Friday, April 14, 2017

Tips for a beautiful Easter table, and the Pink Linen arrives

My Easter table is always a fun one for me, as I have lots of pastels
in my decor, which just goes with this holiday.  I wanted to share a few
 of my easy tips to creating a special looking table for your guests.
 Easy is the way to go, in my book, and this couldn't have been easier.
I used two colors for the setting, purple and blue.  The purple from my 
transferware dishes and the blue from my wine glasses.  Pick one or two
colors from your china cabinet and set the table on a white cloth.
Then take a soup tureen or a cache pot (decorative flower container) and
add pansies still in their six packs from the garden store in a color that goes
with your dishes or glassware.  Simply cut apart the six pack with kitchen scissors and
 place as many of the plastic encased pansies as you can.  Above you can see
some of the containers are empty, and that is because I used some outside in containers.
I bought enough to use for indoors and after Easter I will put them all outside.
A majolica pedestal bowl that matches my blue opaline stemware would be perfect
for the centerpiece, but many other types of bowl and pots could work as well.
 I found it antiquing for about $12 and I LOVE it!!
 Add some Easter grass from the supermarket as a cushion and filler in the bottom of the 
container.   It makes an instant Easter centerpiece and is very charming.  
Imagine this in a white bowl or soup tureen, choosing pansy colors that work
 with your tableware.  Then to make it a little more fun, 
I added little candy cups around the flower bowl.
 These little paper cups come in all kinds of colors and patterns.  
I found them at HomeGoods and they are so adorable and festive.
 Candies from packages or plastic tubs from the grocery store were used to fill the tiny cups. The blue striped cups looked best, and I will save the pink cups for an upcoming baby shower. These cup packages sell for $2 to $4, and they add a festive note.  You could fill them with pudding or mousse or tiramisu for a desert course at the end of the meal.
 Tiny golden bunnies bring to mind the tradition of Easter chocolate rabbits 
as the most popular thing a child would want to find in the Easter basket. 
 Use what you have, and build a table around your colors. 
 If you have darker colors, then perhaps adding a pink or pastel colored napkin
 on top of the plate will give you a nice result.
Many of you know I am an active collector of purple transferware.  
 One thing I had yet to find was egg cups in purple.  I finally found a pair, and so they 
will make their debut on the table holding Lindt chocolate carrot sticks.
 The table is all set, which leaves me to focus on the cooking part. 
 See something in the mirror?  The bolt of pink fabric....
Yup, its the pink linen I ordered online, and it soon will be made into
draperies for the dining room.  Its a beautiful soft pink, and it will 
be curtains for the spring and summer months.  So fun!
 Sunshine is prevailing this Easter Sunday, and so are warm temps!! 
We will be out in the courtyard for sure!
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

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