Friday, August 2, 2013

Making more Beautiful! Frottage, Classes and Accessories

Would you like to learn how to do a paint technique called Frottage?
The entire wall along one side of the shop is our vignette wall. 
This is where we do certain paint techniques, like Frottage.
My sons were busy creating a vignette around this Paris Grey dresser,
and the next space would be done using a technique called Frottage.
First get some newspaper!
This technique, Frottage, is from Annie Sloan's newest book, Colour Recipes.
 The guys did a base layer of Coco Chalk Paint. 
Very quickly they rolled on a thinned out layer of paint.
The first coat was on the wall. 
We wanted to have a green color and a two tone layer, 
so we started with Coco Chalk Paint.
 Then a layer of Chateau Grey Chalk Paint was applied. 
 I told Colin to put on gloves as I thought it was going to be really messy,
however it was not. So you don't need gloves to do this!
 While the Chateau Grey was wet Justin took sheets of crinkled newspaper 
and rubbed it all over and then pulled it off. The paper pulls off some of the 
paint revealing the under layer.  It was a quick and easy technique that gives 
a rustic look~just what we were looking for!  
 This is how it came out after we added the furniture and some accessories.
 Justin kept adding pieces until he got the Vintage Library look he wanted.
How about putting old books in a garden planter?
We loved how the Gilded antique frame turned into a chalkboard
 looked against this Frottage wall! 
 We have a fantastic space for our classes and our first
 Chalk Paint Introductory class was held last Sunday with a sell out group. 
Learn how to make your pieces more beautiful!
Its fun and exciting and I have seen amazing results from my students.
(Note: Maison Decor is no longer open for business)



  1. You are just having so much fun! I love how your sons help you, are becoming artists themselves.....such good training for them.

  2. Oh my gosh, that was so fun watching ya'll do the wall treatment... and putting everything together to make the vignettes. The shop looks so pretty! I love that rustic old planter, and the lamps are really charming. I want to have a shop and play in it like that too! Although i know it is really really hard work, you guys make it look pretty fun. The boys are getting quite an eye for design too!


  3. Hi Amy! It is so much fun to see your shop growing and see you becoming such a good businesswoman. I love that wall treatment. Have you ever done the one where you put the paint on, layer Saran wrap over it while it is still wet and then lift the Saran wrap off right away? It gives a real "marbled" appearance. I have done that in the past in small doses. xo Diana

  4. You make everything look soooo easy. I love it all, always something gorgeous going on over there Amy :)

  5. Wow, Amy, you and your sons have done a beautiful job painting the inside of the shop and all the other items.
    I just love all of it. Thanks for sharing Paula

  6. Love the lamps and the vignette walls. Can't wait to see all the cool stuff you get in. I wish I could come to a workshop! Looks like so much fun.

  7. Your newest shop is looking good! You're so lucky to have your sons helping you too. They are really talented, just like you. Love the way that wall turned out using the chalk paint and newspaper.

  8. I love it all!! Not kidding. Are the framed pieces of the antique serving dishes vintage with wavy glass?? I heart them!!

  9. The shop looks wonderful!...and happy that you have such a great space for your classes..You have so many gorgeous pieces...congrats Amy!!

  10. The decor is amazing and so well put together. I love how girly it is!! And please do more blog posts like this!

  11. My heart is aflutter!!! Omg, I wish I lived nearby! Your style is so mine!! My first chalk paint project was my kitchen cabinets, can you even believe?? I am so happy with it, and I have slowly painted just about every wooden cabinet in my house. Im a little obsessed. ;) Thank you for putting up these pics. I cant wait to try the frottage. So many projects, so little time! xoxo

  12. Hello,
    Everything looks beautiful and well arranged. I was wondering what color you used on your wall behind the Rooster lamps?
    Thank you!
    my email is


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