Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Windowsill Flower Pots and Upstyled Cache Pots

Dressing up a kitchen window with some garden shop pansies is as easy as breaking apart
a six pack of these cute little johnny jump ups and plopping into little dishes.
The purple and yellow faces look so happy, and they are a harbinger of spring, which seems
to be holding off just a little bit longer.  So while I have planted some outdoors, these little
guys will bring cheer inside for the time being.
My colors are purple and green in the kitchen, and so I used purple transferware bowls
as little drain catches for the plants. 
So easy and adorable.  These are technically berry bowls, but of course
any small plate or bowl that can sit on the sill would work.
Purple touches run throughout the house.  On this hallway bench 
that straddles the kitchen and the dining room, I placed another
pot of pansies in a footed bowl, a gift from a blog friend, Mandi.
 Gilded accents and painted nasturtiums adorn
 this old cache pot with tiny fancy feet.  
Putting flowers in any type of bowl or decorative container is 
my idea of easy spring decorating. Look through your china cabinet 
and pull out that never used decorative piece from Aunt Gladys.
Then fill it with petunias, pansies, geraniums or the like for an instant
burst of spring and summer.  
"Upstyled" is the word for using things other than they may have been
intended...so whether this pretty container held plants from long ago,
or it served food....there are many ways to use it, and today it 
holds an easy spring floral arrangement. 
Speaking of "upstyled", the new issue is finally on news stands!
Upstyled Home Outdoors, by my friend Matthew Mead, 
features my courtyard among other inspiring spaces.  
Treat yourself to a copy!  There are no advertisements, its 
all amazing original content.  You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Love how sweet that looks with the little flowers on your windowsill. My mother always had plants on her kitchen windowsills. I love the look.
    Can't wait to see that new publication!
    Hope you have a great rest of the week, Amy- xo Diana

  2. That hallway bench! AHHHHHH. What a looker. Pinned! xox

  3. So very beautiful Amy!...There is nothing like looking at beautiful flowers when standing at the sink...and cannot wait to get my copy of Matthew's Upstyled!

  4. So very pretty and refreshing Amy!

  5. Those little flowers on your window sill are a fabulous idea. Duh.... I've never thought to do that! I must go buy some myself and do the very same as you. Very charming!


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