Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adding Patina and Ragging Walls

Thats right, a finger tip of patina...a little bit here and a little bit there.
It just brings out the antiquey goodness in a cabinet I think.
This is Gilder Paste in Patina. It mimics the turned copper look.
I like to use it in tandem with a gold color.
The cabinet is in our Workshop area and it holds our workshop supplies. 
I painted it in Chateau Grey Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.
Then I drybrushed it with Duck Egg Chalk Paint.
Followed up with some clear wax and then I was ready to add some patina.
 All the moldings got a bit of some Gilder Paste.
I used some Antique Gold Gilder Paste with the Patina.
We sell it online, and I will have a link below. It lasts forever and 
I am still on my first container of all the various colors and 
I even use them in my workshops!
Just remember to add gilding products after you wax.
 Another way to add patina or age is by using paint. This is our lovely little bathroom in the shop. Pretty basic for basic needs...we need to add a bigger sink so we can wash brushes, and I really can't stand the look of a plain jane room~so it got a makeover this weekend.
 I started with a ragged wall treatment using Annie Sloan's Antoinette and Coco Chalk Paints. Big swipes on the wall with a paint brush...then a spritz with a water bottle and then rag it in...add a little here and a little there...the next thing you know you have a marvelous looking wall!!! Its so exciting, its easy, and it hardly takes any time! Seriously! I am going to do some walls in my house!
 Spritzer bottle, two cups of paint, one chip brush used for both paints, and the only other thing you need is a ladder and rags. When a rag gets really heavy with paint, you will change it out for a new one.
 Woah~look at this wall! I LOVE it!!! 
I added some little gilded bumble bees with a stencil from the
 Royal Designs Studio line that we are thrilled to be carrying now in the shop. 
But of course I used my stencil a little bit differently than they show how
to use it. I just placed them randomly about~just a few.
 Here is Mr. Maison Decor in his normal attire...workboots and a cowboy hat.
 I begged asked him if he would help me build a platform for a sink~
an idea I had was to rip off the boards from a wood pallet and make a sink console. 
He was up to the task and after 12 hours it was done...
what a long day that was! Only one period of grumpiness was had, 
and then we enjoyed a nice dinner out. We were both starving and although 
I was wearing my worst grubby paint clothes, I still walked through the doors 
of a restaurant to get dinner. I did make Mr. MD go first so I could hide behind him...
left my pride at the door.  When you are hungry you don't care 
that you are looking like hell in a baseball hat and paint splattered yoga pants.  
He is so much the "ladies first" kinda guy, that it was hard to
 get him to walk first as the hostess ushered us to our table. 
We both laughed and ordered a well deserved drink.
But I digress....another photo of the wall.
I started decorating the walls while the cowboy was still putting in the sink!
More pics to come showing off the  rustic sink console he made for me. 
It was so late that I never took the final shot.
We seem to always have three projects happening at once on
any given day at Maison Decor....
This lime wash leather top desk we have in the shop 
is getting a makeover that will involve creating patina.  
Its bright green leather top sat up on top of all that lovely 
washed out wood beneath it, so I decided to balance it out by decoupaging
 the panels with Laura Ashley's Summer Palace wallpaper. 
To make it feel like it has some age to it, I am working on all the panels
 with Annie Sloan's Craqueleur to make the panels have tiny cracks
 but that you can see the whole image right through the cracks.
 But since its 5 o'clock I didn't finish this project as 
we were pretty busy in the shop today.
Hopefully I will get to post it in a day or two,
 but this is how it is turning out! 
Ok so I showed a bunch of half finished projects...
I promise to get the completed projects up soon!
 We are adding a MENS ONLY workshop for the man in your life,
(unless you are the man reading this, I am talking to YOU).
Justin and Colin will be teaching the guys all the ins and outs of 
Chalk Paint and Wax. Oh yeah, its gonna be a great class!

Thanks for coming to the new store, we love seeing the new and old faces.
And of course, thank you for reading the blog!

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