Friday, June 10, 2011

This crazy week

Its been a hot week in Boston, in the nineties!
I was out in the yard quite often and as usual I  include the dogs.
 The spot where the pink swing sits needed some flowers so I decided to add a trellis,
and then put my planter next to it and grow some morning glories.
I will be attaching the trellis, but the plan is to hide the trash barrel behind it.
 Cute striped pillows, the outdoor type, were a gift from my sister.
I think Dillon says we need to go to the upper yard so we can weed the rose bed.
 My roses have exploded due to the heat. 
Still waiting on the hydrangeas.
 Heat means lots of watering, even though I use
 the moisture retentive type potting soil in the planters.
 Weeding all along the back rose bed and Dillon overseas my work.
 The rest of the week I was busy helping Mr. Maison Decor. 
When he is not being a policeman, he is running his excavation company.
 This week he had a demolition job and was digging the foundation.
I actually spent an entire day in this bathroom with him ripping
 out 3 ceilings and 3 floors, and the walls.
Plaster dust, even though it is white, is not pleasant. Triple ugh.
We were all glad when the interior demo was finished, 
and we moved onto digging the foundation.
 I was promoted to superviser!
 Did you know white hard hats mean you are the boss?
Don't you just love white?
 I guess he had enough of my supervision,
 and I was soon back to doing grunt work.
The other thing I did this week was list my 
Titanic style steamer deck chairs on Craiglist.
They sold in about one hour!
Originally purchased for the deck on our NH house, 
they have been sitting on the lawn waiting for me to 
move them every time I have to mow the lawn.
So the last time the lawn was mowed, 
was the last time I had to move them~
A nice lady came by and shoved them in her Mercedes
 at 8am this morning and handed me the cash!
That was my fun and crazy week! 


  1. The demo looks messy- but like lots of fun!! Sounds like a busy week- must be relaxation time! :)

  2. Wow, looks great EXCEPT you're in Boston, eh? I'm from Vancouver... hmmm. Anyhoo, I won't go into it - you seem like nice, hardworking with great taste people!

  3. Oh yes, we will be rooting on the Bruins tonight vs the Canucks!!!! I am a bit of a fan for the hometeam you could say! Had some fun tweeting it up with Funky Junk Donna about the match too.

  4. Hi Amy,
    You can really rock the hard hat girl and those gloves, what a gal!

    Love your yard and garden, very pretty. Looks like your babies really helped out.


  5. You look so cute in your hard hat! Your yard is beautiful! Swooning over the pink swing!

  6. I love that pink swing. I am going to put one in my back yard and now I know that I want to paint it pink. Our Granddaughter will go crazy.

  7. Your pink swing is adorable and so are you in that white hat!
    I hope you get to relax now!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    hugs, Cheryl

  8. First, I don't see a trash barrel. Is it type in the ground? I use to have one of those and loved it. Seems to be a thing of the past. I love your yard and Dillon looks like a love. :)

  9. Wait a minute, you have all this crazy decorating talent AND you roll wtih the men and do construction too!!!!!!! Is there ANYTHING you don't do???? And you looked pretty darn good doing it too! I am so impressed, your yard and home look downright dreamy and let me guess you whipped up a crazy good gourmet meal too? Just tell me you did and lets keep these Great post!

  10. I thought you must have been working outside this week since I hadn't heard from you. I like the photo of Dillon with the conservatory. I can't believe you were out doing hard labor. Any good stuff found in the demolition? Love how your yard is looking - pretty flowers and lots of pretty hardscape thanks to your hubby. I didn't know Dave's business involved you too!

  11. I saw your comment over at Nita's and I had to check out your dogs! They look like real sweethearts! I love this post! It involves most of my favorites things...dogs, gardening, Craigslist! LOL! :D
    I love that you aren't afraid to get in there and get dirty and can also create a lovely home.
    Very impressive!
    :) - Cindi

  12. Look at you doing all that hard work. I did not know your husband was a cop. My son in law is, too. Hope you get some rest this weekend.

  13. I love all the bright furniture and the cute bike. Lovely little pets too ~ hope you have a great weekend!


  14. Love the way those pinks just pop among the green.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great weekend.

  15. LOVE the photos of you gettin in the middle of all that... funny... plus, you look cute as anything...
    and of course i love your pink swing, and the fabric on your rocker and pink geraniums. your garden is so awesome with the edging, and gravel paths and stonework too...


  16. You look So cute and pretty in that photo! Also love the chairs...would have bought them in a heartbeat!

  17. I love your yard! So much charm and prettiness!! You wear the white hat well! ;). I hope you have a great weekend!!


  18. I love love love your yard! There's that swing! It's infamous you know. :)

    You suit a white hard hat! I think you should hang onto that gig...


  19. Hello Amy
    Nice Blog :)
    And I liked to read your Post :)
    I hope everthing is ok
    and do not miss




    WELCOME :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  20. descobri seu blog navegando pela net ele é maravilhoso. venho aqui todos os dias....
    estou amando. cada coisa linda.
    sua casa é linda. tenho uma sala na minha casa com moveis rusticos, mas são escuros....
    besos, besos.

  21. You look adorable in the hard hat, Miss Supervisor! Looks like some serious hard work going on there. I bet it's fun to work along with the hubby sometimes. And your yard is looking magazine worthy. I was thinking back to when you built your little conservatory out of windows and how far it's come along since then. WOW! I have been on the lookout for an old bike for a while now. I have a perfect spot for one.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Amy!


  22. I think everyone in our family wears a white hard hat! And then, SCheeks announced today that is NOW IN CHARGE! Whatever THAT means! I'd say you are doing a pretty darned good job supervising there!

    Love your pink porch swing AND your pillows. They are lovely and so bright and summery looking. Hope your next week is a little quieter. We have police in our family too! God bless the law makers and enforcers among us! xo Diana

  23. Amy, your yard is beautiful and I love your pink swing!

    You are tough to be able to do all that demolition work!


  24. Amy, the pink swing, pillows, bike with basket, entire backyard, are all just so welcoming! You really have an inviting area to enjoy and entertain! Nice you can help you husband and work by his side on some joys, especially sharing the white hat. Love it!


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