Sunday, February 25, 2018

French Aubusson Rugs, Diet plans and little Reeve has the flu!

A lovely example of a French rustic room with a fancy needlepoint Aubusson rug on the floor.
This is the perfect balance of high and low, or fancy and rustic in home decor.
You won't see too many Aubusson rugs used in today's homes, for whatever reason.
I can barely find examples to share of these beautiful rugs, 
unless you count the rugs found in the Palace of Versailles.
This rug was in the Queen's Nobles Room at the palace of Versailles.
 Hardly any furniture anywhere in the room, just this grand carpet
that was protected by a ring of velvet ropes.  
Of course much of the palace was looted in the revolution and over time they have been finding the original pieces or using similar antiques to replicate how Versailles once looked before the revolution.   Aubusson rugs with their intricate patterns added to the over the top level of decor that spoke to the wealth of the monarchy.  I just love these kind of rugs but imagine them in simpler rooms letting them speak for themselves instead of being drowned out by the layers of ornamentation.
 It appears they have fallen out of fashion.  
Oriental rugs, natural grass rugs and basic bound patterned rugs can be found everywhere. 
 But not needlepoint Aubussons.  
And that is just fine with me. 
You can find them online and their prices on various auction sites aren't bringing 
near what they are worth.  Which is how I scored this room size pink and grey Aubusson for a song.
 It has a shrimp and poppy pink as well as grey and ivory palette, and when it arrives it will decide where it wants to go.  On the wall, or on the floor, or used as upholstery fabric or draped over the piano, I plan to enjoy this pretty floral rug with the classic scroll and leaf flourishes.
What a great tablecloth this Aubusson makes! 
 I saved this on my Pinterest page under the category of Rustic Romantic Style. 
So many ways to use a rug that is finely woven like these needlepoints.
On the home front, my little Reeve came down with the flu and has been very sick.
  Such a cause for worry, this flu has been the scariest one I can remember in many years.  
She was quite lethargic and not herself, having coughing fits all night and day with lots of congestion and fever.  But I am happy to say that this morning she has turned the corner and we are so thankful.
She turned eight months old last week, and her daddy took this portrait of her.  Even while she was sick she managed to smile and enjoy moments here and there.  Half my week I spend caring for her, and she has become a big part of my while I manage bits of blogging and decorating here and there, real life trumps everything. And puts things in perspective.  Speaking of perspective, I was given a most wonderful birthday gift from my sixteen year old stepson.  While not mentioned often on the blog, he has been in my life since he was two years old. He gave me a handmade card which is going in my keepsake box forever!!
 You always hope, as a step mother, that you are doing a good job. 
 Loving your own children and your husband's equally.  
This card just validated all those days of being a mom for him
 and I couldn't be more proud of him.  
He is the easiest child I have (helped) to raise so far....
and he is doing everything right! 
 So to all you step parents out there, you know how good it 
feels when you get something like this.
 Reeve will be back tomorrow at Grammy's daycare. 
 She adores Piper and the feeling is mutual. 
March is upon us, and Mr. Maison Decor and I will be undergoing "March Makeover Month" together.  Essentially it means we are going on a diet plan as the pounds have crept up again over the winter months.  Our diet plan is basically restricted carbs.  No sugar or white stuff like pasta, potatoes, rice, bread etc.  In the past I used to do the Atkins diet with great success for years.  I was able to maintain my weight and clothing size.  So that is what we are going to be doing, starting off with counting carbs and allowing 20 per day.  Its a diet that will drop weight quickly, and after the first few days of cravings, you will be able to manage this diet as it allows fats and proteins that keep hunger at bay.  If you care to join us, please do, but pick a diet that works for you if you don't want to do the Atkins diet.  I hope to be posting updates on things that work for us as well as our weight loss as we move through the month of March.  When Spring arrives, we will be in shape and ready to button up our pants with ease!!

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