off, it looks great!
    Hugs, Cheryl

  23. Wow it looks so much better and prettier. I have learn the best way to cope is one day at a time. You have done a great job.

  24. Looks very nice, Amy. Gives me hope. hehe

  25. estou amando seu blog. venho aqui todos os dias. sou do brasil. já vi todas as suas postagens.
    gostaria de te conhecer....
    besos, besos.

  26. That looks fantastic! Cleaning up a sore spot of your home or yard is such a great feeling. It is like "finding" more space in your home or yard. It looks really lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Well it's certainly worthy of Better Home and Gardens mag! Beautiful job!

  28. Hello Amy,
    What a lovely transformation and I really am swooning over the hydrangeas!!

    The color on those cosmos is electric, so beautiful.

    Thanks for inviting us into your back yard.

    Janet xox

  29. Now that looks like a lot of work!
    But it sure paid off. Great job.

  30. How inspiring! And PRETTY! :) Thank you for sharing your beauty! Sarah

  31. That was quite a job, but what an amazing outcome. The area looks beautiful. Widening and edging the landscape bed made a huge difference and selecting hydrangea and rhododendron were really great choices. Well done, as usual. :)



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