Friday, June 3, 2011

Porch Decor and the Pink Swing

 This is our sideporch.
 It is really a deck, but I call it a porch.
In the past it has kind of been a 
junk catcher with a huge gas grill.
 I decided to charm it up a bit when I found
 these two rockers in the neighbors trash pile.
Nothing wrong with them except a bit of chipping paint...
and that is not a problem for me!
I hung a string of lights around an iron planter
 for some mood lighting at night.
 I covered two pillows in hot pink linen toile that I never used indoors. 
I was looking for a table to set a drink on and
 found this one on markdown at Home Goods. 
I have a big black umbrella coming!! 
This area is in direct sunlight and we need some shade.
 The big urn has been planted with pink geraniums 
and purple pansies and some other cascading things.
Lets walk down below and check out the swing area 
and the rest of the yard.
The porch is right above the pink swing.
The hot pink toile and flowers tie it all together.
This is what the junky side porch used to look like...
but it is all cute now!
 I added a wooden trellis and moved the big french style urn 
bearing a copper plate underneath it.
  I filled with flowers and morning glory seeds.
I like to use bright pink and turquoise in the yard.
This is going to look really pretty in July.
It is nice and shady here.
The back yard is still getting worked on.
Lots of things planned for this area.
But look how far I have come~
It was only last year that the yard looked like this!
And now...
It is a lot prettier. 
Most of the roses are everblooming Knock Out Roses,
although I have some old garden varieties as well.
I have planted a climbing rose, 

Cecille Brunner to ramble along this wall.
I also planted sweat peas for the first time.
I love this picture of Dillon watching me.

My gravel walkway that constantly needs weeding. 
Betty Prior roses, clipped boxwoods,
 and a stunning blue hydrangea line the walkway.
It is raining today...
so this is a spring picture of the sideporch
above the swing area, before my improvements.
I wanted you to see the relationship of the two.
Joining up with 
Donna at Funky Junk's SNS Patio Decor


  1. Love your new chairs and table. The porch looks wonderful and such an inviting spot to sit and relax. Your yard is looking wonderful. So green and everything is growing so well. Hugs, Marty

  2. Amy you little porch looks so pretty!! I love all the color you used there!

    My bleeding hearts are not bleeding and barely coming up. I am not sure what I have done to them!

    bee blessed

  3. Porch looks so nice and inviting! You were lucky to find the chairs. Have a nice weekend gardening.

  4. Did they really throw them out, Amy? I can't believe it! I got rid of an outdoor chair from our table set this year, but it was broken and couldn't be fixed. Well, your gain! They look great and I love the pink toile cushions you did! I need to move my attentions outside, too. It was so humid and hot last weekend that you could slice it with a knife. It seems to be cooler this weekend, so I hope to pamper my rose bushes a little, too.

  5. Is that a little Shit Zu??? (I never spell that right) I have three!! Your back area looks so wonderful. Hope you get to enjoy it this weekend!

  6. Hi Amy,
    Your porch is looking very inviting. I love the pink toile cushions.


  7. Oh the deck looks so pretty now. Wow I can't believe someone was throwing away those rockers. I love all the touches of pink of course. I like the table green. And I love that basket vase thing. I saw something similar at TJ Maxx back in the winter. Didn't get it and when I went back for it - it was gone. I see Mr. Robin is not bop bop boppin along!

  8. Your porch is so pretty. I will be sanding my deck and getting it ready to paint. I will also be sweating!

  9. Amy your porch looks so special now, I love the pink toile ! Why don't I find great things like these rockers at the curbside!! Kidding they are a great find!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my Amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

  10. Just gorgeous Amy! And by the way, that is a new young baby robin. They have spots like that just out of the nest! ~Stacy~

  11. Looking good Amy! You have a gorgeous yard, and I love the pink chair cushions. I will be working on my front courtyard this weekend. Your Robin friend is just too cute! I had a Red Tailed Hawk perched on my back fence this week, I put it in one of my posts, but my photos are not near as good as the ones of your feathered friend.

  12. Beautiful yard! Your photos inspired me to get my own yard photos up soon on my blog too! We're experiencing a very late spring so many of my early bloomers are still "waiting" :-) I could spend hours reading and relaxing in your yard! BTW, we have robins too but are totally enjoying the pair of woodpeckers furiously making their home in the neighbor's big tree! They're relentless. LOL!

  13. I love the pops of pink outside! *cute* Your bleeding hearts look pretty, too. Nice post!

  14. Delightful post full of pretty pictures and creative ideas, all the makings of a nice New England summer afternoon, enough to make me homesick

  15. Your new side porch decor looks great! I would leave the table green. It looks great with the pink toile.

    Your garden looks wonderful too.

  16. Your porch looks so the pink!!!

  17. Your porch is gorgeous, your yard it gorgeous and your blog is gorgeous! I just love it all! .. and that lovely old robin, how amazing that he is just sitting there with the dog not far away... It must be a very peaceful place your garden..

  18. I can't believe you just found those rockers in a trash pile! What a great find. And I love the table green. I love that you call your deck a porch. I do the same thing with our small front "porch" which is really more of a stoop! LOL!

  19. Amy your porch is gorgeous!! So picturesque and charming, with the rockers and pink toile cushions! Just beautiful, all thats missing is the big pitcher of ice cold lemonade..its picture perfect!!

  20. Your porch fluffing looks great! Love the old metal chairs in the yard!

  21. oh that sweet little robin is in fact a very young robin....not old at all. enjoy him, perhaps he is an "old soul"!!

  22. I always love seeing photos of your beautiful yard! Lovely ;)

  23. Your robin looks at home and isn't afraid of your dog. I have a few Cecile Brunners too. They remind me of wild roses that my friend had on her huge yard. I used to take a few buds home for my small antique vase when I was little.

    I need to move them cause my tree causes too much shade. Do you have any ideas the safest way to move a rose climber? Thanks!

  24. Hi Amy. I popped over from Mod Vintage Life. Your yard is so pretty. I also use vintage items in my yard scape. Love the rack with you Old Robin perched on top. And what a great porch swing. I don't have any place to hang one in this house and I miss having one.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I can't wait to see the rest of your site.

  25. Looks so nice in your backyard and those chairs you totally scored lol.

  26. Gorgeous home! And great call on those rockers... garbage?!? Wonder if your neighbours regret throwing them out now! :)

    Your swing area is my very favorite... that pop of color is so whimsical!


  27. The side porch looks amazing! And I agree that a big black umbrella will really finish it all off perfectly ...

    ... but that pink swing?! Wow! How fun.

    The yard is really shaping up into something very beautiful!




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