Monday, June 20, 2011

Two tone fat french table

 Come on in and check out the face lift on the fat frenchy table.
 It used to be painted palladium blue by Ben Moore.
It started off like this when I grabbed it at the Salvation Army.
Here it is in the Palladium Blue with gold accents.
Now with the grey and white coffee table, it seemed
like I needed to calm down the little fat french table so as not to compete.

 I did Old white chalk paint,
 then I used Natural Wicker by Ben Moore in the panels. 
No wax. 
The colors look nice with the marble top.
Should it be gilded or distressed? 
What do you think, I am not sure given the grey coffee table.
A softer look all in all, let me know if I need to do more with it.
Soon I will get to work on those pink columns. 
They will be going back outside~ 
a reader suggested I bring them indoors
 but they are too short for my taste.
I do love the color, it almost matches the 
bookcases and goes nicely with the carpet.
But I have tried them all around the house,
 and they are destined for the garden after all.


  1. I think it looks really pretty with it's new paint job, it's going to keep getting fatter, if you keep painting it! I laughed when I saw the column in the background! Yes... to the garden they go! I got in some more really cool architectural stuff!

  2. I love the new paint job. It is special but doesn't take away from your coffee table.

  3. hey Bridget~ show off the new stuff on your blog!

  4. I love the pain on your furniture - such a nice transformation! I like your pillar in there - but it's hard to tell without standing in the room to see the 'scale' of everything! I adore this pretty! Xoxo

  5. I love the table in white. I don't know that it needs a thing...except some wax. I do like it better white than blue.

  6. Oh well, I liked it the way it was, Amy, but I think some gilding would be nice to tie it into the coffee table. I'm a little hesitant about suggesting the dark wax as I put some on my dresser this weekend and I feel like I must have been heavy-handed with it. I had to come back in with the clear wax again to lighten it up a bit. I got scared until I saw how well the clear wax worked over the dark! I'm sure you are more proficient working with the chalk paint than I am, so whatever you do will look wonderful.

  7. It looks wonderful! I don't think I would do another thing to it...but it hard to get a real "feel" through pictures, isn't it?

    I think I would like the pink posts in the garden too! They will be beautiful there- xo Diana

  8. I liked the blue a lot ... but love the white - you know me and white! It looks very fresh. Yes... I agree the pink out to the garden! Happy Monday Amy :)

  9. Its the cutest end table great find!

  10. First let me say, I will take that little furry baby off your hands if you think he doesn't match his surroundings. LOL. He/she is so sweet.
    Love the new colors on the table. Maybe just a little glazing and wax would bring it more in line with the beautiful table. Maybe mix the grey color with the glaze.
    Beautiful room and surrounds. Thanks for sharing. Ginger:)

  11. I think the table looks fabulous! It was pretty before but is much prettier now:)

  12. Cute! I like the painting on the mantle too...did you post that before? I must have missed it. Such a romantic, cozy, inviting room.


  13. I really like the two tone color. I think it's perfect just the way it is.

  14. It looks great just the way it is!The room looks so pretty. I look forward to seeing your columns in the garden.


  15. Hi Amy,
    I'm liking your fat french table just the way it is right now. But, I know are going to add something else! LOL!


  16. OOOOOH I love it! I really need to try chalk paint soon:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  17. hello friend!
    lovely makeover of a lovely piece, as always
    i wish I had your level of immense skill
    did you see my new front end table? :)

    ♥, Ette

  18. Amy would you please have your own TV show already? WHAT CAN'T YOU DO?? Your vision and excellent taste blow me away every time I come here!! Your home is gorgeous with a capital G!

  19. Love it white! I don't think you can go wrong with that table.

  20.'s beautiful, Amy! Very well done!


  21. It looks gorgeous in the white but it could use a little something to bring out the pretty details. It is a beautiful piece!

  22. Still working on my little glass greenhouse. I've had a few mishaps. I bought some wrong size panes (a few panes cracked when I hammered on some wood on the top). Finally got the right sizes installed and puttied. Now the wood that I bought to put on top of the four windows - that was pressure treated and I painted it so now, of course, that paint is flaking off so I have to remove those boards. I bought 6 more old windows to make another one but wondering when that's going to happen and still trying to get the garden planted. ....
    Take care, Linda

  23. All of your furniture is so beautiful. You know i decorate so differently, but I LOVE your style and love coming over to see hat you've done next!

  24. What a beautiful find you made and it looks so much better with the new paint job. Well done.

  25. This table is GORGEOUS and i have passed them up in the thrift store because of the way they looked before!!
    I agree with you on keeping the columns outside. They will look beautiful in your garden!

  26. That little table is so pretty, it has looked wonderful in each of it's "outfits"! It's like a beautiful women, you can put mud on her face and she's still the best lookin' lady around.

    The original finish was not bad at all, and I can see why you snapped it up fast. The blue was beautiful (I'm partial to blues), great paint job on it. I'm loving the soft two-tone outfit it's got on now, but I am going to go ahead and say try some gilding on it, I think it might just be a perfect tie-in to that gorgeous, to-die-for coffee table. If you don't like it, you can always paint over it. Just do the front to see how you like it.

    Those pink columns are just so special, and I think they will look great in your beautiful garden.



  27. Oh my Amy, it's so pretty! I don't know if it needs anything but I'm sure what ever you decided it will be beautiful!
    hugs, Cheryl

  28. the table looks wonderful you did a marvelous job.

  29. Great transformation on your table. I would go for a very light distressing and then a wax to help preserve it. very nice colors you chose, I wouldn't have thought of that!

  30. What a great table! I've picked up some similar to that before at the Sally Ann and have kept the original finish on them. I just LOVE it in blue and I am not a blue person...what is up with that? Having said that, I think it depends on the look you want it to have now. For me, I think that a bit of very soft gilding would be nice to bring out a little bit more detail. But then again, anything you do is brilliant! Love your home! ~Stacy~ (*_*)

  31. The colors in your home are so soft and pretty. I like the color you painted your table, too. I would leave it white. Leave it alone! :D

  32. I really like you table. So fresh. BUT, I LOVE your little Shih Tsu!!!! I have three and love love love them. :) Nothing like a Shih Tsu.

  33. The piece was beautiful when it was blue, but I really like the more subtle and calm feel it has now with the Old White chalk paint. The finish looks great with the marble top. Painting the hardware was a nice touch. I LOVE it!

    Personally, I wouldn't distress or gild it. Since the piece has great details, the thing I might consider is to glaze just those areas with a subtle color that is similar to the marbling on the top. (I would avoid applying the glaze outside the areas to be glazed because the chalk paint might 'grab' the pigment and the finish could get muddied up). I used Folk Art Metallic Taupe on a sideboard I did last year and the glazing really is subtle and 'barely there,' but still highlights the architecture. You could glaze the hardware with a light metallic glaze, too. Just a thought, but I think the table looks fantastic as is.



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