Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Best Price on Copper Kitchen Aid Mixers

The iconic Kitchen Aid stand mixer. 
 I have never owned one and I do a fair amount of cooking and baking.  A hand mixer was the way I  handled mixing up batters and whipped cream and pie fillings for decades!  But once I spied the copper colored Kitchen Aid mixer I decided it was time for me to get one.  My sister has one, my son and daughter-in-law have one, and even my grandmother had one. Nana had the old Sunbeam Mixmaster,  a stand mixer that predated these more powerful mixers by Kitchen Aid.
Once I decided to get one, I found that it wasn't as simple as picking a color, I had to pick a model first,  as there are many models to choose from.  

 The engines that run the mixers get more powerful as the size goes up.  The mini Artisan has a 3 quart capacity, the Artisan Tilt Head holds 5 quarts, and the Professional model holds 6 quarts.  The capacity is what helped me make up my mind, as I might be mixing up a box cake mix, a batch of cookies or maybe even two loaves of bread, so I chose the Artisan Tilt Head model, which is the most popular choice of home chefs.  The largest size would be more difficult for everyday mixing of normal size batches of ingredients.  Next I would look for the copper color I loved. 
 Turned out there are more than one copper finish offered by Kitchen Aid. 
The prettiest shiniest copper finish is the "satin copper".  
A search on  Kitchen Aid's website shows two mixers in copper.  
 The largest was a 7 quart  Professional Limited Edition Pro Line Series.
 The price tag was a hefty with  $999.99 and was unavailable on their site, 
but I did find it at Williams Sonoma. Below you will see what Kitchen Aid 
shows when searching "copper mixer".

The same pretty "satin copper" finish is also available in the Mini Artisan,
 but this model is just too small for my needs.  

After more searching I found the 5 quart  mixer in the "satin copper" at Crate and Barrel for $599.00
However the price was also too steep.  The other range of colors were offered around $399.99, and an upcharge of $200 seemed unfair.  Amazon revealed a Copper Pearl finish in the 6 quart size for $399.99, which is a great buy, but I wanted the Artisan 5 quart model.  Still determined to find a Kitchen Aid mixer in copper at a price I was happy with, I pressed on and continued my online search.  
Everything Kitchens, an online retailer for many major brands, carried most of the Kitchen Aid models and all of the copper finishes in the 5 quart sizes.  They had it in the "satin copper", the "copper pearl" and the "antique copper" finishes.  Ultimately I decided upon the Copper Pearl finish. The price was right at $299.00!  I hoped the color would be coppery enough.....I would just have to wait and see.  From everything I researched I had read nothing comparing the copper finishes, only that the metallic series featuring the shinier "satin copper" was it was showing wear and scratch marks after repeated cleanings.  Not a good thing.  So I placed my order and waited....
The day it came, I excitedly got it out of the box and set it up on the kitchen sideboard. 
I was really happy with the color!  These mixers are usually too tall to put on the counter if you have upper cabinets, so make sure you have a place to put your beautiful mixer.  I wanted to look at it as a part of my kitchen decor, so that was important that it have a place to sit everyday.  This quick Instagram pic shows the finish, and although it is not as shiny as the real copper items you see next to it,  its pretty darn close.  
And here under the glare of kitchen lights, it gleams with the copper look I was hoping for....
Reeve loves to sit and watch me cook in the kitchen, and now with my new copper mixer, it gives us more reason to have fun in the kitchen together.  

I am very happy with the Artisan Tilt Head mixer in Copper Pearl, and was excited to find the Everything Kitchens website that offered such a great price.  ( This is not a sponsored post by the way, its just to help anyone who like me, was obsessing on the new Copper colored Kitchen Aid Mixers!)
Do you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer?   What color and how do you like it?  Was it a gift or something you decided to buy for yourself?  I would love to know!

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  1. I have the 6QT ProLine in Pearl Metallic, a grey metallic -
    When I got it over 12 yrs ago, I was doing a lot of bread baking and needed the powerful motor for mixing and kneading doughs. Still very pleased with both its appearance and effectiveness but I don't bake as I once did. Can't give it up though.

  2. My Kitchen Aide is almost 40 years old and still going strong. It's the old white color. When I got it I didn't have a choice. I am so tempted with the new colors. When QVC has the mixer as their todays special value they offer about 12 different colors and they are all so beautiful that I cannot decide which one to choose.

  3. I have one, black, and I am ok with that. Do love the copper, but after 16 years, I won't replace it. I have wanted one forever, gifted to me by my husband on our first Christmas together. It is still my favorite appliance. Look at attachments, I used the meat grinder attachment for years till I upgraded. Next I want the pasta attachments. You will love it forever!

  4. Mine is bright red! I treated myself to this several years ago at Christmas. I got the 6-qt Pro model because I needed something powerful that would handle large batches of bread dough, big pound cakes and double or triple batches of cookie dough. I do love it, but I do not use it for everything. I had a Sunbeam hand mixer for over 40 years for lighter jobs, and when that one finally wore out, I replaced it with the same -- just 40 years newer. I have had three Sunbeam stand mixers, and the one I currently still use for average cakes, etc., was a gift from my mother when I used to do a bit of baking to sell back in the 1980's. It is called a "high efficiency" which they said had the same horsepower as their regular one, but the size was more streamlined so that it would fit under kitchen cabinets. My late cousin Girda who died at age 96 year before last, had the the first KitchenAid I ever saw when it first came out, and of course, it was white. She still used it after heaven only knows how many years. This is not something you replace on a whim, but I know what you mean about that copper -- when I first saw it at Williams-Sonoma, I thought of asking if they had some kind of a trade-in program!

  5. YAY for your copper color coordination! Your mixer + granddaughter both look fab! Our KitchenAid is plain Jane white, but of course, we love it. My stepdaughter made a joke that her KitchenAid mixer sits on the counter, mocking all the other appliances. ;-)

  6. I have one in and I love it. Mine is 5qt. It makes baking a snap. I love baking and this makes even more enjoyable. I bought mine on QVC. Fantastic price and they have all the colors. Some are made exclusively for them. They have a big relationship with KitchenAid.


  7. I love the copper color. I have a plain old white Pro-Lift one with the 7 qt capacity. I have had mine for about 15 years I think. Back then it was $300 which was a LOT of money at that time for a stand mixer...but...Man! It has sure held up to the test of time. I have used it constantly over the years and my grandgirls have used it, too. I love the "lift" part as it makes it so easy to add things to the bowl and to scrape things..and I can partially lower it as it is running to let the blades 'fling' the mixture off the beaters and into the bowl. Enjoy it, Amy. I know you will. xo Diana


  9. I have had three kitchen aids. My first was one of the taller professional styles. Too big. My second was supposed to be granite, but despite what the box said it was a black one and I was too lazy to take it back to Macy's. My mother-in-law had a white one (hardly used) when she downsized to an apartment in a retirement community, which she asked me to find a good home. It sat in the garage for a year until one day I was going to give it away and decided to keep it and give my black one away. I see an Anonymous post about the copper finish wearing off. This might happen as my bronze-ish expensive kitchen faucet has lost its finish in areas and we are having to replace it.


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