Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tole Obsession

 Having a private affair with Tole. 
Tole and Me. Me and Tole.
A few months ago it was ruffles...
I get on a kick and off I go...
This is the little sideboard table in the kitchen hall.
A new vintage tole tray took it's place above the window mirror.
 Love the round pizza pan shape, 
and of course the cream color background.
It shares the wall with some decoupage plates from Hobby Lobby.
 Just spreading the tole love around the kitchen! 
I realized I had a pair of tole lamps in apple green
 so I added one to the sideboard.
It has a bird on it, which I happen to love.
Some think birds are bad luck, but that hasn't been the case.
Pink and green and lots of creamy white~
and a little bird hooked rug.
I am a bird watcher so birds are cool in my house.
My tole story so far~
 and I don't think I'm done!
~PS If you are looking for some tole check out my Etsy shop!~
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