Saturday, August 17, 2013

making Life more Beautiful! Mora clocks and lovely things

making Life more Beautiful
That is our tag line~make Life more Beautiful!
We had the sign maker put this on our front window
and I love the feeling it conveys~
make your little world a bit more beautiful in so many
different ways. Painting older pieces of furniture, hanging a new 
piece of artwork, adding a fresh group of items for an enchanting
table top vignette, a new toss pillow....
there so many ways to make life a little more beautiful, don't you think?
 We have been getting in more shipments of lovely things for our shop.
This is the view from my desk and I had to snap a pic with my iphone.
New artwork and tabletop decor items have arrived and its been great
fun to add them to the walls and the pieces of furniture in the shop.
We are still loving our floor~everything looks good with it or on it.
 A set of vintage inspired Pagoda prints are so fabulous!
 I had to hang them by the entryway so you can't miss them!
These are truly enchanting! I imagine this set might just end up in my home, 
I feel in love with them!  Sorry for the reflections on the glass, 
but each vintage pagoda building is surrounded by an etching framework 
of floral and ribbon detail and at the bottom of the framework is 
a different feature, like a ships anchor for the Swansea Mass pagoda, 
A crown and butterfly for the New Iberia, Louisiana pagoda, 
a bumblebee and crown for the Mystic CT pagoda, 
and lastly a crown and fleur de lis for the Mount Vernon Virginia pagoda.  
They are all on an antiqued paper background and 
antiqued black and gold frames. Just wonderful! 
 I made a zebra toss pillow with lime green poms...its darling! 
Really feeling the green mixed with blacks and golds.  
A large artichoke finial and easel clock were added to this vignette.
A tall wooden finial with a hanging clock in black metal 
with a tiny crown on the face
mixes it up in another vignette with green topiaries and orbs.
For those of you patiently waiting on your custom moras, wait no longer!
We had a longer than expected backorder of the last shipment of the clocks.
But they arrived and we made it our top priority to get them painted and finished.
We do them all be hand, each step of the way.
We had a customer who ordered one a few months ago...she was so happy with it
she placed another order to give her daughter one as a gift!
Look at these clocks! All need to be finished by hand!
We have our old Malden shop as our warehouse now so it has
made this part of the job easier. 
Here the clocks are wearing their first and second coats of paint, 
no antique glaze has been applied.
So be advised the clocks will be headed to their new homes 
at the beginning of the week!
Wanted to share this photo Colin took of Justin in the doorway of a brownstone
in Boston this morning.  They delivered a piece of furniture here.
Its a beautiful building, and the painted chest will look great in its new home.
We offer local delivery services to those who purchase furniture from us.
The other service we offer is custom painted furniture.
A customer brought in this gigantic gold mirror 
she purchased at HomeGoods.  Its enormous! 
Its really pretty, but the gold doesn't work for her home and so we will 
be custom painting this mirror in a pale grey with white so it appears
to be a white mirror, but will have the depth to show off all the detail.
When you see something like this at HomeGoods you can always customize
it to your liking.  I will be showing off the whole process next week.
Colin snapped this pic through the side window while I was writing this blog post.
A little birdies view for you~that is my desk and there 
are the pretty pagoda prints on the wall.
Have a great day!



  1. Amy, I so wish I lived nearby. The shop is beautiful. Love your tag line. It's perfect.

  2. Amy, I found out about your blog and shop today from Rosemary@villabarnes.
    Wow! I am so happy I looked at her side bar. Love what I've seen just browsing, so much so, that I signed up to have Maison Decor delivered to my mailbox. Looking forward to it!

  3. Everything is gorgeous Amy! I'm so happy for you guys!
    One question about the chalk paint, how does it hold up long term?


  4. Amy your shop is happy for you and your boys.
    Best to you...Karla

  5. Amy, just had to leave a post when I read about the pagoda prints. I just smiled when I saw one was from the town I live in, New Iberia. We do have a quaint southern town.

  6. Shop is looking so pretty. I love those pagoda prints. Love the idea of an all men's workshop. Love the pots lining the steps on the brownstone.

  7. Hi Amy! I am down at our Florida house staring at our gorgeous Mora as i read your post. We love it! I can't wait to move and put some furniture in here but as of now our lovely Mora stands guard. For anyone thinking about purchasing one, do it! They are a stunning piece of art and Amy is a dream to work with on getting it just the way you want. And I didn't get paid to say that! LOL! Best, Beth C.

  8. I wish I lived near by, I would be one of your regulars. I just love how the new store looks.

  9. Hi Amy....your blog is beautifull, I love it.......I'm a italian girl.....if you wont meet me in my "cottage" I'll very happy....kiss!
    A nice day!

  10. Amy, the new shop looks so good. I love the mirror in the first couple of photos.

  11. What fun to visit your shop via your blog for those of us who don't live close enough to visit in person. I love your mora clocks and plan on ordering one just as soon as I figure out how I want it finished.

  12. Amy your shop looks AMAZING!!! Love those antique Pagoda prints!

  13. Everytime I "visit" your shop, I am amazed at the transformation that took place there, Amy! It looks like it's always been there! I'd love to see some pics of your Malden shop now that you've made it your work space. :) It must be so much fun having your family not only support you with this venture, but work with you, too! What a blessing! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Your shop just keeps getting better, and better! Seriously....I can't believe all the Mora clocks you have now, Amy!! You must be sooo happy!

  15. Amy
    I agree with the others so wish I could visit your beautiful shop. I love how it has evolved.

    Have a wonderful week


  16. Everything looks so pretty, and god those Moira clocks are cute! Nice to see you falling into rhythm and getting settled, and it's so fun watching new things come into the shop!



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