Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Henrietta Paint

This is Henrietta, Annie Sloan's pinky purple colored chalk paint.
 It hasn't been seen much around blogland
but it is a color that I really like. 
Henrietta is even on the cover of Veranda this month!
I will admit I thought it was going to be more pink.
 When I opened the can I was kind of surprised at how purpley it looked. 
I realized that Henrietta seems to be similar to my pillars outside.
There were a couple of unpainted sections and
 I grabbed the can and went outside hoping for a close match.
 Indeed, the color was very close.
So I patched up a bit on the pillars and got carried away.
The iron bed got Henrietta-ed....
 The rusty finial stakes got Henrietta-ed...
 The broken water fountain window got Henrietta-ed...
 This bed was meant to be in Henrietta.
 The bird house got Henrietta-ed too. 
The little white conservatory is going to get some Henrietta as well.
This little can of paint is pulling together my garden in a very nice way!
Look what I found on Craiglist...
a three thousand dollar Pella window for $200.
 This window is 6 feet long~what a statement 
that would make over a sliding door. 
 I told Mr. Maison Decor that I walked all around the house 
and cannot find a place to install this window~our ceilings are too low. 
He then brilliantly suggested we start building 
our garden house with this pretty window! 
Woo Hoo! I called and offered the seller half price, and he said sold!
 So that will be in our possession by night fall! 
My dream garden and the little house is coming along...
I did a sketch of how it could look with the new window, 
an old stained glass window I have in storage,
and Henrietta pink plank doors and shutters.


  1. Wow, I think starting a garden house with that window is an excellent idea! :D I can't wait to see it. Your son's console is pretty! I don't think I have seen the Henrietta color in chalk paint before. I like it!

  2. What fun projects! I love seeing Henrietta outside. I mixed up some of the color using Provence and some other paints on hand. I loved it. But haven't decided on a project for it yet.
    And that window.... won't a garden room with it be fabulous?!

  3. I love it that you went to town with that color! I do that too, with a color I love! Once my boss who is my facebook friend said 'You are painting the world tourquoise!' Sure did! Everything you've done is beautiful!

  4. I love Henrietta and Veranda too!!! hugs, Flavia

  5. What a great looking project. Glad your son is o.k. with that color. I think mine would think I was nuts. I have tried to get my husband to wear a pink tie and he looks at me like I am off my rocker. Love your outdoor projects. Lucky you to start a garden house. I am hoping to have one built some day with all our old windows.

  6. Hi Amy,
    I am so amazed at the diversity in your abilities to create so many different styles. The moroccan design and the color looks great. It's great that a guy loves color and is not afraid to use it.
    I cannot wait to see your garden house. I just know it's going to be stunning.


  7. Had to giggle, I would have probably done the same once let loose with a paintbrush! It is such a pretty colour. Love, love, love the window, what a score! It's going to look fantastic in your garden house! take care, Maryann

  8. I love love love Henrietta. I recently ordered 2 cans and have been painting away with it!

  9. Hello,
    the soft purple color is just wonderful. Love, what you all painted in this shade. Just beautiful.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. I love the color, Amy! It looks great on the console with all of your added touches. What a great way to pull your garden together, too!

    The window is awesome...can't wait to see your little garden house go up!


  11. My that Henrietta is a pretty girl. Take it easy there girl...don't paint everything Henrietta! Interesting that your son is letting you do this. I'm so jealous of your window....that is the perfect start to your garden house. This will be quite the project. Do you have anything else collected to build it with?

  12. Whoa! Cool, you pulled out that Moroccan vibe to a tee! And,... i'm surprised the dogs didn't get Henriettta'd... my best guess is that went into hiding!
    And AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH your little garden house with that window!!! it was totally meant to be that you found that! And OMG the little painting shows the most precious little place ever... how cool is it that you can paint a picture of your little cottage as you imagine it, and it will completely be real soon... !


  13. first of all... your son is much luckier than my sons! I had nothing fun for them for their college decor!heehe!
    What an unbelievable deal on that window!!!!!! and starting the new garden shed! whoo hooo!
    I love my pink... but the purple looks great!
    Also - i was reading some old comments tonight - the one about the little break up~ on the blog and yes! I did notice you added me to your blogroll, and thank you!
    I can not wait for you to get started on the new construction!!! The illistration is so fun to look at!
    have a PRETTY day!
    p.s. I need to spend more time browsing Craigslist!

  14. I love the sketch. It's gonna look fab!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  15. Super cool photography. Seems that some body highly professional has taken the pictures.

  16. wow, you are lucky to have a hubby who would say that!! My husband would definitely NOT be offering any projects like that to me! LOL! loving all the projects. I have a Country Living Decor book with a photo of my favorite dining has a giant white hutch and farmhouse table- I recently realized it's in your blues and purples :) have a great weekend!

  17. I love your paint color! And I am looking forward to seeing your garden shed with the Pella window. Have a lovely 4th of July!

  18. Amy,
    I love that color - I'm glad you've introduced it to us! I really love your style and can't wait to read your blog and see what you've created!

  19. What a great color...Amy coming to your blog is like watching a reality show about a creative genius! Seriously you are soooo good!! Happy 4TH!

  20. I'm so impressed with your vision and how you just whipped up that piece for your son. It looks great!!! I love the new outdoor paint,'re so in style :)

  21. Wow Henrietta is a gorgeous color, your garden is beautiful and that color is perfect for it. I love the sketch of the garden house. The window was a great find.

  22. I like Henrietta & you really scored on the window and the little garden house your Mr. Maison is going to build! Way to go!

  23. Beautiful window find Amy. Sounds like great fun but openly jealous about the garden shed. Just posted my china cabinet painted this weekend lined with some of the D. Marie wallpaper from your give away. Stop by and take a peek when you have time.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  24. Oh, what a wonderful find! Your yard looks so charming, playful, and fun!


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