Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Henrietta Paint

This is Henrietta, Annie Sloan's pinky purple colored chalk paint.
 It hasn't been seen much around blogland
but it is a color that I really like. 
Henrietta is even on the cover of Veranda this month!
I will admit I thought it was going to be more pink.
 When I opened the can I was kind of surprised at how purpley it looked. 
I realized that Henrietta seems to be similar to my pillars outside.
There were a couple of unpainted sections and
 I grabbed the can and went outside hoping for a close match.
 Indeed, the color was very close.
So I patched up a bit on the pillars and got carried away.
The iron bed got Henrietta-ed....
 The rusty finial stakes got Henrietta-ed...
 The broken water fountain window got Henrietta-ed...
 This bed was meant to be in Henrietta.
 The bird house got Henrietta-ed too. 
The little white conservatory is going to get some Henrietta as well.
This little can of paint is pulling together my garden in a very nice way!
Look what I found on Craiglist...
a three thousand dollar Pella window for $200.
 This window is 6 feet long~what a statement 
that would make over a sliding door. 
 I told Mr. Maison Decor that I walked all around the house 
and cannot find a place to install this window~our ceilings are too low. 
He then brilliantly suggested we start building 
our garden house with this pretty window! 
Woo Hoo! I called and offered the seller half price, and he said sold!
 So that will be in our possession by night fall! 
My dream garden and the little house is coming along...
I did a sketch of how it could look with the new window, 
an old stained glass window I have in storage,
and Henrietta pink plank doors and shutters.

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