Tuesday, June 14, 2011

pink pillars and purple roses

 The sun came out after a day of rain and my 
gorgeous purple roses were hanging with their heads 
down to the ground, so I cut myself a bouquet.
These roses are called Madame X and I love their color.
After our trip to Bridget's shop in NH yesterday,
we came back with the salvagecolumns.
 Mr. MD had placed the pink columns 
next to the door. I thought they would look 
pretty flanking the pansies so
 I moved them over to the window.
 There is something about this color that I love too. 
It is kind of purplish pink.
There is even an old thermometer attached to the porch pillar.
They are half pillars, there was another part that joined on top.
Bridget showed me a picture of the Victorian home they came from~
kind of a sad story to think of a grand home getting destroyed.
Anyway,  I started fooling around with the pillars. 
Do you do that when you find something
 you love but don't have a solid plan for?
I dragged them up to the front door.
I finished off the bouquet with more garden flowers
and paired it with the pillar.
It looked nice on the floor next to the pillar.
It looked good sitting on the top too.
For now I am just having my kind of fun~
I will need Mr. MD's help to turn them into a garden trellis.
I am just so happy with these old house relics,
'cause I am an old house girl at heart.
I bought something else at Bridget's too.
Another mirror! 
This one is set inside a frame work of faux tin. 
It looks very real, so it came home with me.
That large garden painting is a glycee I bought on
Martha's Vineyard about ten years ago.

Pink and purple, my childhood favs, 
are still colors I love today.
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