Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purple transferware lamp and Salvation Army finds

 A sweet purple transferware sugar bowl made into a lamp!
I found it on Etsy, and it is just darling. I had the lampshade so that was magic~
it arrived the same day another transferware treasure from Etsy came.
This mulberry platter just might be my most favorite of all!
Mr. Maison Decor knocked one of my collection off of the wall.
Well it was actually the second one he knocked off the wall and smashed.
Maybe I will ask Penny, of Comforts of Home,
 how to make something like the things she makes.
I have a box filled with my favorite broken dishes.
~~The Empty Spot~~
So it was time to get a replacement, 
but now I am too afraid to put it on the wall,
so I set it by the sink and put the lamp on the other side.
It looks nice with my fading purple rose~
I know, I know...
too much of two many things going on here...
so they will be moving.
But for now I can admire as I load the dishwasher.
These were in the mailbox today when I came home
 from an all too rare trip to Salvation Army.
I had my 9 year old step son in tow, 
and he really made out this time!
A complete drum set is now his!
 Scott is on cloud nine~he takes drum at band practice.
Have I lost my mind?
 This may be one purchase I will totally regret!!
 I was able to score two "Debro The Original" beach chairs. 
These chairs are my absolute favorite beach chair.

A classic chair and the most comfortable one I have ever sat in.
 I also use them at Scott's outdoor games. 
I only had one in hot pink~
so I was more than happy to buy these for our lake trip.
The other really cool thing I found was a 
pair of lucite lamps with fabric drum shades in turquoise polka dots.
These lamps make me think of Nita at Mod Vintage Life.
I am going to plan something mod with them for her new party
Mod Mix Monday.
 So you will see these next Monday, 
with Maison Decor going Mod!
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